Wolves under WHITETAIL?

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    I threw the wolf into the whitetail heading primarily because the wolf has a profound effect on deer.
    Did you know that a federal judge in Washington ruled in favor of a suit brought forth by the humane society, which sought to abolish hunting, trapping of wolves in MN, WI, and MI? In short, these states will no longer have wolf hunting, unless that ruling is overturned. That could take years. 🙁

    Merry Christmas to all!

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    Lee Gatzke

    I hadn’t heard that. Doesn’t surprise me. A lot of politcal wrangling and money wasted because of people who don’t accept wildlife management needs.

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    Shawn Vanlandingham

    …and if you cherry pick the deer mortality study you “could” conclude that the wolf has little impact.

    I would like to know what the number is to get them off the list, I’m sure the DNR could release the “true” population estimate in a couple years to get them off the list. Outside of that it will take an act of Congress to redefine the law.

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