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      Deb make it in fine shape. little tired, but excited to say the least. She got all settled in and as she thought, was up at 2 am Hawaii time Wed morning, Sunrise found her on the North Shore beach watching a fantastic sunrise.

      We met up bout noon and prepared for a afternoon/evening at the ranch.
      We pulled the game camera from the pit and made our way the the “Stands” for our evening hunt.
      We had 5 hogs come in and we were treated to a show of how destructive these little devils can be. She opted to wait on some larger hogs to come in.
      The sun set and the shadows grew long as we decended our ladderstands and made our way back to the truck.
      One the way back to the truck we scouted an open riding field that showed lots of rooting damage, They are there, we just need to be there when they are. That’s why it’s called hunting and not killing.

      On the drive home we made plan of waiting to see what the game camera revealed for Thursdays hunt possibably at the “Pit” which revealed a huge boar come in just at dark.
      So we relaxed at the house and finished the evening with a BBQ.

      Sightseeing, the beach and lounging around will be the order for today(getting a sunburn LOL). Then we hit the “Pit” for a evening hunt. It’s only a matter of time before Blood is on the ground.

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      Lee Gatzke

      I can feel the warm Hawaiian rays radiating from your post. Thanks for the update, good luck pig hunting tonight.

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      hunt n nurse

      A photo update so far. The Rockies from 35,000ft:

      Oahu shoreline coming in to land.Prior to this, I saw whales Breeching from about 10,000 ft:

      Greeted at the airport by Mark(Greywolf):

      Wed. I was still on CST time and up at 2:30am so what to do?? Listen to the ocean beside me and decided a Hawaiian sunrise was in order:

      Went to Sunset Beach and found some surferboys:

      Went looking for some Green Sea Turtles but did not find them (today any way). However, any good scout needs to find the tracks. And I did:

      Then I met up with Mark and his wife and what a wonderful woman she is. I instantly felt like I have known her for a long time. Mark and I got cammo’d up and hit the stands
      Here are the “footballs” that came to entertain us (We’re gonna set traps for them tomorrow). 3 blackies and 2 silver ones:

      Stay tuned…………

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      hunt n nurse

      Today (Thurs) I woke up on Hawaiian time. 6AM (10 Tx time, late for me!!!!). Could be due to up for 22 hrs, a great BBQ Mark and Davey fixed after last nights hunt, and the sounds of the hypnotic ocean lulling me and keeping asleep.
      Soooo, hmmmm what to do. Ah yea, hike to Kaena Point. So here is what I found:

      As soon as I parked the car as far as I could drive, I look out into the ocean and the whales greeted me again. (Too far for pics tho)I felt very blessed to this welcome. It was 8AM.
      Further on the 2 mile hike:

      Guess what I find at the end of the Point?
      Not one. Not 2, but, 4 Monk Seals basking in the sun. 2 said hello to me, the other 2 were sound asleep:
      These are the ones that greeted me:

      These next 2 are the ones that remained slumbering on the rocks:

      Then I found what I have thought were Albatross and a chick, (right next to the hiking trail), but, Mark can tell ya the name as I have already forgotten!!!Must be the sun!!!

      Then I hiked back, after meeting Linda from Alaska and then Ted and Rochelle from California and showered and met up with Mark for our evening hunt. Sat the “pit”, but, the hogs decided not to bless us tonite. The birds did tho. Many I had never seen before. . Tomorrows another day Scarlet!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      Aloha Deb and Greywolf. Great pics. That one monk seal is marked N9, must be a local celebrity. What a great start to your trip. Thanks for the update and keep the pics comin.

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      N9 has a great story. A fishing boat bout 30 miles out was trolling for Marlin then they spotted something floating in the water, figgering it was a log and could possibably hold some Mahi Mahi they circled the log that all of a sudden, started heading for the boat. N9 climbed onto the swim platform and proceeded to lay on his side and not move, the crew thought something might be wrong because, they ususlly don’t have anything to do with people or equipment, they headed back towards Oahu, They radioed the Aquarium/National fisheries and told then what the seal had done. They dispatched a boat to meet them bout 20 miles out.

      Come to find out N9 was near death with some seal type of complication. He was transported back to the Aquarium given meds, recouped for 3 weeks given the brand N9 and was released back to the wild.

