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    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Great job!! For your first DVD
    I enjoyed how you broke it down into segments then put it all together. The use of the arial map and how you looked for the little out of the way spots is very helpful.
    Ok now start on the next one!! This is my first Hunting DVD and if you guys keep doing them this way it wont be my last one I would buy from you.

    GREAT JOB GUYS!!! can wait to put some of this knowllege to use.


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    I admit, I was somewhat pestimistic….I usually don’t buy hunting videos cause I got sick of the “advertisement” videos.

    Production = A+
    Information = A+
    Video = A
    “Actors” = B- (slightly homely..)

    wish I had some of this info 15 yeqars ago

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    Got mine and enjoyed what I got to watch it was late and will finish today! Great Job guys!

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    Mike K

    Got mine yesterday. Just started watching it and my dvd player stopped working. Good thing my wife was christmas shopping had a new player in a hour and started watching it. All I can say is that it its a great movie. Now I understand a ton more on how to get in there and look around. While I was watching it I was thinking of how I would use it where I hunt. Now all I have to do is get out there and start applying what I learned. Thanks guys for the great dvd I will be buying more when they come out.

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    First of all I would like to say, that was by FAR the most informative video I have ever seen. I can tell you if those tactics are applied consistently and c orrectly, you will have a great chance of killing those slobs year after year. I really can’t think of what I would change about the video. The small segment on seeing how a “stressed whitetail” reacts was something I never thought of. And believe me, in Michigan this is mostly the case. I consider myself very successful in hunting pressured bucks in Michigan and I have shot numerous mature bucks here. I have learned from this video, so I know the new hunters or some that are trying to kill big bucks should benefit greatly. If you took a person that never hunted whitetail before and they watched this video, it may give them knowledge that took me 20+ years to learn. Don’t get me wrong, they will still need to go out and make mistakes themselves, but what a beginning edge!!!! great great great. Jarod, Dan and Lee, I think you guys are on to something big. Thank You


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    I just got mine yesturday. I had an idea of what to look for just by you guys talking on the forum, but it’s nice to see what the bedding cover actually looks like and relate it to the places I hunt.

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    Fella’s, AWESOME job with the video. Congratulations on a lot of hard work and a super result because of it. I curled up on the couch last night with a cold Mt. Dew and watched it on the big flat-screen.

    I think you did a great job of conveying the particulars of your big buck strategies. My first thought when I see someone who consistently scores on nice deer isn’t to try to find where his “magic property” is, but rather how he or she hunted and what tactics they used. You guys have definitely set yourself apart from the pack as far as offering an education oriented dvd with some substance to it! I know that future productions will only improve on that.

    I especially liked the discussion on bedding areas, and Dan finding the specific buck bed and how he would hunt it. The overall focus on hard work, finding multiple spots, and being aggressive was great. But again, it is the specific examples that make this dvd different.

    They should be showing this at the local cinema!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

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    I got mine yesterday but didn’t get home til about 11. I was planning to bowhunt this morning and get up at about 4 to head out so I fast forwarded it through some parts that I knew wouldnt apply today and i watched Dans hunt, andrae’s hunt, and the actual scouting scenario in the field. So far I like what I see but I have to sit down and watch the whole thing. So far I am really happy and I definately like the fact that in every segment you don’t say something along the lines of “You need to find the bedding areas out in the marsh, and makes sure you are wearing you Hunter’s Specialties Scent Killer and you SCENT LOK suit along with your LaCrosse boots and make sure your wearing Under Armour” thats VERY refreshing

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    Got mine and watched it… Great video done buy a group of real hardcore hunters. Probably the single best video I’ve ever seen on dedicated scouting and aggressive hunting approaches.

    If you buy this video hoping to see an entertaining compilation of kills caught on tape, you will be disappointed. That’s NOT what this video is all about. If that’s what you want there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’d be better served to go pick up the latest two volumes of Realtree Monster Bucks. Don’t get me wrong — I really enjoy Michael Waddell and the others during times when I’m thinking about hunting but can’t be in the woods. But if you want a video that is going to teach you something that will make you better at what you are do while you are actually IN the woods, then order this video from the Blood Brothers.

    The thing is, the time to watch this video is right NOW for anyone that wants to learn from it… The tactics begin with the fresh snowfalls and natural late season patterns that are now being restored with the chaos of gun season fading. There is no better time than NOW to begin looking for the buck you want to kill next year, and this video is a perfect tool for learning tactics to find where he beds, where he travels, and where you can intercept and kill him. Find his tracks, find his travel routes, find his sheds, get his picture on the trail cam, find your stand spots and entrance routes that account for various conditions, shine him where he feeds as he grows his antlers, etc.

    Outstanding video about how to get YOUR buck, rather than a compilation of 4 minute segments bragging about and showing off the bucks that these guys killed…

    If you are brand new to hunting, this video will help, but understand that you have a lot of learning to do starting at the ground floor. If you are a seasoned hunter, this video will still teach you something that you didn’t think of or realize before.

    If you’re a hardcore whitetail hunter, this video is well worth the $20 to further fuel your arsenal of instincts and tactics. It also provides plenty of important steps that should keep us all busy during the off season waiting for the first hunt next year… Very inspiring!

    Ice fish, shoot a 3d league to keep my skills sharp, and begin scouting for my buck next year using the tactics featured on this video — that’s my plan!

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    hunt n nurse

    I just finished baking a ham this morning and then making a pumpkin pie, but, before that, I watched the video we’ve all been waiting for. What an outstanding video this is. So informative, with good camera angles and panning to show exactly what you were talking about. Talk about putting us right there with you to see what you see and look for. Just fabulous!!! Jarrod, Dan and Lee thank you for your selfless, exceptional effort to help new hunters, old hunters, public and private hunters as well as wanna-be hunters. What a great gift to us. Thank you and Merry Christmas to each and every one of you who read this.

