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      was really making some noise on the window when I got up at 4:50am to answer the call of nature.. As I climbed back in between the warm sheets, I wanted to just sleep in as long as I could today. I don’t remember even closing my eyes when the dreams took over.

      I hate those dreams that involve the real world as your waking up, but the Alpha Female was shaking me….as was the person in the dream. I opened my eyes and she had a look of relief on her face….. What?….. was my first words……. She said it’s 10 O’Clock, and I was worried about you, you never sleep in this late. I was worried something was wrong. I smiled and said I’m fine. The rain is going to be here all day, So hunting or shooting in the back yard is out, so I slept in….. that’s all.

      It rained most of the morning and well into the after noon. What a lazy day. About 3 Pm I called arrowflicker to see how the weather was on his side, “not bad, some clouds little rain earlier in the morning, but it’s nice over here.”

      Oh ! No rain on your side? Hmmmm….. I might go sit the “Pit” after I fill the feeder…. sounds like it might be a plan. AND…I might just have the perfect bow to go sit with too. Brand new, Not really even broke in yet, The finish is just now dry and……. Well, you get the idea who I’m taking…. the?… New Bow… The one with no name yet, Yeah that one!

      I changed clothes and grabbed my stuff and headed out back to shot a couple of arrows to warm up. I’ve shot better, I’ll admit.(must be the rain) I went inside and grabbed a couple of broadhead arrows. Couple shots later I decided to use the Muzzy Phantoms I got from eddie c, they seemed to be more to the bows liking.

      I put 3 2117s in the hip quiver, grabbed my pack and was out the door. The drive to the ranch made me wonder if I had made the right choice, I’d drive in and out of rain squalls numerous times before I exited the tunnels to find clear bright blue skies WOW…. What difference a 200 yds tunnel makes. One side rainy, the other clear and beautiful… Welcome to Hawaii.

      I stopped by the tack room and picked up the 3/4 bag of corn, put it in the truck and was on my way. I loaded my gear, bow and heaved the bag upon my shoulder, as I walked along, I could tell there had been rain here today too, just not as much. The walk to the “Pit” was just like the other walks, nothing special and totally uneventful.

      I crouched to walk under the tree branch that seems to be getting lower and lower to the ground with each pass. I looked up ahead…Nothing at the “pit”. As I neared the feeder I could see the feeder was totally empty… Oh no..

      How long had it been empty? Would the hogs come in tonight? Was I in for a quiet no hog night? I walked to the edge and saw lots of tracks, most were smaller in size, couple were little bigger but, it seemed like the smaller hogs were hitting it first.

      I filled the feeder, Then looked around some more for tracks and evidence of larger hogs, but the morning rains had erased any sign not in the “pit”. I walked over and stowed my gear on the condos first floor. I climbed up and cleared the leaves and other debris from the floor. I arranged the pack and quiver and positioned my bucket for the best shooting lane from inside the condo.

      I looked at my Phone it was 4:40, bout an hour and a half before too dark to shoot. Yep just right, be a nice evening to wait and see.
      Not even 3 minutes later I saw movement on the hillside up wind side of the condo, why are they coming from that way? they always come from the other side? Oh well, guess this will be a short encounter when they hit my wind….. They kept on coming……..uhhh… Ok.. I guess the wind must be swirling or something…
      4 smaller hogs came into the ‘Pit” they went to munching on the corn, the wind made no difference to them, or they didn’t care…. either way… I’m good with that !!!

      They ate in circles and near and far from the feeder, close to me and in wide circles on the other side of the “Pit”. They didn’t care. I sat and watched them for 15-20 minutes. Did you even notice…..when you decide not to shoot……. they seem to always seem to offer the best broadside shots and stand perfectly still?
      Change your mind……pick up a bow….. and they stand facing you, constantly moving or standing perfectly still for the best Texas heart shot you’ve ever seen !!

      They milled around and then all of them…… just stood still, like they were frozen in time. Not moving at all. Finally one broke ranks and walked over to the base of the hill and laid down….. then another one, followed by the other two, all of them laying down side by side…… waiting… They knew it was close to the feeder time…. But how do they know?

      They laid there as the minutes ticked away till the feeder sprang to life at 5:25 for the final feeding. They all then made a mad dash to the feeder, within minutes they were pacing looking for the single kernel the others had missed. Well, it’s very obvious they are cleaning up all the corn before any other hogs can get any, and this is a game management area, so if the bigger one gives me a shot, I’ll see if this new bow knows what to do.

      The hogs milled around for a few more minutes then the bigger hog standing on the other side out of the “Pit” froze…. Did I mention broadside too? just stood there……….not moving….. I was waiting to see if I could hear….. “Nanny Nanny boo boo you can’t hit me”… I shook my self out of the gaze and reached slowly for the longbow standing in the corner. I eased back on the bucket and put the tip outside the 4 X 4 corner post slowly came to draw, I felt the tip make contact with something, I let down and scooted forward, the bucket made a noise against the plywood floor, and all the hogs went ballistic, they scattered but didn’t run in the brush. The bigger one seem to hold his ground better than the others.

      I again put the tip outside and drew the bow, feeling no contact I pulled the rest of the way and felt the gloved fingertip touch the corner of my mouth, I relaxed my fingers and the bow snatched the string from my fingers. I saw the Chartruese feathers on the way to it’s intended target.

      In an instant….. I’m not for sure what happened the chartreuse feathers didn’t go exactly where I was looking, it was a little high and back , the hog spun and started out of the clearing, he stopped near the bottom of the hill at 18 yards, I had the second arrow nocked and was at full draw, this is a long shot for me… Coz….I likem close !!
      The arrow flew true for left and right…. but too low, Oh ^%#$@*
      I grabbed the last arrow and jumped out of the condo, the hog started through the brush but stopped just at the clearing, this arrow found it’s true mark.

      I stood off to the side watching, he never went any further, I walked back to the condo, put on my gear, walked over and got my 2nd arrow.
      As I walked up to the hog, I saw the first arrow would have been fatal, just would have taken a little while to work.

      I hooked on the hog drag and started back to the truck, I looked down at the new longbow, Huh, sun-of-a-gun looky there. There’s blood all over the handle! I guess it’s already christened. Welcome to my world, you just earned your keep and a place on the wall in the cave.

      The “Pit” with the evenings visitors

      The biggest boar…..They say “smaller the target, bigger the trophy.”

      Here’s the newly christened Longbow

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      hunt n nurse

      Excellent, Mark!!!!!! Glad you had a great hunt with the nw bow. you could call it Blood Thirsty!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      Looks like a good eater.

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      Some one suggested “PitViper”, Kinda like to have “Pit’ in part of the name if it’s possible.

      Then again HFD is ok too (Handle Forward Design)

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