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      My butt was sore from sitting in the seminar the Alpha Female had enrolled us in. the chair had no comfortable spots left at the end of the 6 hrs, neither did my Okole.
      As we drove home she said what are we gonna have for supper tonight? I said depends? Depends on what?
      I smiled and said “depends If I get a hog or not!” She just smiled and said that’s fair.

      Back at the cave I took the clamps off of the new bow I just made, Hoping the black phenolic on the cap end of the handle would look ok. I fletched a couple arrows and sharpened a broadhead or two just waiting on time to pass so I could hunt this evenin. Finally the minutes ground away and it was 4 o’clock, whew… and I thought the time at the seminar went slow. Guess it just happens that anticipating the fun evening ahead.

      I headed for the shower after laying out all my stuff so all I had to do was gather and leave. I called my hunting partner and ask if he was hunting tonight, he said yep, only question was which stand. He said your preference which are you going to hunt? I said the Pit. I wanted to see what the hogs reaction was to the new addition we added. Last weekend, we moved the condo to the pit area. The condo is a two seater platform 14 Feet tall, with a new floor added below at about 6 feet off the ground, We enclosed it somewhat with burlap bags leaving open area to shoot through. I wanted to see the hogs reaction to it if any.

      When I arrived at the ranch, Arrowflicker was already there and on his way to his area to hunt, I parked, slipped into my scent lok coveralls, grabbed my gear and headed for the pit. The last of the fruit is falling in the pasture to the right as I walk in, but it doesn’t look like any activity going to the fruit tree…Hmmm that’s strange.
      I got on the trail that leads to the pit and slowed to a still hunt pace, as I stepped over the log to enter the woods I saw some huge tracks !! these tracks were three fingers wide, that’s a huge hog!

      I looked ahead and saw nothing near the feeder, so I quicken my pace to the ground blind and went inside, it’s been a few weeks to hunt inside so I grabbed my flashlight for a quick look-see to who would be sharing the blind with me tonight……….OK Jezzzz… huge cane spiders adorned the corners of the blind. Some were big enough to grab ahold of a golf ball, couple of them could almost do a tennis ball. Ok guys, you stay up there and we’ll be fine, I’m out numbered big time.

      I sat up my hunting chair and prepared to sit some more, great just what I need. I pulled my Number one arrow and check the sharpness, yep… good to go. I sat back and watched the woods come alive after my intrusion to the quiet world. A slight breeze was left to right which was great for scent control, Doves and Red birds are darting around picking up kernels of corn, I guess the feeder went off once already,
      Oh well, I’m here for what ever the evening holds.

      The feeder went through it’s two cycles with great pain to try to throw corn, the battery is almost gone. The breeze is stronger at times tonight, the rain and high winds from the storm last night must have done some clearing of the branches in the tree’s, I can hear things hitting the ground, nothing big, but lots of big leaves and small twigs and branches.

      As the evening slowed to my pace, I heard the unmistakable sound of a hog coming down the hill side off to my left and back behind the feeder, Then I saw him, he was big….Ok… make that huge, at least for this ranch. He made his way to the bottom of the hill and disappeared into the brush, 3 seconds later he was back on his way up the hill??? WHAT? How come? That’s no fair !! Heeey…Wait a second ! Nothing but falling twigs and leaves scared this hog? This is going to be one heck of a evening hunt.. IF…if he comes back?

      5 minutes ground by slowly as the feeder kicked off it’s last feeding, Oh wait, is that him? or a 747 size 2 pound dove walking on the ground? yepper, the doves sounds like a hog walking, sometimes they get that big. I turned my head to struggle to hear the sound better, when the head of a the hog appeared in the window next to the blind, WHOA…. he had worked his way in and was standing near the edge of the pit. He is nervous, and staring straight ahead at the condo, Ohh… I see… so maybe that’s what scared him when he came down the hill, the condo was 20 feet in front of him…Ahhhh now it sorta made sense. He stared and took a couple out stretched steps to reach the corn in the pit, he was wound up tight. you could see him tense up and was ready to bolt at the slightest movement of the big burlap monster straight ahead…. Little did he know… the real danger was 8 yds away and positioned at 4 o’clock to his right.