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    I just finished this video and must admit that the $20 price tag had me a bit leary. $20 will buy subscriptions to my 2 favorite hunting magazines. I went ahead and figured I’d spend $20 in 2 weeks on cokes. I’m glad I did, I was pleasantly impressed. The guys are honest and if all you want to see is big deer after big deer get shot then you need to shop else where. If you want a lifetime of experience bowhunting giant public land whitetails jammed in to 2.5 hours of hardcore bow hunting educational, informational and entertaining video then this is your one stop shop. I was blown away by some of the statements at first, but the more I watched the more it came together. These guys approach hunting big deer unlike I’ve ever heard and it works! They sure know where to find big deer and how to get CLOSE. I had never heard of hunting close to a bedded buck in the evenng. These guys consistently get in their bedroom or atleast scary close and tell you how to do the same thing. I really enjoyed the information on post season scouting and will definately try to put it to use. Oh, back to those magazine subs, I realized those magazines print the same crap in different forms month after month. I can’t remember the last time I learned some ground breaking technique from one of the “pro’s”. These guys are different and they show you how to be different step by step so that you can avoid the public land crowds and hunt the big deer where they live. The video is aimed at hunting marshes in WI, but parts can be applied to any property, private or public. More videos like this need to be produced to get hunting TV and videos back to the educational format the began as. After watching the DVD and realizing it was NOT a 2.5 hour long infomercial with sponsor after sponsor jammed down your throat, I realized I’d much rather spend $20 for 1 information packed dvd than $10 for an extra long commercial.

    Thanks guys, I really enjoyed it.

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    got it on christmas eve i was prob more excited for that than anything else πŸ˜†

    Great video guys.. i learned alot in that lil time of watching the dvd than i have leaned in my 5 years hunting.. i have some spots on my uncles land now that i have been overlooking because its just too nasty trying to get in and i have a couple great ideas from u of where i could find some bucks and as soon as the snow melts in the spring u can bet i will be out in the muck trying to find the islands and setting up on hopefully a buck.. again great movie i give u guys props..

    Ricky (vermonthunter16)

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    VERY INFORMATIVE! Good discussions. I took a way some good info. I have read a lot of what said no the video in our forum discussions but I learned some new info too.

    Heres what I like best:
    The camera angles in the bedding area
    The aeriel pictures of the swamp with the trails, bedding area and feeding areas highlighted on it.
    The interview with Andre

    I will watch it again and take notes this time! I’m also going to tell my buddies to buy a copy for themselves!

    I have a swamp to scout!

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    It is an awesome video, you guys did a great job of not just talking about how to kill big or just showing it, but showing all the work that goes into it. You showed it from start to finish (post season scouting, summer, to in season). I liked how you had different segments that talked about different aspects, times of year, & tactics. This was truly a great video that was well thought out and put together, it surely didn’t just happen you were very intentional about taking us along through the process. Although I don’t reallly have any swamps to currenly hunt, it made me want to go find some, I also know so much of the information I gained can be applied to other situations in the field. I can’t wait till you come out with more DVD’s about hunting more types of terrain.

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    A couple things I thought were intersting. Summer shining. I never really thought of it as being that important, but now I see how you can spot a deer in one field early, then another later, and put the whole thing together. Also when they show up an hour later they’re feeding on something in the woods… I never thought it could be so useful.

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    Excellent video, well worth the $20 tag. The production is fantastic, the buck profiles and stories are great, and the down to earth approach is refreshing. I loved the way Dan found that overlooked bedding area, showed you to really pay attention to hunters travel routes. I’ve always considered other hunter pressure and their habits, but really never made a huge effort to pay attention to what I may be missing along the way.

    Well done and congratulations men, you have created what should eventually be a boxed set of dvds.

    Thanks for your efforts.

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    Excellent video. I agree with everyone’s reviews here…good good good!

    Not getting too high in the trees in certain circumstances is an awesome tip.

    I especially liked the format (whatever you’d call it) where this video played non-stop from the beginning to the end, without having the chapters or the need to hit ‘play’ between the chapters. Nice job guys.

    The ONLY thing that would have made it better IMO would be like 20 minutes of doing nothing other than ripping on the WDNR. Maybe next time. πŸ˜† Just a thought for your next video. 8) Hell, make a 2 hour video of calling out the lying DNR bastages….I’d buy that video. πŸ˜†

    Keep up the good work guys!

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    Awesome Video! Best I’ve seen since October Whitetails!!! πŸ˜€

    One question though…what is “Piblic Land” ??? πŸ˜•

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    This really sucks, thus far no one has said anything negative. I’ll have to spend some of my moth eaten money now. πŸ˜‰ Too bad for you Dan.

    Wish I had bought it a couple weeks ago, been home sick for the past week and sure could’ve used some new videos to watch.

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    I ordered your dvd on Wednesday (late afternoon) 12-19-07 and received it 2 days later on that Friday! Prompt customer service, way to go….

    I met Dan a few years back at the MN Deer Classic, talking briefly with him and along with reading your intro/context of the dvd on your web site is what sold me into purchasing. After watching it, I knew it was money well spent. WIth alot of the private farms and larger tracks of private land being broken up and sold, a person is being forced to hunt more of the public and paper company lands…..with that, I have been changing the way I hunt in many different ways. This informational video was just the boost I needed to realize that I need to be patient and continue to change my hunting methods and to not get stuck into sitting stands just to be out there. My hats off to you…

    This dvd is another tool I will be using to change my scouting habits and to implement some of the tactics to the areas I hunt. Are bedding areas are mainly slashings (even the does for the most part), and what I have discovered lately, small tamarack swamps. After bowseason closes, I am looking foreword to getting back on the big tracks we found and hunted during muzzle loader season, and finding their hideouts.

    I did like the way you showed a few down to earth, no frills, not bought, hunts!!!!!!

    Have a great new year.

    Brush Wolf

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    Blood Brothers Outdoors

    First off let me say great job on the video. I’ve been bow hunting for 28 years and this is the first time I have bought a video teaching how to hunt and not showing the results and what products they used or products that sponsor them. I started hunting at age 13 and dad would drive me up to the Tomah WI area because that’s where family had land to hunt. When I turned 16 and could drive I started hunting S.E. WI public land because I had to work and didn’t have much vacation. I got great at it because I was young and had time to put into it but time moved on and I moved back up north. For the last 13 years I have had plenty of vacation and most of my hunting has been back up in the Tomah area. Just the last year or two I have been thinking of doing some hunting back down here because of the travel time and life chores adding up. Thus the reason I got the video. I was going to give a review but I think I’ll post what I liked about the video and what I think would be nice to add in the next one.

