New Mexico Elk Hunt: Day 7 Report

sunset new mexico elk hunt

Last day of my hunt and then it’s time to head back so I can pickup my son, Jacob, my friend Dan, and his boy, Brady, and leave for Canada!

I listened for bugles for an hour before daylight again, and I only heard one bull going in an area I’d hunted day 5. He was a couple ridges over from where I’d been before, but I headed after him. When I got within a few hundred yards he answered a cow call and I headed towards him.

I closed to what I figured would be about 100-150 yards, if he hadn’t moved. I waited a few minutes then just started raking a tree with a dead limb. I beat on it hard, like a raging bull, hoping that would entice the bull to come closer.

After about a minute, I caught movement…2 cows. Then another. They moved off to my right, about 70 yards out. I waited another 30 minutes and never heard or saw the bull again.

After a good breakfast at my favorite (and only) local diner 10 miles away), I left New Mexico about noon, content that I’d tried my best, had some fun, and was excited for my upcoming fishing trip with my dad, son, and friends! Until next time!

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