      If they sport a brand they are recorded for research or what ever reason.

      But,today is another day, maybe Deb score this evening, were gonna do some spot and stalk.

      stay tuned….

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      Lee Gatzke

      What a catch for that boat. Good luck on the spot and stalk, sounds like fun.

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      hunt n nurse

      Today is starting off with a different plan. One I did not plan for. But, just the same, will deal with. I woke up at 5:30 (9:30CST) jumped in the shower, packed my stuff, threw it in the car and headed inland. At Marks right now til later today when things settle down. The Tsunami is expected to hit around 11:00 Hawaiin time-3pm CST. I can watch it from the side of the mountain. Staying in Makaha today was not an option, and the roads out will be closed at 10:00. I did not even want to opt for staying on a higher floor as I do not know the structural capabilites of the Condo and it is literally right on the ocean.
      But—–we can still check the hog traps and hunt!!!!! All is well!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      I’ll bet the critters will be bedding high today. Follow their lead, this is no time to go surfing. Good thing it didn’t hit without warning.

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      hunt n nurse

      T-minus 2.h hrs and counting!!!!! High, dry and safe!!!!
      Here is a recap of yesterdays events:
      This morning started with a “hono” hunt. I did not find it, but, again found it’s track. This is a different one, jut a couple blocks from where I am staying in Makaha.On the Leeward side of the island about 5 miles from Kaena Point.

      Then I went into town and to Aloha Tower. My favorite cofffee shop is there, but, has moved a few blocks away. The Bad Ass Coffee Company. And yes, they do have some Bad Ass Coffee. I’ll tell the story of this at a later time, but it does involve some real asses!!! I went to the maritime museum and this is what I found:

      This marlin was caught on a rod and reel off Makaha in 1970. 130# test line aqnd only 45 min to get in the boat. 1090#. This is one of the fish Mark and I will be after next Saturday.
      Then I caught up with Mark, and there was a bit of time befor the hunt so, I helped him with a bow he is building (actually I watched mostly, but I did help some)

      His friend Rick called and it was time to go move some traps and do a spot and stalk. As we were setting a snare in another area not far from a trap we set, this is what I found:

      Got the traps set, snares done and went on a spot and stalk. Did some sitting in some trees and waited as well. Had 4 little ones come out to 20 yards, bust us and scatter in the direction of Rick who was sitting at a trap that was set for catching the little ones, at the “stands”. Sure enough they went to him and two went in the cage:

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      hunt n nurse

      I’m alive!!!!! It turned out not so bad. The Tsunami came, but, not near as bad as what they thought it might be. But, who knew before hand, for sure. The beach right next to me is now 5 feet deeper, meaning how beaches slope out, this has a 5 ft drop off now.
      So we watched the waves come and go (like watching high and low tide happen every 2-3 minutes for several. Then we cammo’d up and went to check the traps and snares. None in the traps. The trap for a big one had a decent size one come just into it and backed out. The snares missed what we believe to have been a couple little ones.
      So we went to the stands and sat. Had 2 little hoovers come in, who I call Little Red and Silverback. Not sure if this is one of the silvers we saw two days ago or not and have not seen Little Red before:

      After awhile we got down and did a spot and stalk and found a track of what we are after. Using my hand, 4 fingers. That’t one of the bad mamajamas we want:

      Tomorrow is a day of fun in the sun since the beaches still exist!!!!! Gonna find a “hono” (turtle). Get some tan and go kill a hog if one is in the trap, otherwise, sunning all day. Oh, and another MaiTai is calling my name as I have only had 1 so far!!!!! Can’t drink and drive or shoot a weapon !!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      I see Greywolf is keeping you busy 8) . What do you do with the little piggies in the traps? I assume they turn into some delicious meal but wonder why you don’t shoot them as well.

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      Most of the little guys are 12-18 pounds, there are larger hogs in the area. that’s what we are trying for. This ranch is bout 85 acres in size, we keep the numbers down to keep the horse and rider/hog confrontation as low as possible. we have people who take the smaller hogs,raise them and use them later.

