Mid-October Illinois Weekend – Andrae Whacks 197" Giant

Crazy Dan and I stayed with Andrae this weekend. We hunted some public ground and Andrae hunted his lease.

Saturday morning Dan and I returned from scouting to find Andrae’s truck backed up to his garage. “Hmmm… I wonder if he got that buck!” I said to Dan as we pulled up. Friday night Andrae had been showing us trail cam pics of a buck he’d nicknamed the “Tuning Fork” Buck. We guessed him around 180″. He’s a mainframe 10 with matching split G-4’s that look like tuning forks. This would be the deer Andrae was targeting on his lease.

“Dood (Dan’s spelling)….there’s a rack sticking out of the truck bed! He got him!”

“You’re kidding,” I shot back, assuming Dan was yanking my chain as usual. But a glance at his expression quickly told me he wasn’t joking. I turned to see a giant rack sticking above the truck bed.

“Holy Crap, he did get him!”

Andrae’s Tuning Fork buck grosses 197″ and will net in the high 170’s. It’s his 6th net Boone and Crockett buck by bow, a record. Andrae captured it all on video himself so be looking for his story on a future episode of Lone Wolf’s Whitetail Addictions.

As for Dan and I… well, we had a couple run-ins (nothing negative) with others hunting the public which pretty much messed up our hunts. We saw some small bucks and several does. Better things to come in Illinois…

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