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      Jarrod Erdody

      Hey everyone!! Well it’s that time of year again!! Time to start thinking about whacking pigs!! We’re planning our FOURTH annual Blood Brothers Outdoors Boar Hunt at Superior Game Ranch up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

      March 18-20, 2011

      Same place as always, Superior Game Ranch. We typically will arrive on a Friday evening, hunt Saturday all day. Watch videos and celebrate the days events Saturday night, then hunt as needed Sunday and head home Sunday afternoon or whenever.

      Here’s what to expect for expenses that weekend:

      New Pricing for 2011 – Kill ANY Boar You Want!: $600
      No worries about if a boar is too big. Jeff has simplified this and offers the best price anywhere for killing a PUREBRED Russian!

      Psss…anyone coming to hunt will have a chance to win a big discount on their hunt! Hint…Can you say Biggest Boar Contest??

      Other Expenses to Expect:
      – Tip for the guide (typically $40-$60)
      – One food item (we do a potluck that weekend at my brother’s house so I have each guy bring something to share)
      – Gas money to get ya there and back

      I need a $100 deposit from anyone going to hold your spot. Balance is due when you arrive and before we start hunting. Send your deposit to me at:

      Jarrod Erdody
      Blood Brothers Outdoors
      13331 Burchett Rd.
      Plainwell, MI 49080
      (make checks payable to Blood Brothers Outdoors)

      New Territory!
      Jeff has even more HUGE boars this year thanks to an expansion of his home farm. The ground we used to hunt behind his house (60 acres or so) has been expanded to 400 acres!!

      The More the Merrier
      We have room for as many guys as we can bring, so don’t worry about bringing too many!

      **CRITERIA**: No criteria gang, just plan on having a great time and hunt the way you want to hunt. We’ll have cameramen available for some but filming will not be required.

      Here’s a list of those currently committed to going:

      – Jarrod
      – Lee

      (contact Jarrod if you’re coming and your name isn’t here yet!)

      Here’s a video trailer of our 2007 hunt:

      That’ll do it…it’s going to be a blast! Bow or gun, or knife or spear…choice is yours!


      2009 Pics:
      Alf the earless sow

      Jarrod’s Pig

      Eric’s Pig

      2008 Results:

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      great pics and videos from previous years guys. have a great time.

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      Robert Richer

      Hey I am interested!

      I am just waiting to see how production and safety audits are processing and will have a definate answer within a few days..

      What all do we need to bring other than what was listed?

      Do we ride share, I have a Tahoe with plenty of room and live in Hales Corners Wis…?

      Is there a list of items that are needed such as sleeping bags, etc..?

      Also, what about butchering and taxidermy?

      Maybe I am way too ahead of myself, kinda excited….

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      Lee Gatzke

      Items to bring should include a sleeping bag, some kind of dish to pass, warm clothes and snow shoes may come in handy. Car pooling is a good idea depending on where guys live.

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      Jarrod Erdody

      Taxidermy and butchering is not included, but either Lee or I could help you out if you’re interested in having a boar mounted. As for processing, Jeff has a location up there that you can use while you’re up there. In the past, most of us have taken ours home and had them processed locally. Choice is yours, just be sure to bring a tarp or whatever you need to get it home 😀 Look forward to havin’ ya Richard!

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      Robert Richer

      I’m still putting together scheduling for safety and production so that I could possibly go on this trip. I also have a friend of mine that is interested in coming.

      What is the latest I can can get back to you?

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      Jarrod Erdody

      2 weeks prior to the trip would be the latest I can cancel it if no one can make it. I don’t want to leave it on Jeff’s books if we can’t do it. I’ve got 3 others that are strong possibilities so that would make a great group of 7 of us if it works out…and we can fit a lot more than that…there are LOTS of big pigs and LOTS of land! Once we for sure have guys committed, then you could let me know even the day before if you can make it, but we’re still on the fence at this point of going so I’d like to get some commitments from some guys soon so we can for sure plan on this…it’s a blast and the pork is excellent!


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      Robert Richer

      Thank you fopr being patience.

      I appreciate all your efforts.

      Have a great day.

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