Farm Country Bucks: How to Hunt Deer

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Learn How to Hunt Deer!

Hunting DVD from NextBuk Outdoors, formerly Blood Brothers Outdoors. NextBuk continues its terrain-focused, tactical hunting video series with an in-depth look at how to hunt deer on farmland. From east to west, the diverse habitat surrounding farm country offers many challenges. With over 25 on-camera kills and detailed discussions of many thrilling hunts, Farm Country Bucks is a great addition to your hunting video library.

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farm country bucks dvd jacket backLook, there are a lot of great, entertaining hunting dvds out there, but aren’t you tired of ego-driven, product-plugging “professional” hunters that won’t REALLY teach you how to hunt deer? We reveal HOW to kill big bucks year after year, and each of our videos focuses on a specific type of terrain. Farm country is this focus, and it presents many challenges and diversities. Watch as successful big buck hunters from Washington to Ohio share their tactics for how to hunt deer on public and private, heavily pressured lands. Featuring over 25 successful hunts, detailed scouting methods, hunting strategies and tactics. Here are some of the chapter topics:

Deer Bedding Areas

High ground, fencerows, big agricultural fields, and the overlooked spots…farm country offers a variety of surroundings for deer to call home. We’ll teach you how to hunt deer by first showing you where deer bed in this habitat. Then we’ll teach you how to use that knowledge to your advantage!

Playing the Wind (Air Currents)

Some hunters think that playing the wind means hunting with the wind in your face, but there’s a lot more to it than that! Do deer always travel into the wind? We’ll discuss these topics and more because they’re critical in having success consistently.

Scouting Farmland

Scout. Scout. Hunt! It’s about scouting more than you actually hunt. The hunting should be the easy part. We’ll show you how, when, where, and why to scout so you can maximize the productivity of your hunts.

Hunting Specific Bucks

Experienced hunters tend to pick a particular buck and pursue just that one animal in a hunting season. Talk about limiting your options! How can hunters have success year after year with such limited options? We’ll show you how our group of experts have learned to pattern and hunt specific bucks.

Paul Ranft: Exclusive Interview!

We sat down with veteran deer hunter, Paul Ranft, from Niles, Michigan, and asked him to reveal some of his secrets to big buck success. Paul has killed over 50 Pope & Young whitetail deer! If you want to learn how to hunt deer, listen to this man! Paul now makes part of his living by outfitting deer hunters in western Iowa. If you’re interested in hunting with Paul, check out his website The Outfitters.

…and much much more!


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12 reviews for Farm Country Bucks: How to Hunt Deer

  1. gschmidbauer (verified owner)

    What a great video! Some education, and some refreshers, given to those of us that prowl Farm Country or just enjoy hunting mature whitetails. Lots of great: tactics, short cuts, stories and hunts shared. Plan on watching this every year just to keep the reminders fresh. The aerial maps of the hunt areas, wind and deer movement aid so much in understanding and your film quality was excellent. You guys diversifed with the content some and seeing the kids and family involved was nice touch. Great job guys- looking forward to all the products NextBukOutdoors puts out.

  2. cabrams

    Good work on this video. I’m new in the hunting world and this video offers great tips on finding, tracking and harvesting the deer you want. Even better… you show that it works. Great editing and overall flow. Can’t wait to see more.

  3. John (verified owner)

    NextBuk has done it again! Farm Country Bucks continues the fine legacy of their videos that dissect exactly how the guys find and kill big bucks under various conditions. They have a very down-to-earth way of simply sharing and explaining what has worked for them, in hopes that it may help you, too. There are simply no other videos that go into such depth or detail in helping hunters get on to big deer! Various tactics and methods are combined with actual scouting and hunting footage. And, as usual, the production is outstanding! I liked the round table format in Farm Country, too. Before you spend $700 on a new bow or gun, take your pocket change and invest in this video (and the others). It will do far more for you!

  4. Bass and bucks

    I watch all the hunting shows and many hunting video’s and this is one of the BEST I have seen! It becomes obvious that these guys hunt 365 days a year! I especially like the roundtable discussions and how these guys tell you all the details of that particular hunt. No brainer for 15 bucks BUY THIS VIDEO!!!

  5. Chris Gates (verified owner)

    What an Awesome Video! I have watched all 3 videos and this one is as good if not better then Marsh Bucks and HIll Country Bucks. I have gleaned a ton of information from you guys! Sounds odd but I can honestly say I have learned more from your videos then from anyone else. Keep up the good work fellas!

  6. backstraps

    I really enjoyed the video. I purchased 4 total videos, the Marsh, Farm, Hill, and tactics videos.

    You guys do a great job. These videos are not to be viewed once, then put up…they can be watched over and over, and there will be something you will catch that was missed first time or two watching.

    Thanks, keep up the good work guys!

  7. ChrisS

    I think this was a great video that just reassured some tactics that you know you are doing right and some little tweaks to those tactics that might get you over the hump. I think it is one of the most informative videos to date from anyone. I try to read and watch what ever I can on hunter (informational stuff) to pick up a different view on tactics…this has it all for farm country.

  8. Jeff Lucht

    Great video fun to watch

  9. Doug Montgomery

    Farm country bucks is great video. It is not just hunt after hunt and leaving you wondering if it was high fence or ranch hunting! These are ordinary guys with a passion for whitetail hunting! They go out of there way to explain how they killed the bucks, so I can learn techniques to take to the woods and use! This video is a must have for any hunter wanting to learn how to outwit his Nextbuk!!

  10. jim wegner (verified owner)

    very excellent and informative video. these guys know there stuff. congrats again.

  11. Grunting (verified owner)

    For the first time I have watched a video where they acknowledge that deer adjust their bedding to pressure as well as food source changes. I have noticed this over the years and every time I try to talk to others about it, they don’t believe me. Most of the time bucks change their bedding areas in mid to late October. I have never hear this acknowledged before. The insight you guys give in this video is nothing short of TRUTH to the world I have been raised and hunted my entire life. South west Michigan is a tough place to hunt and the deer that call this land home are of a different breed. I usually keep my myth shut and don’t advertise what I have killed. That will change on your forum only! Great work you guys! Finally some real world tactics for us real world hunters. And yes I have marsh bucks and hill country bucks as well, but this one is different. Way to stay above reproach and focused!

  12. Jarrod Erdody

    Jarrod and I talked on the phone two or three years ago when I purchased the first 2 dvds. Seeing you guys document and put to film a lot of what I was seeing has helped me a great deal. This new dvd is great as well. I also have small kids that I want to start filming for down the rd. as well as doing some self-filming. Thanks, take care, have a great Christmas.

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