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Winter Predator Control – Snaring Coyotes

winter predator control - snaring coyotes

My son, Jacob, has been handling the winter predator control efforts around here of late. He just turned 12 a couple weeks ago and is quickly demonstrating his independence in the whole process. Every day after school, he checks his trapline of snares for coyotes. Last year, he scored a double on February 14th. I joked to him the other night, wouldn’t it be cool if you got another one on Valentine’s Day this year? He had yet to catch any this year. Well, believe it or not, yesterday the 14th he came home to find a nice male coyote in his last snare he checked for the day! Pretty gratifying for the kid to score with his own sets (he insists on doing it all himself). Here are some tips for snaring coyotes. He wants to start learning foot-hold sets, so I guess that’s next for us!

winter predator control - coyote in snare

Snaring coyotes is a great method for winter predator control. It gives you the option of releasing the animal if it’s not what you were after. This male was what we were after.

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