      These two were released in another hunting area on the other side of the mountain from where we hunt. this ranch has no fences and is bordered by roads only.
      The reason I haved advised shooting them yet is because after you shoot one the area goes cold for 3-4 days after. we still have a few days to try to score on a bigger hogs we gottem on gamecamera but haven’t seen them by eye yet.
      Plus ya gotta remember, They all day to go no where at all, we have daylight to dark. we are the ones with the watches on not them.
      Today is another day

      I think, they know she’s here and are scared shiftless !!!

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      Quote: The reason I haved advised shooting them yet is because after you shoot one the area goes cold for 3-4 days after. we still have a few days to try to score on a bigger hogs we gottem on gamecamera but haven’t seen them by eye yet.

      Thats should read “advised against

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      hunt n nurse

      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      Greywolf, you alright, man!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
      The pigs fear me!!!! They were looking/watching for me just a day or 2 before got here, Mark told me they were at the road, on the road just waiting on me, and now they know!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      Todays adventure:
      Well, this morning started for me at 5:30 (9:30 CST) with awkening to hear the ocean and rain. On the Leeward side, it doesn’t rain much at all and I believe it rained here for 6-8 hours. Windy too. The locals said it was cold. I thought it to be very pleasant. Swimsuit and shorts was the attire for the day (everyday here, except when hunting!!) Went looking for a rainbow, as it rarely rains over the entire island. Found God’s promise to man just a mile or so down the road, a full rainbow over the ocean. I spent time thanking Him for the Promise.
      Went to the North Shore, Haliewa area for awhile to some shops and as I am a coffee fanatic, I have to find the best when I’m here. So I picked up some. Also found some fantastic local honey. The kind made from bees, fo those of you who might be thinking differently!!! Got some of that, too, honey from the bees!!!!
      Went on to my favorite turtle beach and found alot of people there. The reason, there were no less than 100 turtles in the water off shore feeding on the green plants that grown in the shore line there. None on the beach, probably due to so many people.
      Some rain and showers along the journey and it felt great. Then it was time for Giovanni’s Shrimp truck for me!!!! Ohhhhhhh, the best garlic shrimp on the planet!!!! Very much a sensual experience, for sure!!!!! On to a wonderful antique shop that is a place you could spend half a day in and still not see everything in it.
      The trip ended up being nearly a circle island trip for me. Didn’t plan it that way, but, then again, didn’t plan it at all!!!!
      Found myself around 1:30 near the ranch area Mark and I have been hunting, so I give him a call to see if he has checked the traps yet and he is just arrived there. 1 got in and out of the big trap, 1 slipped through a snare and none in the other trap. No hunt today (Yes, I am feeling withdrawals today!!!! πŸ™ ) as we are giving it a rest. Plus, I can’t monopolize all his time hunting, for heavens sake he has a wife that he wants to spend time with!!!! Will hunt again on Tuesday to go after that big boar.
      Headed back to my end of the island and stopped by the turtle beach a couple blocks from where I am staying and I could see 1 big turtle in the water. A couple guys, one young boy and an older guy were trying to catch some fish by throwing a net. They caught a few. Cool to watch. So the turtle stayed in the water. Headed back to the condo and it’s a Mai Tai evening!!!!! I’m not driving or shooting so yeeeehaaaaaa love those Mai Tai’s and especially with the fresh pineapple I picked up earlier today. Heaven, I say!!!!!!!
      If there is anything any one here would like me to pick up for you, pm me and let me know. I can put it in the mail for ya here or when I get home. I am serious. If you want coffee, honey, pineapples, whatever, let me know. I’ll let you know what the cost would be and you will recieve it in short order. I can not, repeat, can not send any hula dancers!!!!

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      Uncle Lou

      awesome journey you have taken us on. Hope it ends at a bountiful bloodtrail.

      Keep the updates coming.

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      hunt n nurse

      No hog hunting today, but, guess what I found??????
      The beach where some of Lost was filmed:

      The area that Sawyer used for his camp in the first few seasons:

      Then went to the soap factory and got some soaps and such, gotta smell good!!!!
      Then I went back to turtle beach, (went there first thing this AM, but, they were still in the water.
      This is what I found:

      It was a very good day!!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      Persistance pays off. You did your scouting. read the sign, glassed from a distance and moved in when the time was right 8) That’s our girl! I’m surprised they’re so docile that they’ll let you approach them and not withdraw into their shell or scoot for the ocean.

