XOP Climbing Sticks and XOP Vanish Treestand Back in Stock!

treestand for deer hunting - xop treestands are the best
xop climbing sticks - not Muddy rope sticks - not lone wolf climbing sticks

XOP climbing stick 4 packs are now back in stock and shipping. Order today!

Our most popular item, the XOP Vanish Treestand, is now back in stock and shipping, as well as the four-packs of XOP climbing sticks. This is a must have combo for run & gun, hang & hunt style hunting, or just anyone that doesn’t want to worry about their treestand making a noise in the moment of truth! With a cast aluminum platform, adjustability like no other hang-on treestand, comfortable seat, and ease of setup and take-down, XOP Treestands are the best available, period. Order your XOP Vanish Treestand and XOP Climbing sticks today!

xop treestands - vanish XT Hang on Tree stand

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