Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds

hay bale blinds by Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds - hunting blinds for deer hunting and waterfowl hunting

We’ve used these blinds for a couple seasons now and continue to be impressed. They are very well thought out and extremely well built. Watch the video above to learn more from owner, Tim Noll. I found our interview with him to be very insightful as he described the challenges with various materials they’ve worked with, and how they’ve overcome design struggles that you still see present in other competitive products out on the market. As self-filmers of our hunts, we’re always looking for ways to improve our “invisibility” despite our camera equipment. Setup this haybale blind in a farm field and you won’t see NEAR the reaction to it from deer as you will to regular hunting blinds. For more info please contact us or visit their website: haybale hunting blinds by Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds.