Year Round Approach to Big Bucks – 5 Tips for June

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My buddy Michael Deming, owner of Sportsman’s News, is going to be putting an article in his publication soon about consistently killing big bucks, a year around approach. Another friend of NextBuk, Jason Herbert, is writing the article for Michael. Jason asked for my thoughts on the topic the other day and I ended up typing out a ton of info…most of which won’t likely fit in the article. So I figured I’d start a monthly post covering some tips to keep in mind for each month as you pursue consistently killing big bucks.

June is kind of a slow one to get things started. It’s honestly the one month out of the year when I probably do the least with whitetails. I think that those of us that are serious about big bucks know which months are best for preparation so we use late spring to early summer to tend to “other priorities”. So here’s my top 5 things to tend to this month:

  • Get in Shape!
    In another post, I mentioned the back problems I was having earlier this month. It was horrible, but I do believe that not being in shape would’ve made my recovery much worse. Now’s the time to be out enjoying summer and exercising for those upcoming hunts this fall!
  • Mineral
    Get some mineral going on your hunting properties. This not only will help the bucks’ antler development, but it will also help you inventory what you have around to hunt this year.
  • Practice With Your Equipment
    I see pro staffer, Steve Pinkston, posting some cool pics from his new drone he’s flying around. June is a great month to buy and practice with new camera equipment. You need to be very familiar with your stuff so that you don’t need to think about using it in the heat of the moment. Start getting your back muscles in shape by flinging arrows! Remember, you’ll perform how you’ve trained!
  • Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor
    Summer is the time for grilling out! Don’t forget about those scrumptious packs of backstrap or venison brats or smoked wild turkey sausages you have in the freezer. So dig ’em out and grill ’em up, and remind yourself why it is we hunt!
  • Go Fishing!
    I love fishing but it takes a back seat to hunting anymore. June is a great month to let it come to the forefront when hunting’s less a priority. Get out there and scratch the itch! My kids and I have been catching a bunch of nice bass lately.
  • Bonus Tip: Food Plots
    If you’re into food plots,  June is a good time to plant soybeans! I wait until later in the month so that the beans are still green in early bow season. I’ve had excellent results with Real Word Wildlife Seed’s soybeans.

July will bring a few more things hunting related to think about as you get your sights set on a big buck for fall so stay tuned for my July tips coming soon.

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Fishing is also a great opportunity to talk about hunting!

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