Steve Pinkston

200 inch whitetail - 204" buck, Steve Pinkston

Steve Pinkston with a 204″ whitetail he killed in 2010.

Steve Pinkston, of Ohio, owns and runs Driven Automotive. Thanks to a very understanding wife and two daughters, Steve invests a ton of time to his passion of hunting big whitetail bucks. He also enjoys videotaping and photographing whitetails throughout the year, almost as much as hunting them!

In 1984 Steve shot his first good buck with a bow and he’s not looked back.  His passion for hunting has brought him to all parts of the continent, and he’s taken a wide variety of species including; moose, elk, mountain lion, bear, and more. If you ask him, though, his true love is the whitetail deer.  Steve has shot numerous  Pope & Young whitetails, three of those bucks hitting the 200 inch mark! Steve has accomplished what most hunters never will.

One thing Steve has done for many years now is hunt one specific buck.  And he’s very good at it! In his past two seasons, Steve has scored on 204” and 183” bucks.  Steve hunts very pressured, small parcel properties, not big, managed tracts of land. He attributes his success to relentless, year-round scouting, which includes winter scouting and shed hunting, summer glassing, and persistent, yet patient in-season scouting and hunting. He pays attention to the smallest details.  We are proud to have Steve on this staff and look forward to following his pursuit of his NEXTBUK!

Steve Pinkston 2011 Ohio Buck

Steve ended his 2011 Ohio season early when he dropped his target buck, this 183″ giant.


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