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    Shawn Vanlandingham

    I hope you enjoy the property tour!

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    Jarrod Erdody

    I did Shawn…really cool what you’re doing to the place. Can you describe more what you mean when you say you did “a lot of TSI (Timber Stand Improvement)”? Tree cutting mainly or what? Thanks!

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    Shawn Vanlandingham

    Glad you like it so far! I’m going to have an TSI article since I have some picture to go along with it but I’ll explain some since you asked.

    After learning a lot this past year from many deer biologist, I’ve had a paradigm shift at how I look at habitat. I used to be like many that thought if the timber looked thick from wherever I was standing, it was great habitat for deer.

    In reality that may or may not be true. What might appear to be thick really isn’t if you crouch down to the deer’s world which is in that 0-4ft range. Also, what is there in this range might be an invasive and/or something of little nutritional benefit to the deer. I’ve come to really look at TSI as more than logging because it really isn’t. Rather than having a timber harvest goal, my goal is: 1) To remove mature non-productive trees from the canopy (nothing was physically removed) that will open up the forest floor allowing sunlight to hit the ground. This will allow native browse to flourish in the 0-4ft range 2) Hinge cut trees or down trees to create and improve bedding areas 3) Remove invasive species 4) Allowing mast trees such as oaks to expand their canopy so they can increase production.

    You do not want to go in and do this for the first time haphazardly because there are specific method and timing to doing this properly. The last thing you want to do is improve your property and end up cutting it wrong wherein you destroy the bedding area, promote disease or give invasive species and opportunity to take over. Because of that, I felt more comfortable having an expert survey my place and do the work. Usually you can find a forester to do this, I just ended up hiring an environmental engineer at the rate of $45 per hour plus the cost of chemically treating unwanted trees. The bill I ran up this spring was right around $500.

    I did not have much for invasive species that to be treated so the chemical cost was pretty low for me. Most of what was used is where the large maples that were too tall to fall over without snagging up on other trees. When that happens, you can girdle cut the tree and treat the area around the roots. Over a few days to a few weeks, the tree will die off allowing sunlight to hit the forest floor.

    For those of you that are not familiar with hinge cutting, it is the practice of cutting most of the way through a tree (cut at a deer’s head height) and then pushing it over. Since the tree was not cut all the way through it will continue to live on and grow new shoot for one to several years. Depending how you design your cutting this can create a great canopy or back cover for bedding, great browse while allowing the vegetation to grow up where none existed before to make the spot even thicker.

    Both situations are going to allow the white oak on my property to expand their canopy so I should start seeing more hard mast in the years to come. I’ve also had a lot of blackberries and elderberries fill in where the sun hits the ground. Both are excellent sources cover in the 0-4ft range produce a lot of soft mast. Deer also really like to browse on the elderberry stems during the winter.

    My place now has the three basic requirement of food, water and cover met. The question now is for how many deer and for how much of this year are all three requirements available.

    I’ll show some pictures of the TSI work sometime in June. I’m not sure if I’ll show that before or after I say something in more detail about my food plots.

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    Jarrod Erdody

    more great info Shawn, thanks!

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    Lee Gatzke

    Good stuff. I look forward to your next report. 8)

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