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      hunt n nurse

      Hunted this afternoon and the big boy we wanted came in behind us in the blind and let us know he knew we were there and moved off. Close….so close!!!!!!

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      hunt n nurse

      Some pics of yesterdays journey. Nothing special as the surf was too rough around the island. The North Shore beaches were closed to even the most die hard surfers!!!!!! The water is settling some this AM. Should be good fishing on Saturday!!!!!

      So I went to the zoo yesterday. I always find it a challenge to get pics without enclosures or fences. Some can’t be helped.
      Here are a few.
      A meerkat, not much meat on them:

      A Duiker. I believe the little piggies I didn’t shoot have more meat on them:

      This guy followed me around like I was his best friend. Love his attitude:

      Love the framing of this pic. I see 3 double-lungers here:

      My all time favorite flower. The Plumeria. I ALWAYS have body wash, lotion and perfume from this flower. When I get low, I know it’s time to head to Hawaii again:

      Sad? Lonely? Bored? Will you take me with you?

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      Lee Gatzke

      Now this lady knows how to take pics. Thanks for taking us along on vacation with you.

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      Between the rain, high winds and Dr appointments it’s gonna be rough for the rest of the week. High winds keep hogs bedded. and rain is not something I hunt in.

      Just found out the owner of the boat for the fishing trip, his boat had mechanical failure while out during Saturdays tidal change and didn’t get repaired.

      Rough waves were spotted by Deb standing on top of Diamond head (yep she climbed to the top)as far as she could see, well out to the rain squalls any way, which are all around the island right now.

      She’ll update more later I’m sure…..

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      Lee Gatzke

      A rainy day in Hawaii is better than a sunny day on the mainland at this time of year.

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      hunt n nurse

      I was headed to KoOlina for some photos of a slide show I am working on. But due to the rain and the many different rainbows that appear, I missed the exit and didn’t realize it til I well on my way into Honolulu. Being I did not wnt to turn around, I decided to do the Diamond Head Stress Test. You make it up and back down with out a heart attack, you pass the stress test.Wht pay a doctor $1500 for the test when you can pay $5 to park, or if you are really cheap, $1 entry fee and park a couple miles away!!!

      New development: The bark Silencer has been spotted on Diamond Head!!!!(At least the koozie!!!!) you may return to your regular scheduled programming. Updates to follow!!!!!

      No hunt today due to rain and wind. I did help Mark with a bow he is building and he taught me how to shoot a trad bow. That is really cool. I believe I will take that up as a new learning experience. Since I turned 50 I decided I need to learn 2 new things a year and this will be one for this year. Tomorrow we are setting snares and traps and may hunt. Stay tuned…….

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      hunt n nurse

      Let’s see what did today bring? Well it started with rain and when it rains in Hawaii, there is always a rainbow. Always. That is why their license plate has a rainbow on it.

      Caught up with Mark and we headed out to set some snares and check some traps. We set 3, and the big trap yet again had a little one go in and managed to get out. The other trap at “the stands” did not have any visitors. So we sat the stands. It was aroud 1:45pm. At about 2:00, 4 little piggies come in to Mark’s immediate left and below him. I am in the stand to the right and also have the rope beside me to close the trap if a pig gets in and doesn’t set it off.
      We had a blackie, silverback, Little Red that you saw earlier a few days ago, and a piebald black and white with some red. The thing about the piebald, it had a perfect black spot in the kill zone on each side of it. I know this because I shot at it and trimmed toenail!!!!! 10 yd shot and I shot below it!!!! I couldn’t believe it!!!! Well they didn’t spook much, knock another arrow and silver back gives me the killing position. And what do you know? I trim it’s toenail too!!!!! Man, now I am embarrassed to no end. All the while Mark is getting this on film. Dang, where is the delete button when you want it???
      As I am wiping the red off my face, Mark is going psst, psst…close the trap, Deb, close the trap!!! I didn’t even notice Little REd went into the trap.
      So, I got a pig!!!!!! Just not with an arrow yet. I was sure the shot was 14-15 yds, but hey, I shot below at 10, WTF!!!!!!
      Here is Little Red:

      Amazing how a pig can humble ya!!!!!
      I tried to convince Mark that was my strategy, to let the big boar think I was a poor shot that he won’t fear me anymore and come dancing in without a care in the world. I don’t think Mark bought it. How could I tel? Oh, you just had to be there !!!! I won’t forget the laugh we had with that one!!!
      Tomorrows another day Scarlet!!!!!

