Hooyman Saws

Hooyman Saw - 5ft model - 5 foot hooyman saw
  • Hooyman Carry Case for 5 foot Saw

    Hooyman Carry Case for 5ft Saw

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  • Sale! Hooyman Saw - 10 foot model - telescoping tree saw - trim saw

    Hooyman Saw (10ft)

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  • Sale! Hooyman Saw - 5ft model - 5 foot hooyman saw

    Hooyman Saw (5ft)

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  • replacement blade for hooyman saw

    Hooyman Saw Replacement Blade

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Telescoping Pruning Saws by Hooyman – Why Use Them

At NextBuk, we advocate a lot of hang-n-hunt style hunting. You have to be hunting where the deer are at…not where they were last week, not where they’re going to be next week. The key is scouting and having an equipment system that allows for easy, effective setups. Before we started using Hooyman Saws, we were often in the right spot, but because we didn’t have the luxury of pre-set, pre-trimmed stand locations, cluttered shooting lanes prevented us from getting good shots. Hooyman saws are lightweight and compact! They telescope to either 5 foot or 10  foot. The average height person will be able to reach about 15ft up from the ground with the 10ft model! Hooyman has truly become one of our best friends in the woods. We bring it on almost every hunt because it’s so light and compact. Do your hunting success a favor and add a Hooyman saw to your arsenal!

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