Turkey Decoys: Mojo Scoot and Shoot Product Review

mojo scoot & shoot turkey decoy
turkey decoys - mojo scoot and shoot

Looking for a new, exciting way to hunt turkeys? Try turkey reaping with the Mojo Scoot & Shoot!

As a hunter ages, passions and motivations tend to change…some increase, some lessen, some just, well, change for the sake of changing. I first started turkey hunting out of self motivation while in college. Growing up, there weren’t turkeys where I lived, thus my family didn’t do it. As bird numbers increased, I became interested in trying it.

Fast forward twenty years, and I can confidently say I’ve “been there done that”. I love turkey hunting and the memories I’ve made doing it. Recently my passion has transitioned to seeing that joy in my kids versus shooting one myself. That said, I came across a product this spring that brought back some of that “kid in me” feeling. I saw a new way of doing and old thing, and thought I’d share my experience with it.

The Mojo Scoot & Shoot turkey decoy is a full strut turkey decoy that has made popular a term called turkey “reaping”. Turkey reaping is an aggressive, often exhausting “go to the birds” technique where you use a decoy as a shield so you can sneak up on them in the wide open! And, man, does it ever work!

There are several companies making decoys for this purpose now, and I’ve tried a couple now. Here’s what I particularly like about the Mojo Scoot n Shoot:

youth turkey hunting - Jacob Erdody's Turkey

Although, the Mojo didn’t have a direct role in my son’s harvest, the Scoot & Shoot is a great tool to have in your turkey hunting arsenal!


  • Realism: Just look at the picture above, enough said!
  • Option to add your own turkey fan: Though it comes with a realistic artificial, probably more durable, fan, I think adding a real fan makes it that much more convincing to toms, so I chose to mount my own fans on the pair that my kids and I use. Quick tip for doing this: clean the tail base of fat, apply borax, spread it out to desired fan, apply Bondo, allow it to cure a day, and then mount it to the adapter that’s included with the Mojo!
  • Easy to Use: assemble the 2 rods and connect them to the turkey decoy body. Attach the tail fan to the slot on the back of the turkey. Then just hunker down behind it and hold it on the foam padded portion of the rod. The bottom of the rod is pointed, allowing you to easily push it into the ground when you need to free your hands, or just stop to catch your breath!
  • Mobile Tail Fan: This is subtle but very cool. The tail fan adapter has a little spring loaded base that you can push in to give movement to the tail fan. This adds realism as well as the option of peeking over the bird instead of always moving to the side to see where the bird’s at.
  • Durability: I beat on the pair that I got pretty heavily for the month my kids and I chased turkeys this spring and the decoys held up well!


As for cons, well I don’t have much to say there. I suppose it’s a little bulky compared to decoys that stuff into your pocket, but for its purpose, I think you can’t go wrong having these in your arsenal! Be prepared for a much more physical hunt because your legs are going to burn! But it beats sitting endless hours in a blind, in my opinion.


As for my direct experience with the Mojo Scoot and Shoot this spring, I’d be lying if I told you that I and my kids each killed birds after stalking right up to a big tom with this. Truth is, we had an awesome spring of turkey hunting, and we had great success. It just so happened that the birds my son and I killed were on hunts where the Mojo didn’t factor in. My son shot his after I called one in off the roost early in the morning, so we didn’t even have a chance to use it even though we had it right behind us and ready if that bird had gotten too far out into the field on us. I shot mine on an evening ambush hunt in the woods where I didn’t call or use any decoys. We did have some really positive results with it on more than one occasion. I could see it working because we were able to close from 800 yards to 150 yards on a big tom with hens, only to have the landowner and farmer mess us up by driving into the field to check crops. That’s how it goes sometimes. But I guarantee that we’ll keep taking the Mojo Scoot & Shoot on future hunts, and you should consider it too!

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