    Good points
    Your video reminded me of some of the hunting lessons I had learned and forgot being I was hunting dry land and not wet land. It is amazing how similar the bucks are in both areas holding on to that small lump of land no one thinks of…
    The parts with Jamie were great they reminded me of my dad teaching me about hunting. You should have more of that in the next videos. We all learn from our dads and never forget!
    I liked how you showed how you used TerraServer maps because a lot of people don’t know about them.
    I also liked how you talked about the fingers coming into the marshes and to concentrate on them.

    Nice for the next one

    Where do you get information on public land… maps ect.
    What TerraServer’s do you use?
    I would love to see a video on the history of hunting one buck from start to finish! Everything from TerraServer to getting maps to scouting to hunting to the kill. It’s a lot to ask for but from this video I can see you’re the group to do it.

    Again your video was a breath of fresh air that has been needed for a long time and I hope it continues and grows into a great collection.

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    Oh and Dan….
    Long hair, short hair, long hair, short hair… dam πŸ˜†

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    great show!! Holy short hair Dan…wasn’t sure that was you!!!!

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    AC Rider

    Just finished watching the video guys – totally supurb! It surely is a diffent kind of animal that stands apart from all the others. Even if you don’t have swamps near your area many of the idea’s can be applied to any terrain.

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    BTW…Greg wants to know why you are giving up all your secrects? πŸ˜†

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    Justed watched the video the other night. While any seasoned hunter can find great information in this video, the common guy really needs to get this video. No private land to hunt? Can’t afford a lease? Stuck on miserable over hunted public land with no deer? IF your willing to work for it, my friend, you can find some good hunting on public land! Great video guys. Some great ideas that will work on any type of ground.

    Here is what I liked.
    The footage scouting the public land was great. From the parking area to the bucks bed was priceless. Anyone can learn something from that.
    The emphasis on scouting was great.
    I loved how you guys stressed that this was not easy! Most videos make it look easier than it is.
    Andrae was great
    For your first video it was fantastic.

    Here is what I noticed..
    Keep in mind the video was great and I only offer my opinion because I would want yours if it was my video.
    It was a little choppy. There were a lot of segments that were very short.
    You guys said “a lot of times” about 500 times! I was laughing with you thinking of how many times I would have said “um”.
    I think a short profile for each of you would have been great. Trophies, past accomplishments etc.

    I loved it and can’t wait for the next one. I really wanted to see more!
    Congrats you guys!

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    Robert Richer

    Morning to all,

    Dan,Jarrod and Lee happy New Year!…

    Great job on the video, good job with the camera(behind the scenes guys) work as well. Good example my experience where this works; I hunted Minong in upper Wisconsin a couple years ago where there was the same type of land(scenario) that you hunted in the video. I did some of the techniques stated in your video, (from swamp)found trails leading into / onto a high ground where found source were. Hiked from food source back to an island or near to and set up with a climber, unfortunately not a lone wolf πŸ˜₯ . That year I harvested a 156″ 9 pointer after 2 days of stand sitting, your ideas and applications are right on. I need to do more of this type hunting especially around Waukesha, south-western area…..with little time and close areas to hunt around here this is the ticket for success. Right now I hunt in transisition areas in hardwoods, crop fields, etc….
    I will definately put this one into my library type video shelve for future reference, not just a normal video. Interesting and unique interview with Lone wolf and your (his) break down of areas to study or accomplish prior to setting up on a trophy deer.

    I will be doing scouting in Readstown(rolling hills) this coming week-end and preparing for turkey hunting this spring later on in the beginning of year. There is plenty of snow to do some good scouting. Although there isnt to say marshes in my area but there is definately food sources and(low spots) bedding areas that I can apply the tactics in this video to. That said, I noticed this is VOLUME # 1, when can we expect to see VOLUME #2? Ok lets enjoy and wear the heck out of this one firts… πŸ˜†

    Great job to everyone who participated, planned and lived this video……one thing negative…I wasnt in it!
    Be safe and we still have 1 more week to put vension in the freezer… πŸ˜†

    Thanks blood brothers for a great forum and to Lee, Dan and Jarrod.

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    Guys finally got my dvd (thanks Jarrod) and watched it from start to finish. Excellent job all of you. I can see why it took awhile to complete. Real professional looking as far as segmenting parts, music, fading from one scene to another. I liked the part where that buck Dan shot was walking thru the woods and then the faint outline of Dan was there in the scene drawing his bow. Absolutely professional looking. Give yourself a pat on the back guys.

    I had an idea of what to expect since I have talked to Dan, Lee and Jarrod times before and from being on this website. You guys answered probably 80% of my questions.

    Things I liked:

    1. The map showing what the area looks like
    2. Dan walking the area and seeing what the area looks like
    3. Finding the bedding area and how Dan reconized it
    4. Dan in the bedding area next to the road and explaining about the routes in & out

    I have miles upon miles of public swamp like this minutes from my home. I will be tracking miles and miles this winter now that things are froze.

    Things to make it better:

    I would have liked to see Dan hunt that specific area by the road. Just putting all of the pieces together. I think someone else said show us a hunt from start to finish. Show us finding a slob buck(how you found him), scouting in the off-season finding his beds, spring scouting his area, summer scouting his area, shining his area at night, getting into his area to kill him in the fall or at least seeing him. Just putting it all together.

    All in all guys I think the video was great. That is by far the most informative video I have ever seen and I have seen numerous.

    OK so when does Volume 2 come out. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰

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    hunt n nurse

    Looks like you guys have started something. Greg Miller is starting a new show called InpursuitTv and it appears it’s going to be similar to the Bloodbros video concept:
    Here’s a quote from someone from the Kisky site about it:
    I” got to spend time with Twisted Pair Post, the people responsible for creating the show and Ken Kemper (one of the owners) the man, the myth and the legend showed me the opener for the show and I tell you the work and ideas they have incorporated into this show are unreal. Greg will have detailed maps that Ken creates to show in life like, computer animated images, the property as if you were standing over it to help understand the movement of the deer, their bedding and feeding areas and the trail systems that they travel along with countless other suprises that just blew my mind. Gonna be a great show!”

