Jason Lewis

            I was new to bowhunting at the age of 15, nobody in my family had ever bowhunted and so I took it upon myself to learn.  All the trails and tribulations, mistakes and successful hunts have been through hours in the field, bugging a veteran bowhunter for his time, reading magazines and maybe a few hunting shows along the way.  I live in Georgia, but hunt the midwest atleast a few times each fall.  I love to hunt my home just as much each season also. To date, I have harvest 5 Pope & Young class bucks at the age of 31, and feel like I just now “get it”.  What it takes to accomplish even seeing a P&Y class buck, the hours of dedication to scouting, learning and then hunting a mature buck are limitless and at the same point there has to be a balance for me with family and work.  I took my first whitetail at the age of 16 and since then have taking over a 100 deer with the compound and two with a recurve.  I look forward to the new challenge of filming my own hunts.  It’s something I have done with some doe kills here in Georgia just to experiment, but now believe I can capture even the biggest bucks I run across  on camera and also get the shot.  I am a do it yourself kind of guy, and my success has come from studying topo’s, leasing or getting permission on farms, and putting in the sweat equity and time that it takes to kill big deer!                      

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