Wisconsin Archery Opener Report

scouting oaks early wisconsin bow season

It felt good to start the bow season this past weekend as I drove over and hunted Wisconsin’s archery opener. I scouted Friday, then again Saturday morning. Saturday evening’s sit was productive but just didn’t produce a buck big enough. I had several does and a small buck all pass safely within yards of my tree. Sunday evening’s sit was worse as I had several deer coming in, but they ended up on a trail down farther from where I anticipated them moving and I was winded by a mature doe. That kept whatever else was behind her from showing too. Monday evening produced a small buck and a doe and a coyote (no shot). I chose to scout a chunk of public on Tuesday because of the mid 80’s temps and high winds. I covered a lot of ground and feel like I have a better knowledge of the place come mid October when I return. Really looking forward to the youth hunt back here in Michigan with my son Jacob this coming weekend!

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