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    One big difference between shows, Bloodbro Production hunts on public and private lands. I have a feeling Greg’s hunts will be with outfitters. That is one big difference from making a show to making a great learning dvd.

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    Jarrod Erdody

    …and don’t forget: sponsored vs. no sponsors πŸ˜‰

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    was the spot that Dan showed us in the video the same spot he shot his 400 pounder?? I remember reading somewhere he watched it crossed a creek and pass under a big willow everyday from a parking area and it was in an overlooked area near a roadway. Technically wiht binoculars he coulda watched that buck from the parking area…just curios

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    So Dan and the rest of the crew I have not ordred the vid yet. I will be this week,tommorow xmas kicked ol Rutnstruts ass as far as money. Any way I see on the wi Bowsite you have your first negative review rhat I have seen. Basically the guy says you all go to an awful lot of work,to only shoot 2.5 yr old bucks. I have seen pics of most of your deer I think,and havent seen to many two and a halfers. I know this won’t really bother you guys and I didn’t write it to get you wriled up. My point was the vid has been out for what a month now,alittle over. This is the FIRST negative review I have heard of. Thats purty kick a$$,in todays deer hunting video market,as far as I am concerned. Well I will order mine tomorrow,and next week I will be prowlin the swamps for sighn. I just got permission on 4 new chunks of land,and three of them have big old kick ass swamp land.

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    I just Watched your Dvd. It was top notch!!!! I use very similiar methods. Very well done, I just hope the hunters were I hunt dont watch it. I might have a problem then.

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    Hi guys, this is my first time here.Just wanted to say what I thought about the new dvd.To me this is probably the best video I have ever seen as far as learning to hunt whitetails for the average guy. When you realize how much public land there is to hunt in wisconsin one should never have to worry about where to go.It also seems like wherever there is public land its usually the worst land in the county, swampy marshgrass 10 foot tall cattails with muck streams running thru them so you cant walk them.Thats where I want to be now after wathing the dvd.Every hunter knows where the big ones live but to get them is the trick.Now I have an Idea of what it takes.Another good thing is no matter how many people watch this dvd, there will always be a place to hunt because as Dan puts it theres no magic pixie dust here,this is work.Ijust dont think that everyone wants to put in the time and effort to find these slobs. I will in fact I will crawl on my stomach 2 miles thru 2 feet of mud to just get a look at a slob. Of course Im a freak. My brother and I hunt these marshes where were from but we realized we were doing things all wrong. Now we have another bullet in the gun so to speak.This is truly a one of a kind video, Kind of like a magican giving up his tricks. Thank you guys for your time and effort in making this Ive watched it 5 times already and learn something new every time. the reason I like it the best is that you guys are like us your not getting paid for this. you do it for the love of your sport. I could go on but I tend to drone, sorry. I just love to hunt whitetails.

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    “Dan” wrote:

    knd2970 wrote:, I just hope the hunters were I hunt dont watch it. I might have a problem then.

    I have been hearing that alot

    I would never worry about it because there will always be a big buck, somewhere no one wants or is willing to go and that is were I will be…. the wolf said it the best in the video. He was sitting next to the road and everyone thought he was nuts. 95% of the hunters just don’t have the time or are willing to put the time into the hunt. Hell they charge upwards of $3,500 for the 149 I got this year! I could get a nice buck every year but have been known to let them walk even on public land. If I cant hang the horns the does taste better πŸ˜€

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    Hodag Hunter

    Just finished the video and started my second review. Great informative video. Loved the “in the bedding” shots. Great detail on the map segment and how not always think “way back in” look for the overlooked spots.

    Liked how you used shining at night to locate bucks feeding, something in my areas which can’t be done……no open fields. Would like to see another video on “big woods hunting.” A lot of info in this video can be utilized for similar results but the crop fields are non existant.

    Seems with more and more human pressure the bucks by me don’t bed in consistant locations. Tatics used in your video worked in the past years for myself but just the last two years I’m having fits. Maybe I’m getting too close to their bedding and spooking them myself? I don’t think so, the bucks just aren’t as consistant it seems as years past. (If a big buck is ever consistant) πŸ˜†

    Never heard of “stacking”, when Andrae talks about bumping deer to “stack”them in a favored bedding site. Great idea, but how do you know the buck will travel there? I know you’ll say with scouting you’ll find the bucks preferred bedding sites but by me it seems they relocate totally in a new area with the slightest intrusion. (the last few years anyways.)

    I try to keep trail cams away from hunting stands, maybe the intrusion, even using caution, has some effect? Something you pointed out in the video. During bow second season my cameras are right by the stands, usally this was never a problem, this year may have been differant.

    I grew up in central WI, used these tatics for years in the Navarino Public Marsh. Tatics work great….shot some nice, but nothing huge, bucks. Set my buddy on an overlooked spot just as you described…..he thought I was nuts. He watched cars and other hunters park their cars at night and walk by. His second sit in that stand he shot his, still to this day, largest bowkill. Was doing some hunting and scouting “up north” and was seeing quality animals and less hunter pressure, made the move. Sometimes I miss the marsh swamps and would trade the tamarack, cedar swamps for a little marsh grass.

    As mentioned before, in your second release, some pointers in the big woods would be great. Some of you must have had some success in this type of setting and maybe willing to share. A guy never stops learning and I’m always open to new ideas or insight.

    Your video was a good shot of fresh air….. don’t expect anything easy. My take is a lot of guys will watch this, spend some time trying the tatics, and get bored or tired real quick. The average joe is and still will look for the magic pixie dust. 8) I hope any way…..really don’t need any more pressure in “my” public land spots. 😯

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    Lee Gatzke

    Welcome to the site tutone. It seems to me that a lot of the public hunting is actually the best habitat available in SE WI, because it is land that wasn’t being farmed, mainly swamp. Dan and I often wish we owned, or could somehow manage, a lot of the public land we hunt because it has security and good bedding cover. Pressured bucks call remote/overlooked areas of the swamps their home.
    Hodag, the big woods bucks you’re hunting are worth a video as well. We’d love to do that someday.

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    Great video guys. I really enjoy watching hunting videos that you actually learn something from!!!!!! I will be putting this information to use this week! Thanks again for a Great Video, well done!

