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    hunt n nut

    If I understand this thing correctly, there will be no EAB in the HRZ this year?
    How about the 4-day gun hunt, is that a either sex hunt, and if so, why have it. If not to shoot does why can’t it be bow hunting like it used to be?
    How many deer can you shoot a day?
    Do you get free tags over the counter like the EAB tags used to be?
    Is it going to be gun hunting from the normal gun hunt through Jan. 7th?
    Every year we have figure out these new rules they keep coming up with πŸ˜• I realize they say they( the DNR) are trying to work with hunters to “make it better for us”, but its getting frustrating to say the least! Remember when we used to get a nice little rule book we could carry in our pocket, now we damn near need a seperate compartment in our backpack to haul the thing around ( I don’t haul it around anymore).
    From what I’ve been hearing we are going to have 5 more years of this crap after this year, Oh Boy πŸ™„

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    This is how I understand the rules

    There will be no EAB in the HRZ
    There will be a four day gun hunt, either sex, Oct 19th to 22nd. This will bump up to last weekend in October if the same rules apply for next year.
    I don’t think they changed the unlimited rule. For what I know, it’ll be unlimited this year wtih free tags.
    Not sure about the gun hunt dates

    It is a bunch of BS with all the rules. Originally they said in the CWD meeting they wanted to keep the HRZ and DEZ rules the same. Actually, I’m pretty sure the original rule package has this in writing. Anyway’s, people are griping about all the rule changes and they came up with a solution like that. Kinda shows how the DNR will take any situation and try to work it into a kill more deer solution. I’d have to agree, and Dan’ll like this one πŸ˜€ the DNR is going to try and pull this crap for another five. And history has shown that they pretty much get away with any rules they want. I do think there is more opposition of the DNR then ever before, and that is in our favor, but just got a scare from this scientist at the UW madison. I’d been going back and forth with him for awhile on herd reduction and he finally tells me even if herd numbers go down and the CWD infection rate increases (such as it did in Zone 70A last year) it can still be considered a success. I can hear it already “CWD was up statewide 3% last year…… Can you imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t started shooting them out of helicopters?” πŸ‘Ώ

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    hunt n nut

    Thanks for the info 3Dog. I hear what your saying about the DNR, its sad when they keep doing this crap for the good of the deer heard πŸ™ Yeah right!
    I’ve been looking for land to buy, if I ever sell mine Up North. I really don’t think I would buy any south of Hwy 82, even though there is some awfully good looking stuff there, because of the DNR’s slaughter practices. Its to bad.

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