Quick Buffalo County Scouting Trip

End of July now, and my buddy Dome (aka Dan DesRosiers) tagged along with me this past weekend to scout the new lease I have in Buffalo County Wisconsin. Dome will be gun hunting it this fall…. I’ll be bow and gun hunting it.

It’s never ideal to scout a piece for the first time in the summer, but nevertheless we felt it necessary to at least familiarize ourselves with things prior to season.

So we endured the 90+ degree heat and sweated our way around, taking note of the trails, food sources, and what deer sign we could see in the mid-summer foliage.

Come evening, we drove around the area glassing from the roads. We saw two possible shooters, one a mature 6 point, and the other a ten point that would go 140 maybe.

Erdody 2006 archery deer kill

A nice, mature 6 pointer from our evening glassing Buffalo County Wisconsin

All in all, a lot of driving, but a productive weekend, giving us a lot of optimism for the season ahead.

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