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      All I can say is WOW!! 😯 😯

      That is the most informative hunting DVD that I have ever watched. Great job guys!

      I had a lot of luck applying the tactics from your Marsh Bucks video and I plan on doing the same with this one as well.

      I especially appreciated the tips you gave on hunting the thermal tunnels. I never really thought of it that way, but have always noticed the trails 1/3 of the way down a ridge. This will change the way that I hunt hill country.

      I really enjoyed the hunt scenes and thought the waterhole scenes on the top of the ridge were really cool.

      Again I would like to say, “Great Job Guys.” Thanks for everything you guys do to help us all become more succesful hunters. πŸ˜€

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      Got mine today and watched it for fifteen minutes. Got so pumped from it that i went and did some scouting myself.

      I don’t hunt any hilly lands but just like the marsh bucks video i took in a lot of the tactics for where i hunt.

      Awesome video

      Usually the hunts on most videos don’t interest me but i loved these because you explained how it was all done.

      Again i think it was awesome and if every hunter got their hands on a BBO Video, there would be a tremendous decrease in the big buck population
      Thanks for the Knowledge.

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      Got mine in the mail yesterday, and also went to Oconomowoc and picked up a copy for my brother )so he doesn’t borrow mine for 6 months!!!)

      Watched the entire DVD last night and I have to say, it was really cool…and informative when it comes to learning about wind and how the terrain/time of day, etc affects the wind. I definately learned something new and realize that I’ve made alot of mistakes in “assuming” which stand was best to hunt because of wind direction. I knew about thermals, but definately still learned alot of new stuff, especially when it comes to hunting the hill country. I don’t hunt big hills. But do hunt semi flat land, and small ridges. BUT I have hunted hill country in the past and the video really enlightened me on the topic of how the terrain affects the wind direction.
      LOVED the hunts too!
      Anxious to hear what you guys will be cookin’ up for your next project!
      In the mean time, the camera will be going with me as much as possible in the upcoming season!

      Great job guys! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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      First class quality all the way. Between the hunts and information combined it’s doubtfull anyone else has a video to even compare to. Great Job guys, should be a great success.

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      Robert Richer


      what a hellah video! You guys did it again and I cant tell you how it captivated my attention. Very informative and definately related to the hillcountry I am accustumed to, Vernon county. The value of information within this video, the expertise of the dialog and the certainy of the sportsmenship is all second to none.

      Observation; I do have an extremely large amount of videos dating back to 1997, all kinds, all the televison shows and sponsored speciality shows that I have watched, your video depicts hard work, knowledgeable effort and resources and simple tactics that are applied and documented have made this video one of my favorites. No hooten and hollering, no canned senarios ,etc…you did it and I am proud to be a member of the Blood-bros and those who contributed to this magificant video…I like and do not plan on letting anyone take it out of my cabinet. I will add it to my other 3 blood brother sponsored videos….

      Good job, as expected.

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      Robert Richer

      oh yeah!


      Thats what Iam talkin about!

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      hunt n nurse

      Excellent!!!! Outstanding!!!!! The amount of info in this DVD far exceeds the cost of the DVD. The amount of time, blood, sweat and sleepless nights to put it together—I don’t think many of us really appreciate just exactly what these guys are doing to help improve our hunting success. I think we will in the next couple years as we incorporate more of these techniques when we are willing to.
      I would also like to say, whenever we meet up with these 3 guys, we should buy them a few beers, a nice meal or a tank of gas for all they do putting these DVD’s out. Cuz, Lord knows, this is not easy to do and very time consuming.

      Excellent job, Jarrod, Dan and Lee and everyone else that helped to make this happen.

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      It’s an amazing piece of work, the whole thing is immaculate. Anyone could enjoy and learn from this video.

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      The Hill Country DVD arrived in the mailbox and was in the DVD player within seconds. Very well done production. So many DVDs show hunters harvesting big bucks but hardly any tell you how to get one yourself.!!! Great to have specific how-to information for the area I hunt. I have hunted my farm in the hills of Buffalo County for years and can vouch for the fact you are right on the money with your tactics. The thermal tunnel, a bucks bedding choice with wind direction and waterhole placement information is invaluable. Great stuff that really makes you think twice about how to place and approach stand set ups. Great to meet you guys at the Green Bay show. Keep the DVDs comming.

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      again like the marsh dvd it was amazing guys.. even better for me because im mainly in hill country out here in vermont. now i know where exactly to look and i have a few places that im dieing to get out to now even if i cant hunt this year because of basic training 😑 might as well help the man (my uncle) who got me into it and set him up πŸ˜€

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      Great Video guys!!!!! Very informative, was great to watch, the hunts were awesome, everything about it was very good. πŸ˜€

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      I’m only a bout half way through. Had to go to work but all I can say so far is AWESOME!!!!!Those scouting sessions where you show the topo maps and the actual beds is great!!I can totally relate to all of this since I hunt hill country on the Miss. River too!!Love the info on thermals 8) I’ll watch the rest later tonite after work!! Great job guys you really put some hard work and passion into this video πŸ˜€

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      Autumn Wind

      Finaly a video not full of BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Received my dvd today. I didn’t get to watch all of it, but what I saw WOW!!!!
      Love to watch a videos that you can actualy learn something. Can’t wait to see the rest of it.
      Hopefully it will help me out on a big old Ky SLOB!

