Redneck Blinds (formerly Blind Ambition Bale Blinds)
Their hay bale blinds are simply awesome…the authenticity of these blinds fool deer so much you may have them trying to browse on your blind! Wherever hay bales are a common element of the landscape, these blinds will put you close to the deer without alerting them. Eliminate the need for “getting the deer used to your setups” and choose a hay bale blind from Redneck Blinds (formerly Blind Ambition). We’re not tower blind hunters here at NextBuk, but having a bale blind in your arsenal is definitely handy!



Buck Fever Synthetic Scents
We’re honestly not big scent guys here at NextBuk. That said, there are situations that can benefit from proper use of scents. In states where baiting/feeding is not allowed, we’ve had success taking summer inventory with mock scrapes that use Buck Fever Synthetics. When hunted sparingly and at the right times, they can even benefit actual hunts. Their scent elimination product (Vanishing Hunter) doesn’t work by destroying odors…it neutralizes the acids that make prey animals perceive us as predators. If you’ve any doubt, you’ll want to see Troy Pottenger’s accounts of his success in the big woods of Idaho with Buck Fever. Give them a look!



Frigid Forage Food Plot Seeds
Several of us here at NextBuk have been using Frigid Forage for our food plot seed and we have had great results! Owner, John Barsody, is a wealth of knowledge and has taught us a lot about how, when and where to plant our food plots. Frigid Forage is based in Minnesota and their food plot seed is developed to withstand the harsh climate that comes with being in the upper midwest. We encourage you to give Frigid Forage a try.



HHA Sports Logo - bow sites - archery sites - adjustable bow site
HHA Sports
Great bow sites! HHA offers a new line of multi-pin, adjustable sites…best of both worlds! If you’re a fixed pin shooter, just ignore the dial. But if you want to take a shot beyond your lowest pin, dial to the exact yardage and hold dead-on. Voted best in the business and we agree!



Hunter’s Safety System Treestand Safety Harnesses
All of us at NextBuk Outdoors know someone that has been hurt or killed in a treestand hunting accident. That’s why we choose to wear Hunter Safety System’s treestand safety harnesses and lifelines. Rugged, lightweight, easy to use safety harnesses to keep you safe in the woods and bring you home safely to your loved ones. Please don’t be without one when hunting from trees! It CAN happen to you!



Hooyman Saws
Our setups are often remote and spontaneous. Hooyman Saws have given us more success because we can silently backpack in an extendable limb pruning saw. Now we can trim branches that were always out of reach and we don’t have to make a lot of commotion doing so! Better shooting lanes means more shot opportunities. Check out Hooyman Saws (10ft and 5ft models) in our online store.



Killer Food Plots
Centrally located in west Michigan, Killer Food Plots is the midwest’s premier food plot and whitetail deer habitat service experts, covering the states of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Ohio. Owner Nick Percy has been developing premier whitetail habitats for years, so if you’d like help establishing your food plots or are looking for consultation on habitat improvement or timber stand improvement, give Nick a call.



Michigan Deer Tracking Hounds
Wherever it’s legal, one should give serious consideration to having a tracking dog lined up in the event of a poor hit on a deer. Michigan Deer Tracking Hounds provides any tracking for our NextBuk pro staffers should we make a marginal hit and need help. They are state certified, meaning they’re legally able to carry a weapon after dark should an animal need to be finished off. Please give them a look and get educated on the best steps to take to ensure a successful recovery.



Mountain Mike’s Reproductions
Mountain Mike’s has utilized today’s technology to reproduce and injection mold reproduction deer skulls that can easily be attached to your own set of antlers for a do-it-yourself european mount! They also have some great elk and turkey kits as well as some new antler plaque kits. Check em out and tell them NextBuk sent ya!



On Wisconsin Outdoors
A great, free, Wisconsin publication that you can find at a ton of various convenience stores around Wisconsin. You’ll even see the occasional article from the NextBuk guys in there!



Predator Camo
Some of our favorite camouflage! Available in a variety of patterns. Check out the awesome 3d Deception Camo Pattern.



Slick Trick Broadheads
Sharpest, best flying fixed blade broadhead we’ve ever shot! Do yourself a favor and try these broadheads if you haven’t. Call 585-201-5354 or visit the website of the best broadheads out there.



Ultimate Firearms – The Ultimate Muzzleloader
This is truly a 500 yard muzzleloader! Documented kills over 600 yards!! But even better than the long range capabilities of this custom, magnum muzzleloader is its ease of use. You will not find an easier to clean, easier to prime and unprime muzzleloader. The Ultimate Muzzleloader has made muzzleloading fun for the NextBuk guys because we don’t dread the long cleaning and cleanup sessions or the worry of whether our gun is going to go off. 4-shot groups through the same hole at 100 yards are nice too!



XOP Treestands
From the original designer of Lone Wolf Treestands, Andrae D’Acquisto has partnered with Xtreme Outdoor Products to bring to market the latest advancements in cast platform treestand technology. It’s the evolution we at NextBuk had been hoping for in treestand design. The new cast, I-beam stem on the stand eliminates the resonating sound-chamber that is present on all other stands out there…a step forward instead of backwards in the treestand market and we at NextBuk proudly endorse this new line of cast platform treestands from XOP.



Iowa Trophy Deer Stats and Locations Map



Lee’s Taxidermy
Our very own Lee Gatzke is a taxidermist as well and lives in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, just east of Madison. If you’re interested in Lee doing some taxidermy work for you, please check out some of his work in the taxidermy section of our forum and give him a call at 920-648-3890.



Public Hunting Land in Minnesota



Sunrise/Sunset Info
You can customize your own sunrise sunset calendars for hunting trips, etc. Great info.



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