Skip Sligh

Skip Sligh with mature Iowa archery buck

Skip with a mature archery buck

Skip Sligh is originally from southern Michigan, but he moved to Iowa over 10 years ago because he loves managing and chasing big whitetails.  We are not sure if he likes watching them grow over the years as much as he likes chasing them in the fall.  Skip makes his living in the medical device industry as a salesman, and he involves his wife and little boy in his passsion for whitetails as much as possible.  He also has two brothers, Aaron and Jordan, that are eaten up with the same kind of love for managing and chasing giant whitetails.

These three brothers are deer managers to the extreme.  Now keep in mind these three guys did not come from money and never had one thing handed to them.  Everything that they have done has all been part of the hard work they have put into the dream of owning their own ground.  After buying the first farm and doing habitat improvments throughout the farm, they sold it and made a profit and moved on to the next farm.  They have done this several times over the years and now have the farm they always dreamed of.  Score of a rack does not mean that much to this to Skip and his brothers.  They try to let all their bucks get to 5 1/2 years old before they’ll shoot.  Over the years, Skip and his brothers have taken numerous big bucks on their own farms and from public hunting land in other states.  We’re always excited to hear of Skip’s Next Buck!

For more info on Skip and his brothers, check out their website, The Deer Hunt.

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