      Great Video πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      Welocome to BBO Autumn Wind 8) This is the place to be if you want to learn Slob killing tactics πŸ˜€ Lots of great hunters here!!

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      AC Rider

      I’ve never seen a better Hunting film!!! 1st class from start to finish.

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      This was an AWESOME!!!! This video applies to me in the fullest. I live and hunt the hill country along the Mississippi river valley in western Wisconsin. I got so much out of this video, I will be watching it over and over just to take it all in. Thanks so much for making anouther GREAT informational video that the average hunter can watch to help him or her to achieve the goals that have set for themselves year after year πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜† πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      Got home from work yesterday and saw the envelope on my table…dropped everything and began watching. If the video had only been 20 minutes and consisted of nothing other than the Lee Side of the Hill and 1/3 rule, it would still have been well worth the $19.99. I can’t tell you how many times the lightbulb went off when I put your theories with what I’ve seen while out hunting. In my scouting thus far I found some spots that looked promising and this video confirmed that I was on the right track. I’ve been on buck beds in the hills and said to myself, “wow, he’s really relying heavily on vision.” I already have 3 beds in the buck bank and about 2 more months of scouting before it gets too green. Thank you Dan, Jarrod, and Lee for a great video. Without a doubt, when I finally drop my first buck with a bow, it’ll be you guys for whom I owe the most thanks.

      A couple questions…Did I understand correctly that you guys move stands when the thermal shifts and that the deer will move bedding locations at this point too? Also, when you get up over a thermal tunnel, how high up do you get your stands. I’m assuming the typical 15′ wont’ cut it.

      Thanks again guys…job well done!

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      All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!I can totally relate to so much in this video! Awesome job guys πŸ˜€ I’ll be putting some of these tactics to the test this weekend in the hill country where I hunt πŸ˜‰

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      Awesome video!!!! I have only been able to watch about the first hour or so since I bought the video Saturday. So far, I am very impressed!!! I really like they layout of both this and Marsh Bucks. Worth every penny!!! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

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      Great DVD guys πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ it has so much information that you have to watch it several times to get it all.
      Now, there is only one thing I didn’t like about the DVD……is that everyone can get one πŸ˜₯
      Well I’m waiting for the next one…Yes I know “2 more weeks”


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      hunt n nurse

      + 50 JR :mrgreen:

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      Great job again,well worth the wait πŸ˜€
      whats next-farmland,big woods. I cant wait
      Again Great Job

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      hunt n nurse

      Ah, Jeff is thawed out!!!!!!

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      FANTASTIC job! Again. Great quality, tons of useful tips, I’ll be watching this vid MANY times to absorb the info.
      Just the topo section alone is amazing.
      Andre’s segments: just incredible.

      As I struggle to keep putting pcs of this puzzle together, this site, these videos are EXACTLY what I need to hear.

      I just wish I lived near Dan and the gang. (and Andre)
      Great stuff, and a bargain at $19.99!

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      Dan, Jarrod, & Lee. I have now taken the time to watch the video twice. I must say great job. A major improvement on quality since the first, but you still kept to your guns. I am truly impressed. The content is nothing but perfect and I must say that Joe Runde guy really made you look good πŸ˜† JK

      Seriously, I think the video is awesome and wanted to thank you guys for letting me be a part of it. Thank you.

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      First rate video. Doesn’t pertain to my hunting much since I’ve never hunted hill country, but there was plenty of other things I picked up on and made it worth every penny. Not to mention I really enjoyed the hunts, more so then other wack em videos. It’s nice to see the set-up and everything that went into the hunt and not just the kill with advertising around it. Thanks again you guys are making me a better hunter. πŸ˜€

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      Hats off to you guys on another great DVD. Hopefully will be able to get out this weekend and apply some of the information on scouting. Keep up the great work and thanks for having this site where the average guy/gal can come and learn how to effectively hunt slobs.

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      The best $20 I’ve spent in a long time 8) 8) 8)

      Feel like I should mail you another $20 ❗

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      Finally got around to watching the rest of the video yesterday and it was awesome! Even though I don’t really have any hill country to apply this to around my area, I’m sure the basic principles will still apply. I am impressed with the amount of info Andrae shared on the video….this guy is definitely hard core and has learned a thing or two over the years! Good job guys!

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      Can’t get this thing out of my DvD player πŸ™‚ Awesome video… I have learned a lot and it’ll definitely change the way I hunt and scout. It’s brilliant, you guys really nailed it! Those diagrams you used were very helpful. Lots of great hunts and information. Thanks a lot!

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      This DVD is awesome!! I got home from the deer classic last night and watched it right away! I didn’t know anything about thermals and how they affected deer movements. I was always hunting the prevailing winds. There is a ton of great information and I will have to watch this a few more times to grasp everything. I really like the scouting missions and how everything is explained. Nicely done!!!

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      One word for the DVD…..awesome! There’s so much information on it that I’ll need to watch it several times to get it all out. This DVD, and the first, would be a bargain at twice the price!

      I got enough out of the first viewing to want to head back up to one of our state forests that we’d given up on. 8) A buddy and I spent 3 or 4 seasons trying to figure out how to hunt the hills and deep ravines back in deep (with no success) — we just didn’t pick up the clues that we should have. They’re in there and the DVD gives me the confidence to go back in and start the scouting process over again with a new set of criteria. The wind tunnel effect is absolutely huge and very likely the main reason we didn’t have any success in the past.