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    Well, I made it through the dvd. Nice work everyone. I especially liked Dan’s talk about wind direction and scent products. I agree….you can buy as much of that crap as you want…shower in it, wash clothes in it…spray it all over…thinking it’s the “magic cover” that you need to kill deer when it’s actually a multitude of factors like patterning & wind direction, etc.,—-I hate those videos that push that crap down my throat…It’s about knowing the woods & the animals you hunt…and I’m glad that you made the point clear in this video….Resourcefulness & changing tactics to find what works is the key!

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    “Lee” wrote: Welcome to the site tutone. It seems to me that a lot of the public hunting is actually the best habitat available in SE WI, because it is land that wasn’t being farmed, mainly swamp. Dan and I often wish we owned, or could somehow manage, a lot of the public land we hunt because it has security and good bedding cover. Pressured bucks call remote/overlooked areas of the swamps their home.
    Hodag, the big woods bucks you’re hunting are worth a video as well. We’d love to do that someday.

    hey Lee my brother and I live right along the bay of greenbay in northeastern wisconsin all the public land borders the bay and its all marsh1000s of acres weve been trying to take bucks from here for years.with mixed results.we know there there. theres one that we see every year for the past 5 years by our town golf course , during the rut we know hes 14 points and would score at least 160. but this guy is smart we tried to find him to no avail I think he lives right in our town where we cant get to him (private land) hes kind of a legend around here. doesnt every small town have one of those types of bucks. anyways we keep trying. I passed alot of bucks this year waiting for a slob but was skunked, although my brother connected on a slob this year with the rifle in one of our swamp spots. we posted a picture of it in the pictures section (tim trepanier). we live for hunting.

  • #22086

    Lee Gatzke

    If you hold out for slobs you’ll eat a few tags. Congrats to your brother and hats off to you for being selective.

  • #22124


    I really like the video. I’ve always liked it real and get fed up with contrived and faked scenes. I would rather see 100 hunts with smaller bucks on public land DYI hunts than one “monster” on a “canned” hunt. I’ve been after a huge buck for the last three seasons. He’s 6 1/2 years old now and over 200 lbs. I see him at least once each season but he out smarts me. Three seasons ago during the rut (bow season) he gave me a broadside shot in the open at 33 yards for almost a minute but I needed a doe for earn-a-buck so had to give him a pass. He’s been laughing at me ever since. He lives in a massive overgrown pine thicket and rarely comes out in the open even during the rut. Many of the tactics described in the Marsh Bucks DVD may work for this situation. Great video!!

    P.S. Like Dan and others, I never bought into the carbon ruse.

  • #22130


    Guys I have to say I really like the video!! Great job with it. I agree with all you said about scents and and letting the big boys know they are being hunted so true!! I have used alot of the tactics Dan spoke about for years while hunting the river bottoms of Michigan where I am from. But I have to say I hate when guys think they know it all and think they can stop learning, so I watch every video and try to learn something from it. And I did with yours mainly about the wind, I am one of those guys that always had to have the perfect wind or i would not go in for fear of lettting the big boy know I was there. When Dan talked about how he uses the wind it JUST MADE SENCE!!! and all I could think about was all the times I didn’t hunt a spot that I knew a big boy was there and just let him go,and also how many times when I thought I was hunting the right wind he was slipping out the back door on me!!! KUDO’S Dan maybe old dogs can learn new tricks and I think I might have a spot just to try what you taught me!! Great job agian Walt!!

  • #22162


    Working in a scientific field I’m all about “Quality Control”. Dan was gracious enough to donate a couple DVD’s to my turkey contest over on so I knew it was my DUTY to check out the goods when they arrived.

    Very informative stuff. I liked how you went into the bedding areas once, maybe twice, and then looked at things from a bucks perspective to the point of getting into the bed and looking around. I thought I was crazy for doing that when I plan my entry/exit routes to stands bordering bedding areas.

    Well done.

  • #22343

    Ok I know I am SUPER late but I finally got through the whole video and have a few questions and comments….
    First of all I noticed thats Dan’s hair was only short in the post season video footage…so I assume that is because he needed to look sharp while asking for permision to hunt private property πŸ˜†
    Secondly I think the video was great I loved it.
    Finally I was wondering how old the deer you guys shot during the T-zone hunt were? They were nice but didn’t seem huge. I am not criticizing anyone but doesnt that just play into the DNR’s strategy of kill em all?

  • #22344

    All in all I was more than pleased and it was definately worth the money…I will recommend it to everyone I know…..great work guys

  • #22345

    Finally πŸ˜† where did you get those AWESOME aerials photos you used in the putting it all together section??? all the aerial photos I find are garbage….I would be better off walking all over making sketches the way the aerials i print look

  • #22351

    Great DVD. It’s great seeing all the work that goes into scouting. The part that really struck me was the shining and how much you can learn about the deer in the area.
    I’ll admit that up until 5 years ago I didn’t do enough scouting. Once we got a couple big deer on Camtrakker my brother and I got really serious about scouting & shed hunting.
    Once you spend that extra time out there things just start coming together. Can’t wait for the next DVD. Great job.

  • #22379

    Jarrod Erdody

    Backwoods…I use screen-recording software on my computer to animate maps that I download off the internet.

    Other question about age of bucks…the T-Zone clip on our video does feature Lee with a small, 2.5 year old 8 point. Dan’s was a 3.5 year old and the other one was also a 3.5 year old, just quite a bit better. In terms of the 2.5 year old, see Dan’s answer above as I concur. We base our standards on the age structure of the deer in the area we’re hunting. I actually had a 7 minute segment in our Marsh Bucks DVD that covered how we set our standards, as well as a bunch of ranting against the DNR, and in the end, we just decided to cut it out. We may post it online one of these days for those who’ve purchased our video as a “bonus” for them.


  • #22386


    Watched the DVD last night for the 1st time. I’ve been hunting public land marshes for a long time and mostly agree with what the guys say. It’s good to see that I’m not the only person spending tons of time out there during the off-season. The DVD was probably the most informative hunting DVD I’ve seen – and it relates to the hunting we all do. Wish you could’ve covered hunting from the ground.

    I’ve tried to email Dan yesterday and I get it bounced back!?!?