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      Lee Gatzke

      Your just knocking the rust off your shooting form πŸ˜† . The next one goes down.

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      I checked the traps and snares this morning, 2 of the 3 tripped but nothing in them, not much in the way of tracks so I’ll bet they are the small ones, the cage door was closed but nothing inside again they are small enough to squeeze though a 6 X6 inch mesh opening.
      I check the “Stands” there are 2 small hogs trapped inside, I though about calling Deb and….. well shooting a fish in the barrel raced through my mind…they have a new home in Waimanalo.

      She just got here so were off to the Stands, she was mumbling something about gettin even…….Uhh…Ok

      Film at 11……….


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      Darn got something in my eye, Can’t see to type.

      Oh Shoot, Deb will just haveta fill ya in 😈 πŸ˜‰

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      hunt n nurse

      I got retribution!!!!!!
      Alright, alright!!!!!Ya’ll getting tired of the beautiful pics of Hawaii!!!!! Can only take so many rainbows, eh? Well, well, well.
      Guess what? I GOT A PIGGIE DOWN!!!!!! WITH AN ARROW, TOO. YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!!!!! Guess this is part of why the fishing trip was a no go, today was the day!!!!!We went to “the pit” to see what if anything had come in, looking for tracks. It’s 3:00. I get out of the truck and ask Mark, “should I bring my bow?” Na, just gonna take a look-see and if ya want to see pigs, just leave the bow in the truck. So I did. We get to 30 yards of the pit and guess what? 4 pigs in the pit. Well, do we back out, go get the bow, or see if I can get closer for some pics. I got to within 15 yards, without them seeing me and took some pics. Then we backed out and as quickly as we could quietly back to the truck for the bow. Back to the pit in full stealth mode and they had left. Ate all the corn and moved on. So I got up on the platform rather than in the blind as it was pretty warm and we were sweating. Set off the feeder and we could hear them moving around about 40 yards or so above us, but, they were full and wouldn’t come back.
      So now what to do, stay here, get in the blind and sweat like hell or go to “The Stands” (where 2 pigs were trapped this AM, the very 2 I shot low on yesterday, they went to the guy Little Red went to). It’s a crap shoot at this time. So we go to “the stands”.
      Nothing had been by since the 2 were trapped. Mark and I each climbed into our stands, I again by the rope to the trap, he with the camera.
      We were entertained by a “baby possum” and a rooster (I’ll tell that story another day) and we waited and talked and laughed til I had tears running down my face about yesterday and the “baby possum”.
      Then I hear, “Oh yea, here we go”. I knew immediately Game On!!!
      3 little piggies, 2 black, one grayish white came in and procedded to be little hoovers. Finally, the biggest black one turned quartering away and I was already drawn and waiting for the turn and thwack!!!!!! Snufferized that little piggie at 10 yards!!!!!! Perfect heart shot!!!!!! It jumped over the pit area, poured a blood trail Stevie Wonder could find, turned to it’s right and circled round the tree and dropped 3 feet from a corner of the trap. Didn’t go total of 15 yards in it’s run.
      I was using an arrow of Marks with a snuffer on it as I wanted to experience the Snuffer on a Hawaiian pig.
      While I have been here, 7 piggies have been trapped and 1 arrowed. The ranch is very, very happy with the management being done. Mark figures there is at least 1 big sow, a big boar, smaller boar and maybe 5-8 piggies on the ranch at this time.
      Here she is, 25# and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of this beautiful Hawaiian pig:

      The drag, yep I did it!!! I earned my ” Greywolf hog drag”, :

      The heart shot:

      The “snufferized heart:

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      Lee Gatzke

      Debs havin a Luau!! That’s the way to put em down, good shot. Congrats to you and your cameraman. Do you suppose Greywolfs’ snuffer could do the same to a Texas deer πŸ™„ ?

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      It sure was good to see the smile on her face !!

      Right now with all the rain and wind. the hogs have moved to deep valleys and higher ground.
      None of the riders are reporting seeing ANY horse eating hogs.
      Today it’s pouring rain again, so hard to say what goin to be happening later on today. We have a few traps out but nothing to show for it.

