Justin Hollandsworth

Pro staffer Justin Hollandsworth with big 8pt whitetail archery kill buck

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Born and raised in Ohio Justin works as a warehouse/project manager for a medical equipment occupancy planning family owned company.  He has a wife and little boy that are very understanding to his passion of chasing mature whitetails.  You can bet if he has a spare moment from work and  his family he is doing something regarding his quest for his Nextbuk!


In the mid 80’s Justin’s grandfather took him hunting for the first time, and on that first trip to the woods his grandfather took a big doe and he was hooked!  Not till the early 2000’s did Justin start to get really serious about taking his first trophy class buck.  When he finally did it was all he could think about from that point on.  Since then he has went on to take several more great bucks and also travels out of state each fall.  Justin has said before that he enjoys the work that goes into that next buck as much as the actual harvest of that animal.  He also believes that there is no bigger accomplishment in the woods then putting a big mature whitetail on the ground, with achery equipment and all caught on video.  I’m sure right now Justin is doing something in search of that Nextbuk!

Pro staffer Justin Hollandsworth with big 8pt whitetail archery kill buck

2011 archery buck – watch Farm Country Bucks for this hunt!

Feel free to contact Justin any time; he’d love to hear your comments or questions.

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