Jarrod’s November Hunts – A Photo Journal

This is part of a farm I hunted the first 7 days of my hunt…just didn’t see anything big enough, nor did I see a lot of deer.

One of the coolest setups I had on this first stint in Iowa. I was overlooking a draw that was full of fresh sign, but nothing big… passed a couple 3 year olds and some other young bucks… a great killing stand…everything in this draw came within bow range at some point. Very hard to wind ya with a SE wind.

sunset in Iowa’s farm country

Tail tucked, I headed to Kansas…traditional stop, Cabela’s! This lifted the spirits, especially leaving with a new wooltimate jacket!

caping session

Our group arrived as Justin and Mike were finishing their hunts. Here’s a caping session over Justin and Mike’s bucks.

first couple days were spent scouting. Nice winter wheat and corn stubble field here during a morning drive to glass the area.

buck scrape

closer look at the above scrape while foot scouting. Note the hair from a buck. They do this when they scratch their own backs while working scrapes. Many wonder what the bald spots between their shoulder blades are…it’s from their racks working licking branches at scrapes.

beautiful river setup on a cold, Kansas morning

beautiful river setup on a cold, Kansas morning. Saw several small bucks and does this morning

pretty evening shot from where I parked at one of the properties I hunted

I think this speaks for itself.

jarrod kansas buck 2012

I shot this buck on my fifth morning at first light

buck in tow, I was headed back to skin, quarter, and pack…then back to Iowa for a few more days!

sunset on a small town in Kansas.

slept in my truck during my second stint back in Iowa

view from stand - distant food plot - Iowa

Here’s a view from stand in Iowa. Distant food plot. While glassing the distant food plot, I spotted a nice antler! (see pic further down for more)

during my 2nd afternoon back in Iowa, I scouted a new part of the farm. Pretty obvious it needed a stand hung…loads of trails with fresh tracks…

so here’s the stand I hung that 2nd day around noon.

After backing out, I sat a different spot that 2nd evening…saw a ton of deer and a giant 8 point with a busted right side.

Here are two antlers I spotted from stand…the larger is the one from the food plot I referenced above. Kinda nice he broke it off fighting because he’s young and needs another year at least…

I got really pumped up the night of November 17th when Tom (Lee’s son) texted me this pic of the buck that Lee shot opening day of gun back in Wisconsin!

jarrod iowa buck 2012

I guess the next morning, November 18th, was my turn because I whacked this nice buck shortly after daylight!

loading this buck onto my hitch carrier by myself about killed me!

lots of does on this farm, so after donating my buck to the HUSH program, I sat that evening and shot this doe at dark at 30 yards. I went back the next morning and easily found her.

I donated this doe to the Iowa HUSH program as well.

view of the property I was hunting on that 2nd go-round in Iowa

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  1. Troy Pottenger

    Great pics Jarrod, love the scenery, big bucks and big buck sign!


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