      I can’t thank you guys enough for what you’re doing and the information you’re sharing. Keep up the great work!

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      First of all im glad i ran into your booth at the MN show this weekend. Its really great to see how hardcore and raw you guys are!!! i have been waiting to meet people like you guys for a long time. Thank you very much for all the time and effort that you have into this dvd. Second, i think each one of you compliment each other very well, were one stops the other picks up. This dvd was incredible! Very helpful for me, im going to be hunting Houston co. for only the second time in the upcoming ’09 season. im looking forward to using your tactics. Thank you Thank you Thank you! C. Slinger

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      Hey Dan,Lee and Jarod reserve a copy for me at the show in Madison, set it aside I’ll ask for it when I see ya!!

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      Finally got my paws on one…I’m speechless…I’m gonna give the best testimonial ever just you wait and see. πŸ˜†

      Great video once again. My most commonly used quote while watching is… “That makes sense”

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      hunt n nut

      Very Impressive!!!

      My son and I got a chance to watch the DVD and you guys did an awesome job. My son is thirteen and I was impressed how it even kept him glued to the TV soaking in information and being entertained. Maybe he picked up some stuff and teach me πŸ˜‰

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      I’m in the process of watchung the Vid. Well over half I think.
      A few comments so far.

      First of all, I really like it a lot so far. Lots of good info and plenty of fodder to think about and modify to my style of hunting. I think it’s very important to have an open mind and use every piece of knowledge and other’s experiences to your advantage.

      My biggest point of contention is the thermals theory. I know that they exist in a very big way, but to trust them to be anything but fickle can be a huge mistake. I’ve hunted the Rockies as well as the Bluffs of MN. and can tell that even with the way more consistant thermals out west (bigger slopes means more heated area means more consistant “wind”) that the direction of the thermal wind can change several times a minute.
      That being said; I think it is very risky for the average hill hunter to be real agressive in a mature bucks security area. It doesn’t take much to push them to start moving just a few minutes later in the evening to make them totally nocturnal.
      Do I think it’s a great idea to know where their bedding area is. Absolutely.
      But I KNOW that you cannot be too careful when dealing w/ mature bucks in swirling “wind”.
      If I were sharing the hunting rights on a piece of Hill Country, there would be some covenants to follow on Bedding areas!
      Great video guys, well worth the price Thanks

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      Lee Gatzke

      Good points Arrow. You’ll notice we mentiioned in the video, that we frequently check the wind with the milkweed seeds. This does two things: it shows you how fickle the winds are, so that if they are ruining your set up you can re-locate, and it teaches you where you can set up to have a more reliable location wind/thermal- wise, for the time when you hunt it. There is no substitute for scouting and experience with thermals and wind in this type of country. You must do your homework to hunt it successfully.

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      incredible video. the information is just excellent. i’m so glad you guys took the time to put information out their like this. i feel like im years ahead in knowledge. i really dont know what else to say other than

      thank you bbo

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      Southern Man

      I have known of thermals and read of possible leeward side bedding for quite some time. I have learned wind can and will do funny things even with slight elevation changes. What I haven’t read is the specific bedding you guys point out in the video. Too many times the β€œexperts” speak of bedding areas but offer no help in finding them. They tend to focus on Rut strategies for the entire season. I’m anxious to spend a little more time in the woods this spring to recheck some areas for what you discussed. The concepts in the video have possibly answered questions to things I’ve seen and didn’t understand. Excellent video. Keep up the good work. I think I’ve already sold a few copies of it for you. I can’t wait for the next one. I do have one question though, Is the reason Dan likes to hunt that water hole is to watch those bucks jump in the water? Grins, I liked that.

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      double lung

      I have been busy as heck, and haven’t checked in much lately. In fact I haven’t even read the other posts in this thread.

      I did order and watch Hill Country Whitetails. It was so good I watched it twice through, taking notes like a kid in college the second time through πŸ˜€

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      2nd best hunting tutorial dvd only to Marsh bucks. In my opinion. I am biased though because I only hunt swamps.

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      The video was great. We have a lot of hill country and large forest areas where I live. This really sheds some light on why and how these animals are moving. The way the video was presented with the strategies and then actual examples was very informative. Now if you’ll make a video on hunting “Big Woods” bucks, where there aren’t any farms within 40 miles I’ll be knocking down some serious slobs. Great job on the video, I’m sure I’ll be watching it over and over…

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      “paridgerunner” wrote: The video was great. We have a lot of hill country and large forest areas where I live. This really sheds some light on why and how these animals are moving. The way the video was presented with the strategies and then actual examples was very informative. Now if you’ll make a video on hunting “Big Woods” bucks, where there aren’t any farms within 40 miles I’ll be knocking down some serious slobs. Great job on the video, I’m sure I’ll be watching it over and over…

      I think Big Woods may be in the works after Farm Bucks πŸ˜‰

    • #50323

      Straight up…best damn hardcore instructional hunting dvd made to date. Really liked the explaining of the thermals and how to adjust for them.Staying above the “tunnel” and letting the pervailing winds towards top work for you on the lee side.simply put…the bar has been raised to a level with each BBO release. May the hardwork, the integrity and plain obsessive dedication to hunting these majestic beasts stay in every dvd. P.S.gotta get some better music man,like it or not,even suttle bkgd stuff leading and fading clips etc. with killer tunes would make the whole package even tighter. The chapter music was really loud when compared to scenes and had a generic “fill” sound to it. This is my honest review,excellent video,choked full of facts and strageties…with really crappy music.Come on Dan I know you must like some kind of music? Look at it as the polish or the bells and whistles.Bottomline,thanks again guys can’t wait to hit the hills!JT

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      i think i just got a masters degree in hill country hunting. i have watched it twice in the last 24 hours. great info. the lay out of the video perfect. that was fastest 3 hours ever.

