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      when they just walked straight in to the Pit. Just 30 minutes before,I had busted them (or they busted me….) and two of them just wondered off and made there way up the hill. the bigger one was laying right on the trail close to the Platform. I’m not really sure…. who scared who…. the worst !!!
      But it went thata way…. and I… one mighty slick jump… I was standing on the platform. Not to shabby for a old guy I must say.

      I put the Bloody Ugly longbow against the tree and readied for a long quiet evening. I hit the remote just make them think I was messing with the feeder and then walked back out the way I came in. (maybe they were watchin me) I stalked back in using the side trail and got back on the platform and nocked an arrow and repositioned my bucket for a long…. short sit. I had maybe 45 minutes to an hour of decent light left.

      All I had to do was wait……… bout 20 till dark, they walked straight in like nothing had happened…. Like on a straight walkin path… right past the Condo and walked into the Pit and became statues eating corn…Well ….they’d move a little but nothing for me… and you know that feeling….. the one that screams in your brain…. NOOOOO, You wanted to SIT HERE instead of the condo with the perfect wind and a BROADSIDE OPPORTUNITY !!!

      I shifted my rear to fit the uncomfortable square feed buckets… the camera was on and the light gathering button was clicked to the highest setting getting the most light it could. Then with no rhyme or reason they just turned around and walked the hell right outa there….. never even stopping to look back… Just left and me just sittin there wondering what just happened………..

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      hunt n nurse

      Who knows what’s in the minds of piggies!!! But I would like to shoot the spotted one!!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      That’s bowhunting for ya.

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