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      Shawn Vanlandingham

      To summarize some mind-numbing scientific links I recently read, I came across this.

      Findings released (Jan/14) conclude that there is no absolute barrier to transmission to humans and that they are finding different strains and that is concerning. What WI has for CWD is different than what is seen in the Western states.

      Cross genetic mice tested in WI were also found to have been able to contract CWD plus CWD was also found in a few plant species last year. It only takes the right species for a disease to cross the molecular barrier and be dangerous to humans.

      A past study, led by Marcelo Barria from the Mitchell Center for Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Brain Disorders at the University of Texas and published in the March 2011 issue of the Journal of Biological Chemistry, showed that CWD prions in the laboratory can be manipulated over generations to change and become more infectious to humans.

      “Our findings lead to a new view that the species barrier should not be seen as a static process but rather a dynamic biological phenomenon that can change over time when prion strains mature and evolve,” the researchers concluded.

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      Just one add-on. The common deer tick is believed to be an aggressive transmitter of CWD. They can infect birds and mammals large or small.
      Looks like a potentially dangerous scenario for humans.
      Without overreacting, the tick will be impossible to eradicate, so use that anti tick stuff.

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