  • #22391

    Lee Gatzke

    Welcome to the site Stange. Glad you liked it.

  • #22426


    Just curious as to why you didn’t put more hunts in the DVD, like in the bonus section?

    Yeah, I re-watched it. πŸ™‚ Gunna suck when I have to mail them out as prizes for the turkey contest.

  • #22435

    Lee Gatzke

    We felt we had a lot of our views to get across and we wanted to show how we hunt to make this video a useful tool so the viewer can use the info to help kill his/her own slobs rather than watch a big name kill theirs. We hear you on the kill scenes and will incorporate more into future videos, as long as they show how to get the job done and fit into what we are trying to teach.

  • #22438

    Jarrod Erdody

    And also because that’s all we had for this video πŸ˜€ I mentioned a “Standards” section that we cut out for time purposes, but we’ve said it on this site many times. Because of the DNR’s “kill em all” strategy that they invoked for “CWD”, the deer numbers have gone down a TON. We’d had a lot of success prior to really focusing on videotaping our hunts. We decided to make a video focused on the strategies used to take many of those bucks. Being that it would be a video, though, we felt it would be at least a little important to show a few hunts to show we weren’t just all talk. Well, right about that time we started focusing on getting marsh hunts on film was when that no limit crap started and seeing good bucks became an extreme challenge. Nowdays, I don’t even consider the swamps around where Dan lives even worth me driving from out of state to hunt them. But of course Dan still lives there and will continue to hunt them…alternative is to not even go. He hunted his ass off this fall and ended up getting ONE chance at a good buck on the public stuff….missed….but still, it proves dedication to our methods works.

    Anyway, we did kill several other bucks these past few years that we felt just didn’t work into the theme of this video….they will be featured in upcoming videos.

    Good questions guys, and thanks for the continued support!


  • #22445


    Honestly guys I prefer this dvd to any I have seen or own. I dont need to see killing on videos (I like it dont get me wrong) but prefer to learn over being what I called entertained on a video by watching killing. My .02 πŸ˜‰

  • #22446


    Take my comment somewhat cheek in tongue because I still really like your approach on the DVD, it’s refreshing and I learned a thing or two.

  • #22448


    I probably shouldn’t admit this but I watched the video all the way through three times and will watch it again in the future. I love the video but you have to understand that mostly hard core hunters appreciate this kind of video and, let’s face it, there are less of us (but you already knew that and took the chance anyway). I have been waiting for a video like this for a long time. A few kill shots would be nice but I wouldn’t get carried away because you will defeat your purpose. I’m guessing your next one will feature woodland hunts?
    I would like to see some footage of your treestand setups and how you pack in for them.
    It would also be great to see your scouting leading up to the hunt and then one of you taking a good buck as a result. Of course it would be next to miraculous if you could pull that off.
    I might as well set the money aside now for your next video because I will be buying it. πŸ˜€

  • #22617


    I am Dan, I will post something.

  • #22642


    “Dan” wrote: Any of you guys Kisky forum members? They are asking for DVD reviews at this thread:

    I did. I also made a comment on product pimping for the “big names” which will probably get my post yanked. πŸ˜‰

  • #22664


    Review givin! I expect $.00000000000000000001 from every video sold now! πŸ˜†

  • #22838

    First time posting on the site and I just wanted to say “thanks” for the excellant DVD!! I am a nut when it comes to hunting and have probably watched every DVD produced in the last 10 years however, this one was far and away the most down to earth and informative. I am a fellow hunter of the public hunting grounds in Southeastern Wisconsin and this information was tremedously valuable. Sometimes I get bogged down with spending money on the newest scents, or calls, etc, and find myself shying away from the basics of hunting. This video really takes a down to earth approach on hunting whitetails and I really enjoyed it. The tactics of keeping it simple but being aggresive at the same time where well blended in this DVD! Very good job guys, this is a must see for any hunters who dont have thousands of dollars for guided hunts or cant afford to buy a 120 acres and micro manage it. A++++++ I hope you guys do another one I ll be the first in line to buy
    Thanks again

  • #22909

    Lee Gatzke

    Thanks for your response and welcome to the site.

  • #22999

    Dan came over saturday and we went out hunting…………….he also gave me a copy of the DVD and I watched it last night………….excellent job, probably the most in-depth instruction video I have ever watched, and even though I don’t hunt marshes, I found myself driving past one today and looking for the “islands” and trying to guess were the bucks would be traveling in and out of it………..alot of the methods these guys use can be applied to hill country or flat out swamps as well……….I look forward to the next installment, Kudos Dan, Lee & Jarrod 8)

  • #23059

    Bought the video last wednesday and had the day off of class so I put it in and was not dissappointed at all. Loved everyhting about it. Never have I actually learned anything off of a hunting video before until now. It was fun to see how Dan applies those tactics to putting down deer consistantly. Jarrod,Lee and Dan deserve everything you guys have got. Being that I hunt around the same marshes as Dan he might want to watch out for me stumbling through those marshes putting those tactics to use and failing alot more than I succeed but still loving every minute of it

  • #23132

    Well done! Very informative. I can think of a couple places that I have always wanted to hunt but didn’t think it was possible until seeing your DVD. I’ll be checking out those spots soon. One thing I was hoping to see was if you guys found much for sheds in these buck bedding areas while scouting in the spring?

  • #23751


    Last friday was a great day. I come home from the archery shop with a new bow and get the mail and my BBO dvd is in it. Now I can’t decide weather to watch the dvd or shoot my new bow. So since it was nice out I shot the bow for an hour,then went in and watched the dvd. Great job guys,I learned a lot and it re-affirmed some things that I have alrady been thinking about. I think it will work out great for me as some of the new properties I picked up this off season have nasty swamps on them. Thanks guys for putting out a dvd that is not the norm,of course with Dan in it how could it be. Just kidding Dan.

  • #23807


    I bought it about a month ago or so.

    Not everything works for every hunting situation. But you can always pick pieces out that will help you.

    I found out others do what I do and it gave me some new techniques on some areas I had questions on.

    I will watch it again. It was worth the price.