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      Uncle Lou

      I did not read all the reviews yet. I have watched the video and liked it very much.

      But I must say my favorite part was the dedication to Dan’s sister Marie right at the begining.

      I just started watching it with 4 yr old Ellie for bedtime and this time I was inspired to come post this.

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      Uncle Lou

      This is starting to become Ellies bedtime movie at least this week you are ahead of Fox and the Hound.

      First time I made her watch it, I (so she said) promised to watch some damn ballet video with fake bears with her which was last night. She thought I would like the bears.

      At Tonights viewing of Hill Country I was quizing her, who is that. The guy with the long hair is Dan, the young guy is Jarrod. Lee, you are known as the old guy.

      Dont feel bad Lee, then she said you dont look as old as me, she asked me why your hair isnt gray and black like mine. I said that was his good side.

      Good videos guys

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      “Uncle Lou” wrote: This is starting to become Ellies bedtime movie at least this week you are ahead of Fox and the Hound.

      First time I made her watch it, I (so she said) promised to watch some damn ballet video with fake bears with her which was last night. She thought I would like the bears.

      At Tonights viewing of Hill Country I was quizing her, who is that. The guy with the long hair is Dan, the young guy is Jarrod. Lee, you are known as the old guy.

      Dont feel bad Lee, then she said you dont look as old as me, she asked me why your hair isnt gray and black like mine. I said that was his good side.

      Good videos guys

      πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

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      I thought the video was great, very informative. I showed it to a hunting partner of mine and since he is laid off he when to a spot he and i hunted that would be similar to what the video portrayed. He found a buck bed 1/3 of the way down the hill on the Leeward side and determined that we probably hunted that spot incorrectly in terms of how we got in there. This up comming season will be different when we hunt that spot. I hope I win the coin toss when we go in there and don’t have to be the camera man.

    • #50757

      Great video…awesome stuff guys…after talking to you guys at the GB show I knew that everything that you guys do has a professional image to it and these videos are awesome…keep em coming.

    • #50979


      I just bought the DVD from the Madison Expo and all I can truly say this is the BEST hunting how to video I have ever seen.

      I hunt Buffalo county and this explained why I saw deer that I did and why I might have blown some spots. I learned a lot techniques that I did not think of previously.

      Thank you for an excellent DVD and hope there is a sequel soon.

      Buy this video, it will change the way you hunt–for the better.


    • #50984

      I thought the dvd was awesome! I can’t believe how much I have learned from the bloodbro’s two dvds and this website in the last year. I can’t wait until the next dvd.

    • #51004

      Top ten reasons why “Hill Country Bucks” is the best hunting video I’ve ever seen:
      10. This morning, my three year-old son told me, “Scary Dan is really nice, Daddy.”
      9. Tom Gatzke. (You’ve come a long way from swilling Kessler, butchering “The Hag” and Jerry Reed, and keeping the coon dog [and henceforth Uncle Andy] up all night. Tight lines at Lake Erie, my friend.)
      8. It will take me 16 PBR’s to explain the “thermal tunnel” to my relatives, and it will be worth every flippin’ second and sip.
      7. Nothing like a video that features a young man who kills his first bow deer (a great buck, I might add) because he made a great shot, and also because two very selfless big buck killers put him in that spot and helped him find his buck. There are many of us who would love to be in your shoes, Jamey.
      6. Deep cuts…..There have been a lot of big bucks killed on my family’s land in hill country, and the majority of them have met their demise on the top end of a ditch. Right on, Jarrod.
      5. If I had a dollar for every time I said “Hmm…I never thought of it that way…” while I was watching “Marsh Bucks” and “Hill Country Bucks,” I’d be buying a 2,000-acre farm in Iowa and investing in a truckload of pixie dust.
      4. Most, if not all, of the avid bowhunters I know, use rut tactics from opening day until the season closes in January;
      3. Your water hole segment is ground-breaking (pardon the pun).
      2. I will hunt more public land this year because of what you guys had to say about it.
      1. In a world where money, politics, and entitlement seem to reign, it’s refreshing and rejuvenating to be reminded that, in the woods, hard work, integrity, and perseverance are the keys to success. I hope to teach my kids this valuable lesson, and I thank you Blood Brothers for emphasizing these ideals.

      Now get to work on “Farmland Bucks” :mrgreen:

    • #51008
      hunt n nurse

      SN, I think that is one of the best, if not the best review I have read thus far!!!!!!! “Scary Dan……………..” that’s great!!!!!

      Dan, Lee and Jarrod you guys deserve every bit of pride and satisfaction this and all the other great reviews these videos are getting!!!!! Thanks again for putting your knowlege, time and effort into sharing–TRULY SHARING what you know and have learned the good old fashioned way!!!!!!

