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If you are interested in NextBuk Outdoors personally scouting your property to help maximize the potential for killing good bucks off it each year, we offer custom hunting property consultations.



There’s more than just luck involved in killing good bucks year after year. Want to learn what the magazines don’t teach you? We will spend an entire day, or weekend, scouting your property and essentially putting the X’s on your maps. Beyond the “X’s”, we’ll discuss how, why, and when to hunt those spots and why they may or may not change each year. We’ll listen to you and your goals and help you put a plan together to maximize the potential of your hunting property. We’ll also cover how to improve your property through the creation of ideal big buck bedding areas, water sources, food plots, select timber harvesting, and more.

Options: Onsite vs. Offsite, # of Days, and Map vs. No Map

Remote Only Option
Maybe you’d like some help with a property but it’s not feasible to travel to it? We offer a custom assessment of your property over the telephone or in-person using aerials and topos. Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide us a map(s) of your area to be discussed. We will then have a 1/2 to 1 hour phone call about it where we ask questions and gather info from you.
  2. Next, we’ll spend 2 hours privately studying your map(s) and formulating strategies for you.
  3. We’ll spend up to 2 more hours on the phone reviewing our recommendations and discussing strategies to implement on your property.

Onsite Options
We’ll come to your property and scout it for a half day, full day, or 2 days. We’re flexible with your availability and with the unique characteristics of your property. Feel free to call us to discuss what would work best for you!

If you choose, we will include a large, full color aerial photograph of your property, complete with boundaries, trails, stand sites, entry and exit scenarios, and more. But most importantly, you’ll walk away with the confidence of knowing how to employ and adjust your tactics no matter what the future brings.

No Map
We will tell you what we think as we scout your property together, and that’s it. Any notes, coordinates, recommendations we make, maps, etc will be your responsibility to document.

Travel Fee
45 cents per mile for any travel beyond 20 miles of any of our home areas. (Lee: Lake Mills, WI, and Jarrod: Plainwell, MI)

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2 reviews for Hunting Property Consultation

  1. Don

    I wish all of my hunting buddies could have been there to hear everything I learned when Lee walked my property with me. It’s impressive how quickly and accurately he analyzed deer movement.

  2. Ron

    Scouting a property during July’s green up seems like an impossible or fruitless task. Not if you have Lee scouting by your side. He was still able to find bedding areas, terrain features, stand locations and access routes for my property. He also gave me priceless info that will surely make me a better whitetail hunter.

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