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      No not me, a friend I met on another trad site. He is from Hawaii too, just on the other end of the Island. We posted a couple times where we hunted and the like. He hunted the Pali same as I did, before the ranch damage control got into full swing.

      Well, We finally got to shake hands at the sign in station at the Pali archery only hunting area. he told me where and how far he had his place to sit for a evenings hunt………..over a mile walk and in almost a years time, he’s only seen 2 hogs.
      He seemed like a nice guy, so I offered to take him scouting on my side of the Pali, he gladly accepted my offer and one saturday, we made a 1/2 day of it and found a great area for my small ladder stand to fit. and he bought a feeder and camera to see what was hitting the area now dubbed the “PIT” it was being hit and hit hard everyday almost from the get-go.

      He started sitting the stand, and saw a couple small hogs and now and then, got busted because of the swirling wind couple times.

      Well tonight, I had just came up from the cave, playing with the new bow design when the cell phone rang. I saw it was “Dave da pighuntr”, I said “Hey what’s up? he said I……..one, What? your breaking up. “I”….”Shot”….”One” he said slowly,
      Oh WOW, Congrats !!! , he ask, what are you doing now? I said ….I was going to sit down for supper, but I’m on the way up there. I’ll get down and blood trail, he said,you know they stopped right at the begining of the thick stuff and milled around right there, I said, when a hog goes down the other hog(s) will stop to see what is wrong, but, will go on after they see it not moving. I said, I’ll bet, the hog is down right there, check it out…I’m on the way up.

      I grabbed the camera, hunting pack and headed out the door, a quick 5 minute drive and I was pullin in behind his truck, He wasn’t there? Is he is still in the woods? I grabbed my pack and camera and off I went in a quick hurry. 70 yards into my trip I met up with Dave on the trail(notice it wasn’t a mile or more walk?) he was still shakin and all nervous.

      I ask for the story, to let him calm down, he said, They came right where you said they would, though the thick stuff, then came in and started feeding at the pit, he said, I musta drew my bow 20 times and let down because they kept moving in each other ways. finally the tan sow moved and the black boar took a step forward and I drew and look at the arm pit just like ya said and let’er fly.

      I rolled the boar over and yep, sure enough the Snuffer caught the very edge of the shoulder blade and exited between the other leg and breast bone…a perfect heart shot. he said the blood trail was real heavy and thick after about 10 yrds

      After a few pictures I hooked up my snare-drag and finished the drag back to the truck for him, I must say it was good to see him excited. Over a year hunting in the Pali and he finally killed a nice solid boar. This was his first Traditional kill too. On my scale it weighed #86 fine eatin pounds.

      Here’s a few pics taken in the dark of the Pali

      Not bad,He’s got a inch of tusk showing

      Dave and his boar, and his christening hash mark on his forehead

      Congratulations my friend, I’m glad I could be part of your success.
      One down, many more to go.

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      Nice hog and story! :mrgreen:

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      hunt n nurse

      Great story Mark. Glad he could share his 1st trad kill with oyu , and, you with us.

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      Good hog. Congrats your friend. 8)

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      Awwwwwww, look at that, thats awesome….. :mrgreen:

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      That was nice of your friend to “share”!

      Very Cool Mark!

      So where is Trav these days?

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      Trav is back in Kalifornia, he went to 2 other states, after you had your visit.

      Thanks for asking, are you doing anymore with Traditional stuff? or kinda got it on the back burner?

      Aloha Nui Loa

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      Man, Trav sure gets around!
      I have tinkered a bit with my brothers home made bow, but it’s something that is going to take alot more effort and dedication with…something I don’t really have the money or time to start at the moment.
      But I have to believe eventually, the interest will peak and I’ll end up buying one to play with.

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