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      Jarrod Erdody

      Hey Everyone,

      We’ve been feverishly working towards releasing our next video and we’re close! One thing that’s truly been a blessing with our first two releases have been all the great testimonials we’ve received from you guys about how your success has improved because of them. I’d like to use a couple of these in our new video, so if you have had some success that you would like to attribute at least in part to the information you’ve gained from either of our videos, please post it here. Pictures of any bucks killed would be even better! Thanks again for all your support.

      Jarrod and crew

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      Jarrod Erdody

      I also will add that we’ll send a free video to the best testimonials we receive 8)

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      “If you want to learn how to out smart a big buck on flat ground, swamps, hill country, and beyond, you have to come to the right place”. Nextbuk will give you the right tools to harvest any deer in the woods, including the BIG ONES!

      Hows that? It is all true guys. You really have put together quality educational materials that give hunters the tricks of the trade to take does if they so desire and to hunt bucks, which are totally different animals in some sense. Keep up the great work.

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      Hill country bucks is by far the most informative dvd out there about hunting big bucks in hill country. Everything they say makes perfect sense as far as why bucks bed where they do and how they use the wind and thermals. Best dvd I have seen in a long time!

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      I used the information I learned in the “Hill Country” DVD to re-evalute how I hunt and scout the areas I hunt in. With the information that I learned from the DVD, I scouted my properties and came up with game plans for tree stand placement. I hung a stand and the first time I sat in it I was able to harvest my biggest buck to date. I feel like I would have not been able to harvest this deer without the information I learned from NextBuck and their “Hill Country” DVD.

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      I just watched all 3 videos. I am an old school guy, 62years young, who learned to hunt, by follwing Rothar, Fratzke, Rompolo, Keller to name a few. I have seen alot of videos, thru the year. Other than Eastman Bowhunting, most TV hunting is crap. Your videos are the best I have seen in along time. They are very good. I learned alot from them. I liked Hill Country and Marsh Bucks the best. The guy with long hair, knew what he was talking about. Farm Country was okay, but I think it was still focused too much on the hunt. After the excellent interview, with the taxidermist from Michigan, my copy of the DVD was scrambled, and never got to see that Washington Buck..

      Its great for me, since I now have some hunters I can relate too. The burn in my belly is just as hot as when I started. I mostly hunt solo, and carry very little junk. I believe at all times in thermals and being as quiet as possible. I dont rely on gimmicks or fads, still wear mostly wool and plaids, and always believed, it was not so much as how you hunt, but where you hunt….

      Keep up the good work. I have some tips to add, but I think this is mostly a young mans forum, so I will just read and learn…..
      best in field

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      Jarrod Erdody

      Hey Whitetailer+1 and welcome! Thanks for the input. We have guys of all ages here and would welcome your tips and input. Thanks again,

      Oh, and please send me an email or private message with your name and order info and I’ll see you get a replacement DVD for the messed up one.

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