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      So I grabbed my gear and headed out to the ranch. Most of you are aware my wife’s cancer surgery last week with more surgery on this Tuesday and all the events with that. I just needed to have some me time. little before 5pm I climbing into the first floor of the condo. The top floor needs a 14 foot ladder to get up there. Besides with my luck I’d probably fall my silly butt off anyway.

      I swept the leaves and sticks off the floor and stowed my gear, To tell ya the truth, I really didn’t care if I saw anything or not. I nocked an arrow and laid the bow along the edge with the business end pointing out the front. I dug for the remote to set the world into motion. I pushed the button…… nothing…Once again…. nothing…Hmmmm. The rechargable battery is 2 weeks old and I just put the solar trickle charger on last week… whats up with that?
      I guess I’ll have to spread my scent all over just to check and see if the feeder is jambed… I climb out, made a sneak approach to the feeder and flicked the spinner plate….. it spun freely…What? so I hit the remote again, being 10 inches away should work…… Nothing……..WHAT? Oh great now I gotta really check this out something isn’t right, it worked great last week. I opened the cover and nothing…. no digital clock display…. no test light on …nothing.

      I pushed the test button…. it’s usually bout this time the feeder springs to life…. pelting me with kernnels and at close range that don’t feel good….. Nothing.

      I let out a sigh and knew what was going to happen next…… I left the pit and started the 200 yrd hike back to the truck…. Little less than half way….. I had a scary thought?…Do I even have another battery? yes….No…. wait in the the well under the seat? yes….no… awe-dang-it this is gonna really tick me if I walk all the way back for nothing….. Once back at the truck, I smiled when I looking to the well…Not only one battery but 2 of them……..Oh wait… One is almost dead and the other is ok….. which is which? Grrrr….I stood looking at both and decided……on Both.
      As I walked back… I had this vision of a hog standing in the pit, broadside and me not being able to get back to my bow and……….STOP IT !!! there isn’t going to be a hog there !

      I stalked back into the area.. whew.. no hogs…. probably wasn’t going to be any either with my luck.

      I wrapped the wires of the charger around the small panel and changed the battery. I smiled when I saw the digital clock come on when I clipped the black alligator clip on the spring. I set the clock and put the cover back on, I walked a few steps away and hit the remote, the feeder started spinning, but not with life of a new battery, I chose the half dead one…… But then again you knew I would…HUH?

      I glanced at my clock on the cell phone 5:23 oh great the feeder is set to go off at 5:30 and 6:00, I stopped and looked at the pit, the mud had been dry for some time, and the sign was hard to read, Oh well, I just wanted to get away anyway.

      I sat through both scheduled feedings, nothing showed, I’m glad I brought my armless folding chair at least the sit was comfortable. I glanced at my phone, 6:13…. I sat back and zoned out… next glance…6:33… Ok, I’ll start rolling it up at 6:35……. I took the arrow off the string and put the bow along the edge……6:40….. Ok, it’s starting to get shades of fading light….. I folded the chair and put it in the stuff sack….. I stood to stretch my legs and looked out and around the area….. Nothing…. see told ya so….. even if I had of wanted to…… Oh wait there’s something right there on the hillside….. I focused my attention to that area…. a grey hog with black spots…. I reach down and hit the remote. if the feeder has been off for a while it wouldn’t be in a big rush to get to the Pit…. the feeder scattered corn, the hog looked towards the feeder and started down hill…… Ok…. now what? ok….in my head I said…. Ok.. if it’s over 70 ..no #80.. I might shoot it….if… it comes in… the hog made a wide circle and walked to the edge of the pit and stood still, it was blocked by the trees But I knew she was there…..

      Ok…if.. it walks into the pit and stands broadside…I might shoot it ….if…. it offers a good angle…. the my next look… the hog was standing broadside in the PIT….Hmmmmm.. Ok.. If…. the hog turns slightly quartering away I might take the shot……. the hog takes two steps and now has one of the black spots dead in line with the spot to the heart and at the leg on the other side…. Oh. shoot I guess I have to take the shot…… OH JEZZZZZ, My bow is laying on the edge of the platform… I forgotten to pick it up… where is my head?… (zoned out I guess) I slowly bent down and grabbed the tip and pulled it to me, I nocked an arrow and looked beside the tree, almost….if…. the leg would be forward instead of covering the vital area I’d shoot it………I just finished that thought when the hog stepped forward and look away toward the hill at another hog coming down the hill…….. Is this my night or what?

      I focused on the black spot perfectly in line with the heart, and then I heard the hog scream and lunge forward, from my angle and height from the hog this is what I saw…

      Here is my hit “spot”

      I leaned forward to watch the hog bolt out of the pit, up 10 yrds and turn uphill, it was hauling buggy, showing no signs of being hit (who said they don’t run up hill when mortally wounded) at full tilt the hog faltered and slammed into the base of the big tree at the “Y’ of two trails leading to the pit, she hit with such force that alone should of killed her, she rolled back down the hill bout 10-15 feet.. regained her feet and headed back up hill, within a couple of feet, she was tripping sideways and having trouble running. She flipped sideways and tumbled back down the trial she had walked down earlier. She was making all sorts of noise trying to get back to her feet, but it wasn’t to be, but the time her pinball action was over…. she was again at the base of the hill. the shot was 10 yrds and 50 yrds later she lay, just 12 yds from where I shot her.

      She tried to make it towards the truck, but bottom of the hill is ok with me too.

      I slipped the hog Drag on her snout and gathered my stuff and started the 150 yd drag back to the road, she got heavier with each step. Yes, it has been a long week, and due to get longer when I get back to the house.

      Here is my hit spot…… Kinda nice when you have a spot to shoot at….

      The exit side..

      She was a nice solid hog too, tipped the scales at #96ish maybe #97

      It did make me realize.. this was my hog….. all the “Ifs” happened just as I ask if they would.

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      hunt n nurse

      Now that is gettin’ some “Me time”!!!!!!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      I guess this one was meant to be. Good shot.

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      i envy all this hog killing you do my man, nice kill

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