Insane Archery Camera Mount for Bow or Crossbow


This is a great bow-mounted camera mount for self-filming your hunts! 180 degree pivoting plate allows for ideal positioning of your camera whether left or right handed. Mountable on several locations; behind the stabilizer, along the riser, and even on crossbows!



Owner of Insane Archery, Brian Piltz, has got this one right…this camera mount for your bow is as versatile and durable as it comes! With a 180° range of motion, you can mount your camera however it works best for you. You can mount it just over your stabilizer, to the side, or even on your riser next to or above your sight pins!

Brian recommends the Kodak Playsport camera, specifically the Zx3 model, because of its proven durability and shock resistance. This camera is easy to use, is waterproof, and can also be used as a 5Mp still camera. It’s a compact, versatile setup that you’ll be seeing featured in our upcoming videos.

180° Pivoting Plate…Versatile Positioning!

Another important feature is the ability to provide some camera protection while walking to or from a hunting blind or tree stand. When a camera is in a permanently fixed position on the side of the bow it can be easily scratched or damaged as you walk through the woods to your hunting location. It’s equally awkward to have the camera protruding from the bow as your try to quietly stalk an animal. By using the swing arms locking mechanism, you can store the camera in the forward posit ion aligning it in the natural shape of the bow. For example, if you mount the camera above the stabilizer you can position the camera to be directly over the stabilizer and aligned in the same direction. This makes for a more natural fit and helps protect the camera when walking. When it is time to use the camera, it can easily and quietly be pulled back into the desired recording position.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a customer’s video:

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1.75 × 2.5 in

Black, Camo


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