Ambush Sit and Climb XOP Climbing Treestand



The Ambush Sit & Climb tree stand by XOP is the climbing treestand of choice at NextBuk Outdoors! XOP’s line of improved cast treestand technology is endorsed by the original inventor of cast treestand technology, Andrae D’Acquisto and by us here at Next Buck!

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XOP makes the climbing treestand of choice at NextBuk Outdoors! XOP (Xtreme Outdoor Products) has teamed up with Andrae D’Acquisto, whom we featured in our Hunting Marsh Bucks and Hill Country Bucks hunting videos, to bring you the next generation in cast treestand technology! Andrae sold his business, Lone Wolf Treestands, several years ago and has been retired and enjoying hunting with his family in Iowa and Illinois. Recently his son Cody began working for XOP and they decided to get back in the treestand game! XOP is making improvements to cast treestands we’re happy to see hit the market.

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 8 × 32 in



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