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      5 am rolled around wayyyy to early. I drug myself out of bed and readied for work. as I walked out the door Alpha Female ask, “Are you going huntin tonight”?
      Yepp gonna try depends how tired I am, we are pouring 12+ yds of concrete today. With that I climbed the stairs to the driveway, which (I think someone added 3-4 more steps while I was sleeping)
      The day went better than expected, how can it be better? maybe not having to do the concrete finishing………yep that’s exactly what happened.
      They hired the owners brother to do the finishing….oh what a day !!!!

      I spent the day chasing the “need to finish this or that” projects and before ya know it….. it’s 1 pm and the boss says put down 8 hrs and have a good weekend……..See ya !!!!!!

      On the drive home I called a friend of mine who lives on the other side of the island near the ranch, Hows the weather I ask? some clouds…but no rain at all.

      Guess who’s huntin tonight? The drive was just like normal except for Friday traffic was a bit heavier, but I survived. I picked up some take out for supper and arrived at the cave with a smile !!

      After all I’m goin huntin !!!

      I called Arrowflicker to see if he was goin to hunt and see where or what he wanted to do, or if he was huntin at all…………

      He talked for a while and had our battle plan all layed out, I’d hunt the stands and he wanted the pit to see if the big hogs that busted him was still in the area. I got all my stuff ready and… got me ready to have the best start of a weekend anyone could have, I was goin huntin !!!!

      We met at the ranch at 5 like we had planned, rick went his way and I went mine. this evenin was goin to be experimental for me. I had traded for a pair of scentlok coverall and was wanting to see if they really did work. I pulled the suit from the bag and sprayed it with the scent killer spray, sprayed myself and got dressed. A short walk found me looking up at seat of the taller of the two stands. I turned to look at how far the feeder was from my stand 12-14 yds? I climbed the ladder and brushed off the leaves and junk off the seat.
      I snapped my pack on the tree and hung my Greywolf quiver and sat down and looked over the area. I reached over and grabbed the Arrow Dynamic arrow sent from Hooked, tipped with the broadheads from eddie c.

      I spun the arrow for straight and it spun beautifully, love to see that “Spin of death” I snapped the arrow on the dark Angels string, I smiled at how it slipped on the serving and firmly stayed in place.
      I scooted to position myself for the best angle for a possible shot at…………………..WHOA, there’s 3 hogs walkin into the area from the opposite side, out of the Hau tangle. Nothing huge but solid hogs all three of them. A black smaller boar a tan with black spots and a tan sow that needs a little more time to get bigger. the Tan with spots is the largest hog……….. now do I wait to see if something else might come in or do I………… Oh whats that noise? ….
      I look over the left side of the of the ladderstand and here’s a bigger black hog walkin along the trail towards the feeder… he or she is bigger !!! Ok this one will do nicely !!! the hog walks up, stops… looks… and turned to walk right in front of my ladder to approach the feeder, it stops at the bottom of tha ladder …smells the ladder step and WHAM…. it was just like something slapped the hog on the nose. it ran back the same way it came, it must of smelled my scent on the ladder, I had forgot to spray my boots !!!! DARN !!! Oh well, I got 3 hogs left.

      They didn’t appear to be overly spooky so maybe the scentlok works ? they were moving and changing positions every 2-3 seconds. making a shot next to impossible. I sat patiently as I could, heart pounding in my ears, breathin slowly as I could control it.

      The Tan spotted hog finally got razzed by the black hog and it moved to the far side of the feeder, and looked like it was fed up(no pun intended) and ready to leave, it walked over the the trail and stopped at a severe quartering away angle, If I could hit that black spot right there on the side the arrow would pass through both lungs and come out between the far shoulder and the neck. I stared at the spot and raised my bow in a smooth fluid motion, I guess I got to full draw, hit my anchor point and I suddenly saw the black spot explode into a big red spot.. BINGO dead on the money !!

      At the impact, all the hogs exploded into a mass mess of confusion, my hog spun a full 360 degree circle into the weeds,(twice) and tried to run for the trail, with arrow stick out in front, it must of kept getting tangled in the weeds as it tried to run, at 15 yds it ran sideways into a limb of the Hau and fell over, a few more kicks and the woods fell silent. The Dark Angel once again did what it was designed to do.

      I dug for my phone and called arrowflicker, his ph was turned to silent and I left him a message “Rick, killed a hog, meet ya at your truck when your done, I love these 9 minute hunts, see ya at the truck” I hung up the phone and stood silently just looking over the area. I smiled, gave a few words of thanks. What a night, everything went perfect.
      I climbed down and walked over to where the hog lay. Nice solid clean sow. The area was covered with evidence of a well placed Closed sign.
      I opened my pack to get my camera, when the realization hit… it’s in the desk draw of the computer desk…….. oh well, such is life.
      I slipped the hog drag on the upper jaw and cinched it tight, and started pulling my prize back to the truck.
      I love it when a day goes as well as this one did from start to finish.

      After meeting up with Arrowflicker, I told him, the story and he also had a encounters with a couple of huge hogs…. some close to #200 and the other smaller one at about #130 -#140 and a #100+ hog right at dark

      Guess the hogs are back,……. just in time.

      Here is a picture of my hog, Sorry it’s not in a woods setting, but I had to get back to the house where the camera was.

      Oh……. and you guys remember the knife I made, well well…. now is the perfect time to try it out.

      Oh yeah, Thanks Chip for the AD arrows, sorry.. but I broke one… I don’t mind……. when they go for a good cause like this.

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      Good story and congrats on a nice hog Greywolf couldn’t think of a better way to break in that knife. 😉

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      hunt n nurse

      Great story!!!!!! I felt like I was right there with ya!!!!! Glad you had such a great hunt!!!! Short, but great!!!!!

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