Reloading Supplies – Review of Wideners Reloading & Shooting Supply

reloading supplies - wideners
buy ammo - .204 ammo for varmint rifle

My ammo arrived promptly and well cared for. It looks great and shoots even better! Give Wideners reloading supplies a look.

I have the fortune of being pretty tech savvy, thanks to a 20+ year career building custom websites. I also have enough years on me to be a bit “old school” with how I like to do business. So I felt a little compelled to write about my recent experience with Wideners reloading supply company (official name Widener’s Reloading & Shooting Supply) because it was such a pleasant surprise.

Wideners has a conservative yet modern, ecommerce website that sells ammunition and shooting supplies to its customers. I came upon them in my recent search for ammo for the .204 varmint rifle. I also bought some ammo for my .40 cal Glock 22.

Their ammo and reloading supplies website,, was easy to navigate, find what I wanted, and complete my purchase. But it was their personal handling of things from there that stood out to me. When my order status changed, I received a personal note from them to keep me informed. In just a couple days, my order arrived.

The ammo was packaged cleanly and neatly, well protected, in a right-size box for my items. A week later, I received a personal message from one of the customer service ladies asking me if I was happy with my order and if there was anything else they could do for me. Now, I know automated emails when I see them, and this was not that. They may utilize some auto-reminders (smart!), but their messages were clearly individually written uniquely for me.

wideners reloading supplies - .40 cal handgun ammo for Glock 22

Widener’s 40 cal handgun ammo was easy to find and order. Best of all, it shoots great.

To top it off, I just received a hand-written Christmas card from Wideners thanking me for my business. I’m hardly their top customer, but they really went above and beyond.

In this day and age of de-personalization, it can feel like good old-fashioned customer service has left us for good. Most companies seem to do all they can to avoid personal interaction with their customers. It’s nice to see that the mom & pop feel of a business can still exist while still utilizing modern technology! I highly recommend you give Widener’s reloading supplies a look next time you’re in the market for some ammunition or other shooting supplies.

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