    • #51077

      Just got done watching the video after finally picking it up at the show and all i have to say is im going to be ready for this season because of this DVD! πŸ˜€

    • #51456

      “Southern Noll” wrote: 1. In a world where money, politics, and entitlement seem to reign, it’s refreshing and rejuvenating to be reminded that, in the woods, hard work, integrity, and perseverance are the keys to success. I hope to teach my kids this valuable lesson, and I thank you Blood Brothers for emphasizing these ideals.

      Couldn’t agree more, Noll — great bunch of guys.

      After finding this site, watching the DVD’s and meeting the guys I’m more pumped up
      for hunting than I ever remember being — not to mention much better prepared. At 39
      years old, it’s pretty cool to feel “like a kid” again as far as hunting goes. 8)

    • #51536

      Hill Country Bucks is chock full of strategies for makin’ slobs eat dirt in the hills, Great job guys!!! I’m sure we’ll apply some of the info to our already smokin’ game plans. Can’t wait for another turn in the tunnel… Nice gruntin’ with Dan and Lee at the show in Madsion.

    • #52291

      Bar none the best Trophy Whitetail Hunting Videos Ever Made and I own them all. The “PRO” videos I own seem like an absolute joke to me now. The format and execution of the information you provide in this video is perfect.
      Watching these videos was as humbling as it was exciting to learn. I have learned more in the last few hours then I have in the last ten of the 25 years I have been hunting. Excellent job sir’s. You have a lifetime supporter and customer. I found you by accident, bought the DVD, immediately after watching got online and ordered Hunting Marsh Bucks and I have never even seen a marsh!….lol.

    • #52314

      I bought the marsh hunting video and learned a lot from it even though I don’t hunt marsh areas much.

      I do hunt the hills quite a bit and enjoyed this video both from a learning perspective and an entertainment viewpoint as well.

      I’ve been trying to learn the wind tunnel effect for some time and you guys just cut my learning curve substantially. I would go on a limb and say this is one of the top instructional deer hunting videos I’ve ever seen or heard of.

      Thanks a lot guys. Well done.

    • #53213

      This is another great video.
      After watching both of these, I came away with a new perspective. Instead of thinking way too much and making things more complicated than needs to be, this makes you use common sense.
      I have always hunted bedding “areas”, but never really tried to locate the actual bed itself.
      I now believe that this is definitely the key.
      The education on the wind and currents is also going to be huge in the future.
      Thanks for the great info.
      We will see if I can use that to my advantage in the future.

    • #53543
      Hill Hunter

      I was with a couple buddies at the Madison show…I picked up the hill country bucks DVD and one of my friends purchsed a video from another vendor. I recommended that he also get BBO’s. He did and called me a few weeks later thanking me and regreting the purchase of “the other video.” Now, to me there are only two types of hunting videos, BBO’s (lets not forget whitetail addictions)and of course, “the other video.”

      No acting, no BS, all helpful, applicable info for the serious hunter. Thanks fellas, I know this will help the future hunts at the family farm.

    • #55160

      High quality and educational.

      I got more out of 10-minutes of BBO videos than 6-years worth of all the others out there. Money well spent.

    • #57429

      This was probably one of if not the best hunting related films I have ever seen. I love the fact that you incorporated actual maps and terrain features when explaining your theories. I do a lot of swamp hunting around Helenville and will be looking at picking up your Marsh Bucks video as I was so impressed with the hill country one. Keep up the great work!

    • #58721

      Finnaly had a chance to watch it. My hats off to you. Another great DVD!!

    • #59923

      Lots of great reviews here and I have to agree… This is the most educational video I have ever seen! I borrowed a copy from a friend after hearing a lot of good reviews on the video and I didn’t want to give it back! πŸ™‚ Even though I don’t hunt Marsh country, I’ll be ordering the marsh video along with my own copy of Hill Country Bucks because I’m sure I’ll learn something from it anyways. Great job guys, keep up the good work!

    • #60697

      I would say the video has helped me be able to pinpoint a buck bed. I hunt a lot of urban areas with small woodlots which make it difficult sometimes to figure out where a buck is living. It’s fun now to look at the ariel photos and find a spot where you think a buck will bed and actually go there and confirm it. The hard part is hunting him down with all of the property lines and being able to access where you want to set up.

      I also hunt some hilly regions which I believe I can have better success in October now if I concentrate on setting up closer to the bedding areas.

      I would say: Buck Beds, the key to October whitetails!! This is the first video which I have seen that is not rut hunting tactics.

    • #60877
      Robert Richer

      I had my son watch it again last night and we are stoked for the bow opening next week. Forget the steroids, watch the DVD and you will be pumped!

      Again, good educational material and good examples of determining where to hunt/ scout the hill-country!

      Vernon county hills here we come….

      p.s. We are bringing the DVD for the farmers to watch!

    • #61656

      I picked up Hill Country Bucks last week on a whim because it looked like the type of video I have been looking for but had been disappointed so many times before. It was exactly what I wanted! An educational video that not only told you the who, what, where and why but showed maps, scouting, setup, and finally the harvest! I like seeing more of the reasoning on why you would pick a spot rather then just seeing a kill footage. I like some of those videos but they are just entertainment. Your videos are an education. Well done! I’ll be picking up your Marsh Bucks video as well and telling my serious hunting buddies about your video as well.

