Foul Play Up North

My wife, Chris, daughter Layne, and I were at our cabin in Northern Minnesota during the weekend for the opening of rifle season. Our place isn’t real good during gun season if we get a warm spell and this year was no exception. This season was even worse though, with no deer sightings at all – it was like they just vanished.

I was wondering though, why that airplane continued to circle over the adjacent property for what seemed like a couple of hours on Saturday. Well, Sunday night I found out why. It seems that our great neighbor, who shall remain nameless, has been baiting by the “truckload” per an area game warden, and that is what the DNR was checking out on opening day. And that, it seems, is why all my deer were non-exsistant. I hate to wish bad upon anyone but I think their hunting over a bait pile is all but over with and my hunting will hopefully be restored. If it’s legal, go for it. If it’s not, don’t take the easy, cheap, and lazy-mans way out by trying to cut corners. It’ll ussually catch up with you I guess.

I did manage to see the only two deer on my property on Sunday night. A big doe and her buck fawn came by giving me a nine yard “gimme” shot at her.

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