New Mexico Elk Hunt: Day 6 Report

Morning Hunt

Woke to cloud cover for the first time on the trip and thought I’d be in for a good morning. But the temps are the warmest they’ve been in the morning too, and it must have them bedded because it was a slow morning. There was one good sounding bull working before daylight but then he shut up. As I closed in near the area he’d been working, I saw two hunters closer and in pursuit, so I backed off. Nothing else. One more evening sit and one more morning hunt and I have to leave tomorrow.

Evening Hunt

Went back east to cover ground I sat the 2nd evening. Instead of watching the same dry waterhole, I climbed high and glassed a large area so I could make a move if I saw something… Nothing. Warm, windy, quiet… No elk. I packed camp this afternoon so I can leave right from my last morning hunt tomorrow.

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