      I sat back and watched the 3-4 times he’d bolt from the pit, only to stop out about 10-12 yds, then slowly walk back and try to stretch out and reach the corn just on the other side of the pit. One thing I just now noticed wasn’t good……… the storm last night brought down a wrist size branch and it was in front of the blind, I was using it as cover……….why? I have no clue! I’m inside the blind? out of sight?
      DUhhh hello !!! Now… it’s exactly right in the way of my shot…. as is the tripod re-bar leg and a small tree I’ve threaten to chop down before near the edge of the pit.

      This is one of the largest hogs I’ve seen on the ranch for a long time and I can’t get a shot at him, His head and snout is 18 inches long at least, he’s a huge tan colored hog with a dirty blackish spot on his hing quarter and did I mention he’s huge?
      He backs off and stand facing the hillside, now what? I finally realize it’s getting dark too, if he don’t quit being scared of the condo I’m not going to get a shot, I reposition myself in the blind… nope can’t shoot from here bow won’t allow me to shoot. Oh no. I hear the disgruntled grunt, Oh shoot did I make too much noise or something? where is he?… good still standing right there, ok all still possible with the world.
      The tan boar moves to the left and a smaller(still nice size) hog moves in and crashes the pit, I mean walks right in upto it’s chest. Not worried a bit about the burlap monster and is standing center right of the pit, I might get a shot, the tan hog is flustered gives one grunt and moves up the hill and is gone. Simple as that ! GONE!
      Ok change in game plans………….
      It’s 5 till dark. the hog is comfortably just munching away corn diving, Ya see there is 8 inches of water still in the pit all the corn is under water and he knows it. 2 till dark I see my shot, I draw, settle and release the arrow, it slams home as the hog bolts from the pit, but it’s 1/2 second too late.

      The hog charges through the woods, I can hear a huge commotion, like trouble running or something, I felt I had Snufferized him well, I heard the final pile up and thrashing then the woods fell silent, I heard ricks truck pull up along the ranch road and park, I gathered my stuff and didn’t even bother to unzip the blind I just tipped the blind over side ways to get out and grabbed the rest of my stuff, Remember the spiders? Yeah I did too.

      I met up with Arrowflicker on the walk out, I was shaking like a chihuahua passin a peach seed, I sat down and leaned up against a fence post as I told him the story what happened, as I calmed myself down, After a few minutes, we walked back in and made our way to the pit, the blood trail was wide and plenty on the other side, I had picked a spot low and as close to the armpit as I dared to get not wanting to hit bone.

      At 10 yrds I found the arrow tipped with the snuffer, all in tact and reusable ( I like that ) the trail was heavy and we made it about 20 yds when it suddenly went straight down hill, the hog had died on a roll and was at the bottom of some brush laying against a fallen branch.
      A few high fives and big smiles, I hooked my my hog drag, handed Rick my bow and started the down hill drag to the truck. Rick asked, “you want pictures?” Yep I replied, you got a camera with you? See I kinda figgered when I bring a camera along I don’t kill anything, if it stays at home I do. Oh well.

      We loaded the hog and headed back to the cave, where the camera was
      Here is the boar from last night.

      Nice size and but remember he is the smaller boar too

      Remember the post of the anatomy of the hogs vital area? Here’s what happens when you shoot them in the armpit. You Snufferize the heart

      One down and a couple more to go. Rick said these are not the big hogs he saw the other day, the others are way bigger than these guys………

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      Nice story and congrats on the nice hog. I want to know what the bigger ones look like… 😯

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      “Dan” wrote: 8) Nice!
      Snuffers? what happened to the “Rage”

      Not enough KE with a recurve. (guess I forgot to put in what I was using)

      The Rages are for deer on Lanai.(testing is complete)
      Snuffers have been in my quivers for almost 20 yrs.
      Compound recurve and longbow.

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      Nice job Mark! 😀

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      hunt n nurse

      Excellent!!! Glad to see the thumb is working well for ya!!!!! Great story as always!!!! That is a good size hog, hope you get to put the whammy on a couple of the bigger ones you and Rick have been seeing!!!!

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