Gary Sparks

NextBuk Outdoors Pro Staffer Gary Sparks from Ohio with wall of big bucks

NextBuk Outdoors Pro Staffer Gary Sparks from Ohio with wall of big bucks

   Gary Sparks retired union carpenter/commercial construction superintendent  from Ohio has lived his whole life in the outdoors.  With a understanding wife of over 30 years and two children who he has shared his passion for big whitetails, turkeys and waterfowl hunting with.    Not a minute of the day goes by for this man that hunting is not either on his mind or he is doing something along the lines of hunting.  Now being retired he has the true amount of time it really takes to go after some of the biggest deer he has axcess to. 

   Gary started hunting at a very early age with his brother and other family members.  During that time there were not many deer around that part of Ohio but over years of plenty of ups and downs he taught himself alot of lessons that today has helped him consistently put mature whitetails on the ground year after year.  Gary has taken over 20 whitetails that gross score over the 125 inch mark.  The one thing he has always said you never stop learning from these mature whitetail bucks,  they teach you something every year.  Not only is Gary passionate about whitetail hunting but he also takes his turkey hunting very serious.  Having hunted turkeys now for 23 years Gary has taken atleast one bird every year since then,  alot of times two.  These days his love of the sport has him doing this with video camera on every hunt.  There is nothing like capturing your hunts on video and being able to share it with family and friends!   I’m sure Gary is doing something right now towards that NextBuk!



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