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Troy Pottenger with big western whitetail buck

"Chocolate" buck, was an old mountain buck I hunted for 3 years, He was 6.5 when I killed him, I have 4 sheds from him, over 3 different years, my neighbor found 2 of those. Killed him in near 0 degree weather in Dec. He was checking young does during the second rut. 140 class grossing buck.

Hello, my name is Troy Pottenger; I am 41 years old and a native Idahoan. I live in Idaho’s Northern Panhandle with my wife Dee and two sons, Jess and Tyson. My profession is education. As a teacher, I look forward to every day in the classroom. I teach Health, P.E. and Outdoor Education. My passion in life is my family first and second bowhunting for big mature whitetail bucks along with elk, bear, turkeys and sheds. I hunt the huge forestlands of Northern Idaho. The terrain that I hunt is mountainous, rugged and thickly covered in vegetation and big timber. I cut my teeth on bowhunting whitetails in the mountains of Idaho and learned at a young age the overriding importance of scouting, shed hunting and getting to know a buck personally if I was going to be successful. There is nothing that I look more forward to than building a history with a particular buck and hunting him down. I’ve worked very hard at bowhunting whitetails and have been fortunate to take several quality animals for my area, including several Pope and Young whitetail bucks ranging from the 130 inch mark to the mid 180’s aging from 4.5 to 9.5 years old with a bow. My highest scoring buck was officially scored by famed Boone and Crocket scorer Roger Selner at 184 gross and 177 5/8 net nontypical. I am happy to say that I am at the point in my life where I can travel annually in pursuit of whitetails to my neighboring states of Washington and Montana. I also take a trip or two each season to either the Midwest and or Canada to hunt whitetails.


  1. richard paine


    I tried to email you I must have got it wrong I have not heard back. I was at the Bighorn show and was talking to you about coming into your class and talking about public land.

  2. Jarrod Erdody

    Hi Richard, I sent Troy an email with your info. Thanks for visiting!


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