Mike Grenier

NextBuk Outdoors Pro Staffer Mike Grenier with big Ohio buck

NextBuk Outdoors Pro Staffer Mike Grenier with big Ohio buckOriginally from Michigan, Mike Grenier has spent most of his life in central Ohio’s big buck country. Mike and his girlfriend Kendall live in the Columbus area and he pays the bills by working at a local tire recycling company. All of Mike’s free time is devoted toward preparation for his NextBuk.

Mike got introduced to hunting at a young age by his stepfather and cut his teeth on whitetails at age 15. Since then, Mikes pursuit of whitetails has evolved from a hobby, to an addiction, and finally developed into an obsession. Mike’s first archery kill buck, a 168” 10pt., was taken on video while he was self filming! He’s been a fan of catching his hunts on video ever since. Mike has set the bar pretty high and since that first PY buck he’s managed to take three more that score over 125”.

Mike finds it rewarding to harvest fully mature whitetail bucks and he’s got big plans for the future. Soon Mike hopes to take his obsession on the road and start doing more out of state hunts. He also really enjoys all of the behind the scenes work such as post season scouting and all of the other tasks that go into consistently killing mature bucks.


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