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      I debated which bow to carry tonight. The hogs are at the ranch and riders have been seeing them all over the place. Then, I remembered how I got to be on this lucky piece of paradise, I control the numbers of hogs there. Or try to at least. After a quick shower, and getting dressed…
      I grabbed my bows,pack and camera (yeah,I’m gonna carry the camera this time to see if it’s good or bad luck). We shall see…

      For a Friday late afternoon there’s not many people at the ranch, I slowly drove through and was met by one of the ladies that work there. “Mark, there are hogs all over the place”, came the response as I slowed to a halt.They are at the creek, the field, the big and small riding field and by bamboo, they are everywhere in the past few days…

      I smiled and said I’ll do what I can, she smiled and waived as I drove away. I wish it was as easy as they think, riding up on a hog on a horse is a heck of a lot easier than stalking up on them. A hog knows a horse and rider is no threat, but a lone walking upright human…. means death………. and they know it !!

      I parked and put my pack on, I have a group of 3 and a larger group of 8 or 9 that are now comin in. I figger, a long second shot might be in order. I reluctantly grabbed the compound. As I made my way to the woods along the pasture, they have really torn the area up with the rooting.. BIG Time… Ok maybe I need to do some cage trapping to remove more than one or two. Oh well we’ll see.

      I stalked into the area, seeing more recent rooting activity got my heart to pumping. Would I see a single hog or a couple or a whole group…. yep I’m excited.
      Slowly I made my way to the blind, I tested the air with my powder….and Nothing…What? Yepper… the powder went straight up and almost straight down…….. Darn !!!
      This is not gonna be good. The scent will just be like a upside down mushroom cloud……. maybe the stands might be a better place to go?( the place have set up for huntn-nurse when she comes over)……….. no… the hogs are visiting here, after all,a picture is worth a thousand words……and according to the camera, the hogs are hitting here in the daytime at all hours.
      I walked around behind the blind and see that a large limb fell and caught the top of the zippered window and tore the fabric off like unzipping it, but it’s a tear that you can see right though the blind front to back…*^$#

      I stowed my gear and looking in my pack, in my “things Pouch” yeah, Uh Huh…. Like I got a couple of safety pins in there…. but I’ll may….be…. huh… sonofagun… two safety pins! Wonder where they came from? Miracles do happen.
      I make a quick repair and slip inside. I re-adjusted the bucket because I need to sit higher to clear the window with the compound. Longbow just fits nicely with a comfortable chair. I look at my watch 3:40 pm. They come in at all hours after 12 noon till dark:30………. now the wait begins…….. and wait…and wait… Ever notice how…a stick that falls out there somewhere,… is a hog?(or a deer pending where you live) Yeah…. you know… that kinda waiting.

      I touch up a couple of the BHs while I’m waitn… got nothing else to do.

      Then I hear something………was it……….maybe…….. Then I remembered…. I got the camera……… where is it…I frantically dig in the pack…oh here it is…..check out what I getta see….


      Oh Yeah …. But….. Don’t ya hate those buts? Seems like I have a couple of those in my story huh?…. He is walking back and forth….. not even coming close to the PIT…… He keeps watching the blind. I was worried he was seeing the huge red light on the front of my camera….. you know the one… the one that looks like a airport beacon !!! he does this for 2-3 minutes….

      Just then guess what he decides to do?………..


      And proceeds to stand right there for at least five minutes just picking up kernnels of corn…. not walking anywhere … Just standing there…. Ahhhhhh ….come on Hog…….. MOVE !!!

      Finally, he steps a few steps forward kinda turns………and stands there, looking directly at the blind…… Oh… I forgot to mention…. Head on !!!! Yepper…. looking directly at me… yep just lookin…. 3 hours, 27 minutes 54 seconds…… well seemed like it anyway… he stood there…

      I clipped on my released and was think about shooting him right in the pocket where the neck meets the shoulder and driving it through the heart from front to back……… Uhhhh… Nah… I Pride my myself being a bowhunter and having patience………..BUT this guy is wearing them purty dagon thin !!!!
      I lean back and look out the side window to see if any other hogs are coming in from the direction the trail camera showed… nope.. all clear…… as I look back……he’s standing broadside or slightly quartering. I come to draw, settled my nerves and pin……..


      Knowing it was only 5 O’clock, I drug him over to the edge of the trail and made my way back to the blind….. it’s still an Hour before dark, like I said in the video…Maybe two tonight if…I’m lucky……… we’ll see.

      I made my way back to the PIT, grabbed my arrow and slipped back inside, I used my water and cleaned the crimson covered arrow, touched the snuffer up (didn’t need much) and settled back in for the rest of the evenings hunt………. Well, guess the message got out that “Harry” had met the bowhunter at the PIT.
      Nothing else showed. I stayed till 6 :10, I could stayed later…but after all I do have one hog to butcher.

      The boar made it probably 40 yrds and died on a dead run (pardon the pun) I just love it when they run towards the truck to make my drag shorter.

      I loaded him up and headed home. I took a couple of pics at the house with the other camera, My camera completly died shortly after the last video. it won’t turn on or take pictures any more… ahhhh shucks……. maybe Santa will see it broke and bring me another one……….I doubt it, but who knows.

      I’m by myself so I did the best I could with the pics

      He even has the raised bristle razorback look to him

      Oh…… and just in case your wondering…… Yepp……

      Snufferized the heart !!!

      Thanks for coming along, when the numbers go down, I’ll which back to a traditional bow. but I was really hoping to get at least two tonight.
      I even had a brilliant idea…. and had the feeder remote taped to the handle so I could set the feeder off and use the noise to cover my shot, maybe taking two hogs……… know what they say….. about the best laid plans?

      Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas)

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      hunt n nurse

      Dang, makes me wish I could come right now!!!!!! Soon, tho!!!!! I got all things set!!!! How often can we hunt, Mark????I good for every day!!!!!

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      The Rav

      Thats cool. 8)

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      I sent you a PM. to give you a short and sweet answer

      Everyday !!

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      hunt n nurse

      BoooooYaaaaaaaa!!!!! 😀 😀

      Fresh pork and fresh pineapple!!!!! What could be better???? Oh yea, a good ole MaiTai to go with it!!!!!!

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      I’m sure we’ll get a couple days in the woods. Dole Pineapple closed it’s operation last year. So most of the pineapples will have to be flown in from Brazil imagine that.

      I returned your PM

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      hunt n nurse

      Now that is strange!!!!! No pineapples grown in Hawaii!!!!! For those that don’t know, Lanai was once owned by Mr. Dole and was a pineapple plantation. Now you can deer hunt there. Axis, I believe.

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      Yep the Island is owned by one guy now named Murdock(CEO from Dole pineapple) with the finacial backing of computer Guru Bill Gates.

      Murdock hates deer and deer hunters, he’s imposed a 600 yrd safety zone around all the hunting areas and if any violations happen he shuts the hunting down.

      The state leases 35,000 acres for the state hunt. A week earlier we could of made the archery season over there. Oh well next trip.


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      Congrats on the Boar Greywolf. 8)

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      u make me jealous greywolf congrats

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