November Success

As I drove to one of my public land spots on the afternoon of November 7th, I was only mildly hopeful that I’d have any success at all due to the unseasonably warm weather. In fact, I made the mile long hike to my stand sporting only my camo pants, shirt, and a light jacket strapped to my climber stand.

My set-up was textbook, an island of hardwoods surrounded by tall grass and cat-tails. “With colder weather I might have had a shot here” I thought as I began my sit. The afternoon turned into evening as I routinely grunted and sounded my estrus doe bleat call.

At 5:00 I saw a lone buck coming in, obviously looking for the doe in heat that he’d heard. As the buck moved to within six yards of my tree I confirmed he had a nice rack. After some meandering around my tree, the buck finally offered a six yard shot.

After watching my arrow punch through his ribcage, I watched the buck run across the grassy swail where he soon bedded down on the other side.

At dark I made some phone calls and got help from good friends. A short search revealed the eight point piled up 50 yards past his bed.

Yep, November can be a magical time of year in the deer woods. Good luck everyone.

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