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We believe that harvesting pressured big bucks year after year is possible for any hunter willing to learn. There is no magic pixie dust. It takes hard work and diligent scouting. We created a series of educational hunting DVDs to teach you how. Thanks for visiting!

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Years ago as the hunting video industry began to establish, seeing deer killed on film was a thrill. Pioneers in the industry established themselves as professional hunters. Today, these “professional hunters”, as they’re called, essentially go from outfitted hunt to outfitted hunt, and kill deer after deer from places they’ve never scouted in trees someone else prepared for them. Is this really hunting as we know it? Is this the perspective we’d like our children to be raised with

Enter NextBuk Outdoors. We’re a group of guys that became tired of these cookie-cutter, sponsor-whoring, ego-driven “professional” hunting videos that teach nothing. Watching today’s videos of mature bucks getting whacked often forms the misconception that the only way to kill a trophy is to buy some land, plant a food plot, buy the latest high-tech camouflage and bow, setup a trail camera, and just wait for Mr. Big to show up. The reality is that the average guy spends 95% of his hunting season on land within 25 miles of his home, most of which is either public or is in small private tracts and almost all of which is heavily pressured.

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