      Having said that there were a couple of things I think were left unanswered in your video. It seemed most of your setups were evening stands. I have read on the forums here that you have most of your success in the evenings and I can understand that but what would be some valid strategies for morning hunts? I live in mountain country and my property is a great evening area as the deer come down to feed on my chestnuts and acorns but is a tough morning hunt. I usually hunt nearby public land in the AM and though I’ve got a good idea of where the bucks bed I haven’t been able to get on them without getting busted by the morning down-draft thermals before warmup. Another thing you briefly touched on was ground hunting. I find I hunt more from the ground each year, especially when packing in far on National Forest land. Some more ground hunting tips would be great. The only negative criticism I have of the video was the chapter heading music got a bit grating by the 4 or 5 segment. All and all a great production. Thanks!

    • #61729

      I bought it on a Sunday and by Wednsday i had it down word for word. Awesome job with the maps and directional arrows. It was very informative and easy to follow along with. I printed maps of my spots to reference with the ones you used in the video. Cant wait to see how and where you guys will go next…..

    • #62476
      Trapper Dan

      Paul Stokes (Stokes Sports) suggested this video. Without question, the most educational whitetail video out there. It gives me the convidence to hunt closer to buck beds. Great tatics for hunting “outside the rut”. The best explanation of wind/thermals I have ever seen.

    • #63406

      I finaly got the hill country dvd. I have been hunting whitetails here in the hills of tennesse and kentucky for over 35 years. I have killed more than my share of deer, but, no real slobs the terrain you hunt in this dvd is very similar to what I hunt. I have always hunted food sources that,s probably why I have not killed any slobs. Your tactics and views on hunting according to bedding areas makes so much sence and i,m looking forward to trying it……….HAVE A NICE NITE.

    • #63893

      Unbelievably valuable video. This has answered so many questions for me. I will utilize all the information I have gathered. What excites me is that I hunt almost exclusively on public land. This unlocks a lot of questions for me on big hilly parcels. I can’t thank you enough!


    • #64279

      I don’t know what else to say other than WOW. I have watched a lot of hunting videos and nothing even comes close the Hill Country DVD. I hunt a large public land military base and struggle to hone in on large, mature bucks. This video just upped my overall deer intelligence. I can’t say enough. Thank you for making the video.


    • #64377

      Hey fellas, picked up a copy of HIll Country at my local Gander Mt last week, thought it looked interesting. Was a good stroke of luck, it’s an awesome video. Completely flat where I live and hunt, but most years I hunt for a week or two in Ohio hills and have never been able to figure out hilly country. Learned more watching the video than in a dozen years hunting that type terrain. Can’t wait to hit the hills next year and put the info to use!

    • #64773


      Yeah, I want to see that one. I’m a long time marsh rat, but it’s all salt marshes around me. Most of them hold sika deer, not whitetail, but I’ve killed a few nice whiteys jumping them during rifle season out in the marshes.

    • #64959
      Sam Ubl

      All I can say is THANK YOU! Pretty cool to learn so much in so little time. That’s admirable to share what has taken you guys years to learn. Also loved the hunts. Andre’s bucks are monsters! Dan, I loved the shot of your first buck damn near clearing the water hole after the shot – what an Olympian. And as far as “An Opening Day to Remember” for the gun hunt portion. . . I can’t even describe how cool it was to see that! Wish all the guys had cameras. I also wish I had been in the truck when you took those slobs to get registered!

    • #68567

      Been public a swamp hunter for the most part because I’ve always liked the idea of going where others don’t “want” to go. After watching the Hill country video I think I’ll add a few of these tactics to the menu and try finding some areas where others don’t “think of” to go.

      The video is very informative….Good job guys… and good shootin…. Maybe I’ll roll my next buck to the truck instead of swimming him in there..

      Keep Stompin….

    • #69555

      This DVD is the real deal…..A must see.

      My dad used these same methods 30+ years ago and past them on to me….I have consistently killed big bucks on public land where very few succeed using exactly whats on this DVD.

      Mad props to Blood Brothers…great job guy’s!!!

    • #70376

      It is simply the best Hunting DVD or video I have ever seen!
      With so much of the information provided it is like someone has flipped the switch on things that are so obvious and practical.
      The fact that Dan,Lee and Jarrod are regular guy’s (all decency,no airs)and extend themselves by suggesting that we contact them through the forum to ask questions or to discuss principles and tactics is a huge gift to us all!

    • #70449

      Just got the DVD the other day for Christmas. I thought it was great, very well thought out. I really learned a lot. I like your videos the best out of all I have ever seen, because they are full of information and not a bunch of kill shots at a guided hunt. Keep up the good work.

    • #71243

      This was a awesome DVD. I’m a new hunter and this has tought me alot. I’ve only watched it once so far, so I know I’ll need to watch it a few more times to get more info out of it but so far I already know I need to change alot of my tactics to help make my hunts more efficient. This movie will also help me out alot with adjusting my strategies as the conditions change throughout the day.

    • #71755

      You guys should charge more. People pay for quality, and quality should be rewarded. Great video. Bowhunting is frustrating and time consuming. Most of us don’t have time to “live in the woods.” Your videos take 100’s of hours off of our “back to the bark time”, and educate us. Again, great video. Charge double for the next one. I’ll buy it.

    • #73570
      Hodag Hunter

      I am not 100% thru the video yet, as I have been backtracking and watching portions again. I have to say….this is the first video I have written notes down after watching. πŸ˜†

      I have done lttle “hill country” hunting in the past but when I did wasn’t to successfull. This wind tunnell affect and hunting the leward side has me intrigued to give a go at it again.

