Weekend Illinois Report

I’ll put this as lightly as I can: I was unpleasantly surprised to hear of 2 youth hunters and their dads hunting my lease this weekend for the 2 day youth Illinois antlerless only gun hunt. Apparently there was a lack of communication of this in my bow season only lease terms. Nevertheless, the property holds a lot of deer and I felt confident the two 11 year old boys would each get a doe the first morning and be done. Not so.

Well, Drake, one of the kids, did get his deer Saturday morning. His second shot of the morning dropped a yearling doe. His buddy Lucas, however, didn’t fair quite so well…

15 shots and 2 days later, poor Lucas still hadn’t connected. Somehow my spirits on this ground were raised despite my frustration in hearing all the shooting. For them to keep getting shot after shot meant there were deer all over!

I passed a 110″ 2 year old 8 point and a few 1.5 year old dinker bucks was all this weekend. I’m optimistic for the weeks ahead as the rut kicks in and the corn comes down. There should be some good bucks showing up.

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