Iowa Public Hunting Land Scouting Report

iowa public hunting land sign
big buck rub Iowa

One of the coolest buck rubs I’ve personally ever found. The ones around this one weren’t slouches either.

Well, last weekend was Ohio, this past weekend was a long, solo drive to Iowa to scout some public land. Before applying I wanted to see it first hand. I’ve heard, and am still hearing, mixed reports on the EHD effects out there. Some areas were hit hard, others weren’t. I scouted different sections that were a long ways apart. I covered a LOT of miles, for me at least. I ruled out a lot, but I did find a few sweet looking spots too. Unfortunately, I think other hunters have found them too, having seen a few ladder stands already in place. They weren’t in the right place, however, they were close enough to mess up where one should be. I think it’s going to come down to the crowd situation this fall. If there aren’t many people, we should be in for a good hunt. If we bump into a lot of guys, it’s going to get tougher in a hurry.

big buck rub iowa public land

Another big buck rub on Iowa public land

cluster of big buck rubs Iowa

Count the rubs! And there were a LOT more around this spot that the camera can’t show in one pic.

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