  • #23901


    I ordered marsh bucks on wed and got it fri!!! 😯 Very good job guys I have some marshes to scout in nothern WI as well as some close to my home πŸ˜€ Very down to earh no staged camera scenes. Very informative. I’ll be watching it many more times to pick up a few more pointers! πŸ˜€ I look forward to more great releases in the future from BBO. I am a new member to BBO and have already learned a lot of great info on bowhunting slobs!!!! πŸ˜€
    Thanks again;
    Dave(slob Hntr)

  • #23907


    everybody on this site has an addiction to hunting whitetails!!! πŸ˜€ We are all hardcore and want to learn as much as we can! The people that are buying Marsh Bucks are buying it to improve their skills. Not to see a bunch of kills. You don’t need to worry Dan!You guys are going about it the right way! πŸ˜€

  • #24289

    New to the site guys, but I just want to say I REALLY enjoyed the video and am already applying it to the marshes I hunt in Jeff. Cty. Can’t wait to put a lot of the useful info. to work. Lee, I’m looking forward to bumping into you at the Deer Classic. I’m an old buddy of Tom and the Klaas boys. Hope to see you there and catch up.

  • #24290

    Lee Gatzke

    I suspected it was you by your handle! Glad you found us. I don’t have our booth # for Madison handy but we’re right next to the Whitetail Addictions booth. Welcome to the site.

  • #25449


    New to the forums πŸ™‚ Looks like a pretty friendly environment. I just purchased the video last week, I was really impressed with the shipping but even more impressed with the content. I’ve been reading all the instructional books about getting into mature deer on public and private land…I learned a lot but after watching the Bloodbro DvD a lot of it really came together for me. I never really hunted swamps so I didnt think i’d benefit but ever since I first heard of the video I’ve found myself finding all kinds of swamps on public land around my area so the last few days ive been diving into them and surprisingly, after learning about the ‘islands’, I’ve actually found myself trying to piece together what I think is a nice bucks pattern, (a long with getting in the path of plenty of snakes) but I guess we’ll see, what I’m getting at is the Hunting Marsh Bucks DVD was great and I took a lot out of it, I will definately be purchasing future videos produced by these three guys, good work! Cant wait till the next!!! -Matt

  • #25464

    I purchased the video a whiile back. I’ve just about got it worn out. I agree with most of the people that have seen it, it’s one of the more informative dvd’s out there. I liked the way it was set up with informational bits, and actual hunts mixed together and the lack of advertising helps a person absorb what the video is supposed to be about…HUNTING!

    I’m applying the hunting tactics to shed hunting and have already found a couple of sheds in places I probably would never have even looked before seeing the video.

    Great job guys! πŸ˜‰

  • #25501

    Lee Gatzke

    Welcome to the site Matt, glad you found the video informative, same goes for WiBow.

  • #26295


    I have been gone for a while but had to say it is one of the best informative DVDs I have ever seen. Great job guys on a start of a great series to come! It has much info as I will be watching over and over againi from time to time. There is not many DVDs I watch over and over. I had to stop by the booth at the Madison deer show to tell Dan how impressed I truly am!!

  • #28240

    hunt n nurse

    I see the video is in the Father’s Day gift list in the WON bottom of page 27 with this website address.

  • #30134

    I don’t know where to start.
    First, I want to commend you for the lightning fast shipping!
    Second, I believe the dvd is worth much more than $20 (don’t tell anyone I said this because I’m buying another one for a friend)
    Finally someone made a video for serious trophy hunters. No BS, no product endorsements, no killing “tame” deer on private land to promote video sales.
    I like their “tell it like it is” style of teaching.
    This video will absoluely make me a better hunter. It has helped to draw together a lot of loose ends. This is a dvd for the seasoned veteran and beginer alike. I would suggest that anyone starting out get it and watch it until you have it memorized then watch the pieces come together as you gain experience.

    Great job guys


  • #30140

    Lee Gatzke

    Thanks Todd. I’m glad your post got through. πŸ˜‰

  • #30674

    Double Creek

    I can’t get the trailer to work? I’ve tried from 2 different computers with no luck…..

    I need a fix while I wait on the real thing to get here!

  • #30992

    Double Creek

    Got the video in the mail this afternoon and watched it tonight. Awesome job guys! I cant wait to implement some of those tactics on the properties I hunt! I dont have marshes, but I still believe the approach will work on many types of habitat.

    When’s #2 coming out? πŸ˜€

  • #32283


    Hi Gang:
    My first post, and I signed up just to be able to say how pleased I am with this video, that arrived yesterday.
    I got a chance to watch most of it last night. By FAR, the best hunting video I have seen!
    In fact, I’m a bit ticked off at how much time and money I have wasted on tapes, shows, etc., and never knew a lot of these concepts.

    If you are not sure if you should buy it, at $19 it’s a STEAL. And, a big “thank you” to
    Dan, who responded real fast to a couple of questions I had about the video.

    AND, the Andrae D’Acquisto segments are amazing to see.

    Guys, thanks for a great site, and a fantastic video. Sign me up for the next one!
    Best wishes,

  • #32284

    Lee Gatzke

    Welcome to the site richla. Glad you liked the video. The next one should be out this winter.

  • #32293


    Welcome to the site richla. So the beans come out Lee next Winter huh…? I Will be waiting for this one. Hill country is what i am all about.

  • #32859


    Awesome Video!!! It filled in many holes and answered many questions that I have had for a long time. I will be telling all of my buddies about it!

  • #32880


    Welcome to the site Haus.

  • #33199

    There isn’t much left to be said, the previous posts have covered it. I still feel obligated to give credit where it’s due, that was one “heck” of a video. Thank you.

  • #34197


    This video was REALLY REALLY great for me to watch. Great info and real world situations. I have only been bow hunting for the last 4 years and this will help me out a ton!!! Now to put all this knowledge together and make it happen. The season starts in 1.5 weeks and I can’t wait. As shown in the video the season really never ends. When it’s time to put the bow away, it is time to start scouting for next year. I personally can’t wait for the next video. GREAT GREAT job!!!!