      One of my good buddies hunts “hilly terrain” that is public and constantly has fits in “his” areas. Many times he asked me to join him to try and figure a good approach to hunting these areas. I have to admidt I was off base on some of my assumptions after watching this video. Years back did shoot a half way decant 2.5 year old buck by him……..funny thing was the buck came the exact opposite direction where I thought he would. 😳 😯

      Told my bud to buy this video…..you could charge $50 bucks and it would be worth it.

    • #73853
      AR Hunter

      Hey I finally signed up on the site. I got both DVDs as a Christmas gift (after dropping some hints- website and order info :roll:). I wound up with two copies of each and had to return a set- definitely not dissatisfaction, just more than I could use. Anyway, I watched both of them and they are great. The Hill Country DVD gave some great insight on the areas I hunt. I’m busy, but I can’t wait to get out and try to locate some bucks! Thanks Dan, Jarrod, and Lee!

    • #73854
      hunt n nurse

      Welcome AR!!!!!!Thanks for the great review!!!!! I know the guys will appreciate hearing this and will let you know as well.

    • #73870
      Lee Gatzke

      Welcome to the site AR, and thanks.

    • #75100
      Sam Ubl

      Yeah, Dan did/does an awesome job explaining and teaching the art of bowhunting in just about any conditions when it comes to the beasts and birds of the midwest!!

    • #75199

      Great video, lots of useful information and some humor, too, especially if you’re one of “those guys” that is doing everything exactly opposite of what the BloodBrothers are doing! I have to laugh every time Jarrod says something like…”most guys do this their way, which is exactly opposite of what we do!” I laugh because he is describing what I have done for most of my hunting life and then says it is all wrong! He’s right though, because my success has always been with smaller bucks…I guess I have just been “lucking” into a buck most years! I can’t wait to start applying what I have learned from the video so far…I say “so far” because I plan on watching it numerous times before the next hunting season. Same goes for the marsh hunting video! Again, great job!

    • #75200

      welcome to the forum , good to hear it helped

    • #75208
      Lee Gatzke

      Welcome to the site Nanook. I hope your homework produces a slob this year.

    • #75424

      A friend of mine INSISTED that I buy Hill Country Bucks. I watched the DVD for the first time just before the 2009 Wisconsin archery season. I wanted to see how the tactics worked, so I decided to throw my ideas out the door for one season and apply the ones from the DVD.

      I saw more bucks last season than I have in the past 3 seasons combined! All were within bow range (mostly 2.5 y.o. deer) AND…I got the first shot I’ve ever taken at a P&Y (14 yards).

      I hunt in Grant County Wisconsin, and following these tactics proved to me that there is more of a science to buck hunting than most people think, and these guys have figured it out.

      I have referred a number of others to the DVD already.

    • #75426

      first off welcome to the site…….great to hear it all came together for you… theres so much more of a science to hunting then people think….

    • #75432
      Lee Gatzke

      Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the site Chris.

    • #75438

      Great DVD, changed the way I hunt forever! Check under scouting, need some help!!!

    • #77480

      I loved the DVD of course. The 2nd time watching it I had a buddy watch, too. He thought it was a bit lengthy, but definitely the most informative video he’s watched. He also commended on the number of huge deer that were in it.

      I remember while we wathched one of the scenes with Andrae, he goes,” I wish I knew as much as this guy does.” Then after he shoots the Flyer buck, and gives that little “taking candy from a baby” line, my buddy goes, “This guy is too good! He shouldn’t even be allowed to hunt!” LOL πŸ˜†

    • #78055

      LOVE the video, I have always struggled to hunt hill country the video has helped me immensely!!

      Very informative and helpful info presented in a great format–BEST deer hunting video I have seen in a long time!!

      I just bought the marsh video!!

    • #78077

      Happened across this video while Christmas shopping and had a chance to watch it over the weekend. What an excellent resource! I have been hunting a farm in Southern Ohio for 4 years now and struggled to pattern the deer there. I can’t wait to get out and do some scouting with my newly found knowledge!

      Great work guys!

    • #78087

      i got to hunt some hill country in kansas and the tactics in the video are right on. all the sign was 1/4 to 1/3 down from the top. It was neat to see the thermal tunnel as well

    • #78271

      This Dvd is better than any of the outdoor hunting shows on the outdoor channel. To me if you want to learn more how to really hunt watch the DVD. If you want to go hunt with an outfitter watch the outdoor channel.

    • #78845

      I watched this video and I think it is the most informative videos I have ever watched! I am new to hunting deer in the hills and I feel that this video has prepared me very well. Love the illustrations! I do have a couple questions though. You address the “tunnel” that occurs when the thermals and prevailing wind are coming from opposite directions. What is unclear to me, is how you would hunt mornings and evenings when the thermals and winds are from the same direction or perpendicular to each other. How do deer behave in these situations. I will be hunting an area where much o fhte land is a north or west facing slope and I expect plenty of winds from the the north and west. There will also be southerly winds, but few from the east, which is when the instruction in your video would come into play. Any help would be appreciated.

    • #78846
      Lee Gatzke

      The tunnel in “hill country” is formed by a rising thermal flowing uphill to meet a prevailing horizontal wind flow. The zone where they meet towards the top of the hill causes them to tumble on the lee side of the hill or ridge, creating the thermal tunnel we refer to. Due to these characteristics, they never come from the same direction. Go back and watch that part of the video and I think you’ll get what we were talking about.

