Joe Runde

NextBuk Outdoors Pro Staffer and family man, Joe Runde, with big Wisconsin public access buck
Joe Runde with a mature, public land archery kill

Joe shot this mature Wisconsin buck on heavily pressured public land.

A lifelong Wisconsin native, Joe Runde has recently moved to the Big Sky state of Montana! Joe works as a sales manager for Fastenal.  Joe started hunting whitetails as a little boy with his dad, grandfather and many other relatives.  Joe has a wife, two daughters, and a third child on the way!  To say Joe is a busy man is an understatement!

Joe has been carrying a video camera in the woods since he was just a kid, and he rarely enters the woods without one anymore.  Said Joe, “It’s almost like going to the woods without your bow.”

Joe was featured in the hit T.V. show, Whitetail Addications, and he’s also been in two out of three of our own deer hunting videos (Hill Country Bucks and Farm Country Bucks).  He has taken many great bucks over the years in his home state of Wisconsin.  With the challenge of living in a new state, a western state, Joe is up for a completely new kind of whitetail hunting.  Joe is a diehard DIY guy that usually hunts nothing but public ground and always goes the extra mile that most won’t.   What will Joe’s NextBuk bring us?

Joe Runde with a wide 10 pointer

Joe shot this buck on public land in Wisconsin. Look for this hunt on our DVD, Farm Country Bucks

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