  • #36143


    Watched DVD really liked a lot of the info and wanted to put knowledge learned to work. So I did just that. Going in I knew I would be messing up an area. I wanted to find an exact bed. Well I got really wet, it was raining yesterday and marsh was really wet. I found multiple beds and bumped a nice 3yr old that got up about 20yds from me. I seen exactly where he got up and looked over bed. Yes there were two rubs right in bed. After watching video over I picked up the fact there were not very many rubs within bedding areas. Which I did not see any rubs in between bedding spots. Nice trails going from fingers to fingers. I had to see for myself, and have some confidence in what I thought were going to be beds. Glad I had my GPS I have hunted this area for ducks and grouse for over 10 yrs. Never been where I was yesterday without GPS I would have been in for a longer walk. The way I thought was not the way Garmin was telling me. I will now only go in so far to an area that looks good just try them without bumping them. If weather would cooperate I would go today.. Rain Rain go away..

  • #37337


    What a great video……Made me a better hunter in the first 15 minutes i watched of it……I have been on hot action all week using these tactics……I have just been scouting and hunting as I go…..It just fits right into the way I have been hunting…..I hadnt put together the big picture…..but this video makes it all clear now…Thanks alot guys…..

    I just joined the site also cant wait to dig into some of these threads

  • #37926

    Guy’s great job with the video. It has really opened my eyes that I have to get out and do a lot better job of scouting in the off season. I flat out know a lot of the public swamps in my neck of the woods get overlooked I can’t wait to employ some of the tactics I have learned form you guys, Thanks Steve.

  • #40367


    I thought the extra on the video was awesome was. It was not like those other videos that just have an extra two hunts that are very horrible and boring anyway. I learned a lot just by listening how you got what you got. it was awesome and hope to see it on volume two again

  • #41458


    i have prolly watched the video start to finish 40 time in the last 6 months. i love it. i recommend it to everyone i know and hunt with. i like the fact that you guys so willingly give up secrets that i know i didnt come easy. my hunting has really evolved due to this video, not to mention this forum.

  • #41992


    Well I do have the greatest girl in the world! I just mentioned 2 her that I was goin 2 pick this dvd up and she snuck me and got it 4 me 4 mmy xmas eve a knucklehead I grabbed the mail the other day and hey alright! She was bummed that I found out but knew I was butin at the bit 2 watch it,so just got done and…as Andrae would say,”FRIGGIN AWESOME MAN! Complete package right there! Hats off guys,excellent job! Can’t wait 4 the next one. Thank you 4 putting out such a great hands on hunting dvd. Damn impressed!

  • #42006

    Happy BIrthday WIBOW!

  • #42177


    “Southern Noll” wrote: Happy BIrthday WIBOW!

    Hey thanks Noll! Much appreciated,Happy New Year to ya!

  • #49832

    Very good! Im a Georgia boy so some of it wont apply to where I live because Georgia is mostly wooded with no marsh land, but Ive deer hunted for around 25 years diligently and these guys taught me some techniques that ive really never heard of. Especially the tip on how to make bucks move before dark when any other time they would only move after. I wont give it away but if you want to learn some things other than gimicks or things that you probably already knew, then get the dvd. I thought that I knew just about everythng about deer hunting but I was wrong.Another thing is they really teach you how to incorporate the deer sign. Check it out, im not easily impressed, and they impressed me.

  • #49836

    hunt n nurse

    Hey meatcleaver, good to see ya here!!!! You will really like the Hunting Hill Country Bucks video, given how you liked Marsh Bucks. Watch that one too, and, you’ll be well equipped for your trip here to the midwest-whichever state you pick to come to!!!!! You’ll get alot of info on thermals and using maps and this will help ya with the homework needed that you can do before even stepping foot on the land(or marsh grass)!!!

  • #50032


    I hunt 100% public and its nice to see that much of what I was thinking about why I am successful on getting on pigs early was verified through this dvd. Also I wish Dan would have been on the ticket last fall, after watching him tell the truth I would have campaigned for him for president!!!

  • #50049

    hunt n nurse

    “tommyc803” wrote: I hunt 100% public and its nice to see that much of what I was thinking about why I am successful on getting on pigs early was verified through this dvd. Also I wish Dan would have been on the ticket last fall, after watching him tell the truth I would have campaigned for him for president!!!

    We’re still grooming him!!!! :mrgreen:

  • #53169


    Excellent video. Really glad I got it.
    As a hunter who has always hunted in his hip boots, I was amazed at how many things I never thought about when in the swamp. This opened my eyes to several things. Definitely anxious to put them into play this year.
    This video makes me wonder how many bucks I scared away blowin on my grunt call when I was bored. 😳
    I’ll be checkin out the Hill Country video tonight.
    Thanks again.

  • #75347

    Unbelievable video Blood Bros!!! Hill Country is on the way and can’t wait. This video changed the way I hunt and let me tell you, that is not easy to do!!!

  • #75727

    hey guys, I want to know if i can get this marsh video at any local retailer?? just a hassle doing it online. I picked up the Hill country at Gander, but can’t seem to find the marsh video….

  • #75728


    where are you located?????

  • #75767

    rochester, mn

  • #75781

    Lee Gatzke

    PM me and we’ll get it to you.

  • #78101


    Hands down the best instructional hunting video out there!!!

    The maps and aerial overviews along with the in field scouting are very helpful for experienced hunters or those just starting out

    The bonus part with Andrae is great!

    Great work guys, looking forward to the farm country DVD!!

  • #84811


    Just finished the video,I don’t know what to say other than I learned a ton of new info and ways to go after them because I have never really went after Swamp bucks before.I have always hunted the edges but never knew how to go in after them.I am looking forward to scouting after the season ends to put some of these new tactics to good use!!The other thing this video did is opened my eyes as to a few things I am doing wrong.I have a feeling that next year will be different for me.

  • #84815

    Jarrod Erdody

    Thanks for the kind words Machinist, sounds like you’re well on your way to figuring them out now!! Keep in touch with how it goes!

  • #84816


    Will do,I am getting ready to watch farm country now.Do you guys mainly scout buck beds late winter early spring before snow is gone or do you do it right after season closes?I know when the snow starts to melt here we usually don’t have a ton of time (week or two) before its all gone.

  • #84817

    Jarrod Erdody

    Right after season can be a great time to scout!

  • #148574

    Jarrod Erdody

    You can also leave reviews on this product’s page in our online store: Hunting Marsh Bucks DVD

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