    • #78852

      I understand when the tunnel is formed, but there will be instances where the thermals and and wind direction may be going the same way or when they are perpendicular. So for example, if you have a west facing slope, the thermals would be going up in the morning. So the question I would have is how will a north wind affect where you scent goes? Do you need to pay more attention to the wind or the thermal? How doe sthis influence deer movement? Then on the same slope in the evening where the thermals reverse, how would a west wind affect that situation where the winds and thermals are in opposite directions, but in this case, the tunnel affect would not come into play because it is on the opposite side of the hill.

      Maybe I’m overthinking this and I just need to hunt it and see for myself, but since I have hunted the past 25 years in flat farmland, this hill country hunting is something new to me.

    • #78865
      Lee Gatzke

      When you have a West facing slope with a rising thermal and the wind is coming from the West, that puts you on the windward side of that hill or ridge. You want to hunt the opposite side of that hill or ridge, or the lee side, for the following reasons; What happens to the thermals and prevailing winds when they are on the windward side of a hill, is that they combine and together and the prevailing wind forces them over the hilltop to the lee side where they meet the thermal rising from the lee side and instead of flowing together they tumble and mix in the thermal tunnel. In that thermal tunnel (on the lee side only) scent flowing in the thermals on the windward side and lee side is combined and deer can smell both sides in one place. When your on the windward side in the place where the rising thermal meets with the prevailing wind the deer can smell everything rising on that sides’ thermal and everything downwind of the prevailing wind in that location. They can’t smell the backside or leeside thermal. So by traveling on the leeside in the thermal tunnel, they get to smell both sides thermals and everything downwind of the prevailing wind at that location.
      Now when you have this West facing slope and a thermal rising or falling combined with a North wind, you will not have a lee side thermal tunnel condition. With a North wind you want the topography to have South facing slopes to be able to create the thermal tunnel. So depending on the prevailing wind you hunt ridges and hills that offer a lee side to be able to hunt the thermal tunnels, i.e. West prevailing Winds require East Facing slopes, South prevailing winds require North facing slopes, ect.
      What understanding of thermals, prevailing winds, wind eddies, how wind flows through the topography, and any number of other factors that influence wind travel does, is to allow you to be aware of how a deer uses these conditions to keep the wind in their face to smell what they can’t yet see as they travel or bed. Knowing this helps you predict how they will travel and how to choose where to hunt them.
      Getting out in the field with a pocket full of milkweed seeds to test the wind and thermals will answer how wind flows through your hunting area at different times of the day and different weather conditions. The deer understand all of this, we need to do likewise to be able to outsmart them.

    • #78869

      Now I understand. Thanks Lee!

    • #80502

      Love the video it was very informative. Big bucks be watch out Arky is after you. πŸ˜€

    • #81539

      I recently purchased HIll Country Bucks DVD from a hint from one of my buddies. Here in Eastern Kentucky this vital information is definitely going to assist me in chasing the biggest bucks on my property! Cant thank you guys enough for your awesome video. Great Job

    • #84384

      The best hunting dvd I have ever seen hands down! These guys know there stuff. Since watching the dvd I have found several good buck beds on hilly public land. Now this year I will have more confidence while hunting them, instead of just hunting the wind and hoping they walk past. Thing I love the most is that these guys go into the woods during the early season instead of waiting to hunt these bucks during rut like most TV guys.

    • #84776

      I just bought the DVD and man is it full of great info!!!One question I have and maybe its been covered,Do you set up stands early in the year or do you just pick trees then come back and set up?I see Jarod using a climber in one hunt on this vid but most of the hunts look like they are from loc ons and in the dark they are a pain in the butt to set up quietly.Keep up the good work and I will be ordering the other vids this week!

    • #84777
      Jarrod Erdody

      Hey Machinist…thanks, glad you like! Answer is both. sometimes we’ll preset on private land…typically I never leave stands up all year however, because of what squirrels etc can do to straps (and the growth of trees can tighten them on too much). The climber in the example you speak of is because I’d prescouted and knew I could use a climber in there. 90% of the time, I’m using my portable Lone Wolf (Alpha or Assassin or Assault) hang-on. I either pick the tree ahead and come back with the stand in the dark (or daylight), or pre-hang in certain conditions (rain). Makes it imperative to have stands that are portable, lightweight, quiet, and easy to setup and take down…

    • #84778

      Cool thanks,I cant wait to see the other 2 videos and start my post season scouting for next year!!

    • #84804

      awesome video, tons of great info.

    • #85470

      Just watched “Hill Country bucks” I am very impressed. This is a very educational video and I learned tons of info. I have a ladder stand in an area I call the honey hole. I have shot 2 bucks with bow out of that ladder stand and 2 bucks with a rifle within 50 yards of the stand. After watching the video it makes scene why it is the honey hole. I have other stands I don’t see anything in the mornings and normally see deer in the evenings. Again no accident, in fact I remember that stand in 1999 on evening 3 big bucks came in there. Unfortunately i did not get a shot but one of them bucks were one of the ones taking from the honey hole with a rifle, he was a 5×5 162 7/8. The video has helped me with allot of unanswered questions. One thing I will have in my pocket form now on is some milk weed seed. Kudos guys great video. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • #85471
      Jarrod Erdody

      Thanks Scentblocker!

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