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We believe that harvesting pressured big bucks year after year takes diligent scouting and hunting, and one must be intimately familiar with the terrain where you're hunting because deer adapt to their surroundings wherever they live. Because of this, we've developed a series of terrain focused instructional deer hunting videos (DVDs) aimed at advancing the serious whitetail deer hunter to his or her next level of success! Please check out our site to buy our hunting videos and other great hunting gear we endorse and to learn more about consistently killing pressured whitetails through our hunting articles, season reports, and online chat forum.

Recent Season Reports

2018 wisconsin gun season bucks - Tom Gatzke

Dodging a Bullet

The patriarch of our hunting party traveled a perilous road to show up at deer camp. Waking up at 5am opening morning of gun deer season is greeted with high hopes and expectations by everyone in our hunting party. Prior…
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