      The smaller hogs must of been the culprits causing all the damage tot he riding field, nothing has touched the fields since the “Wild Woman” of Texas has been here.

      And yes, the management is very happy with our efforts.

      Two more days, maybe………

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      hunt n nurse

      Do doo.. do doo ..do doo…do doo…….

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      Uncle Lou

      Nice shootin. And nice pics. Shoulda put a shot on that shark, that woulda made some nice vittles.

    • #74277
      Shawn Vanlandingham

      Congrats on a great trip!!! 8)

    • #74281
      hunt n nurse

      That big boar has 1 last chance to come and meet me, that is , if he is brave enough!!!!! What ya think, will he be brave or be the coward?
      Stay tuned………

    • #74282
      Lee Gatzke

      He’s going down today. Good luck. Cool shark pics.

    • #74291

      go get him deb,hope you score πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • #74292
      hunt n nurse

      Me too!!!! Braodheads are sharp as they can be, I worked out my “kinks”, figured out the mistake I was making and now, he has a right to be scared!!!!!! :mrgreen:
      And Lee, you were right before. Should be no different today!!!!
      Stay tuned…………

      Big surf competition outside my patio door today, but then there have been several the last 10 days right here out my back door. Fun to watch for a little while, after awhile I find it like golf. Better to be participating than a spectator!!!!

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      hunt n nurse

      Well, the big boar did not come out today. I did have some young piggies come into the “pit” and I even got 3 opportunities and blew each one of them. Glad to announce that no pig was harmed or wounded. Clean misses. Can’t believe it. Even missed a chicken, which is far more understandable to me. Humbled yet again, but, embarrased just as well. It brought me to tears. All I can say is I don’t know what to say.
      MArk has been a great companion to hunt with. Very giving of his time and desire to see me enjoy this trip/hunt. I am thrilled to no end to have had this opportunity. I t has been a fantastic trip and experience. I am coming home with some pork to eat and share with a friend or 2.
      Some parting shots of what I got to look at everyday I was here:

      Mark’s Playground:

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      Lee Gatzke

      Paradise 8) . Have a safe trip home Deb. Mark, thanks for taking good care of Deb and being a great host. Aloha.

    • #74332

      I’m glad she had a nice time. I also got to play with a new toy. If you notice the glasses I have on, they have a camera built in. they record everything you see, as you see it.
      The lens in dead center between the lenses. Learned a bunch with the glasses and camera. I’m sure there’ll be more video to come. Having said that, Running a camera isn’t easy (especially without a tripod) watching over the camera and keeping things centered is hellva lot harder than it looks.

      Aloha Nui Loa


    • #74337

      Just in case anyone wants to check out the self contained glasses here’s a link to the site. best part is you don’t have wires goin to another camera. They have 4gig internal memory and expandable to 8 gig with the mini card or what every it’s called.
      They are great for us Non-professionals who can’t afford those real expensive cameras. Cost me $185.30 in the door.
      Deb has some of the video it made.

      http://www.longrangehunting.com/gearsho … asses.html

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      hunt n nurse

      Got home safe and sound and even landed nearly an hour early due to a good tailwind. It was 80 today here, so it was nice to leave 80 degrees and come home to the same!!!! I plan on making a slide show and will post it or the link when I get it done of even more fabulous pics of the trip. Not everyone, and probably fewer than we think of, get to go to Hawaii and this is my way to bring it to you and some of the beauty this planet holds. At least thru my perspectives and eyes. Thanks for following along and enjoying.

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      Shawn Vanlandingham

      I hate flying and it would be so much worse for me wondering if my bow was ok…lol I’m happy to see you made it home safely with some great memories.

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      Lee Gatzke

      Welcome back Deb. Thanks for the picure vacation you took us on.

    • #74383

      I guess it was that time of the month….

      Rick set out a game camera at the “PIT” the Big hog comes in at 9:08pm and mills around then leaves but comes back just after midnight. the #30-#35 comes in 2-3 times during the day and even hit before daylight on most days. and that’s the only visitors at the “Pit”, he didn’t get that big by being seen during the daylight.

      Tuesday evening a #60 was seen near the Bamboo clearing (deb hunted that area one evening)but ran towards the creek, which means left the ranch.

      I guess that’s why they call it hunting and not killing.
      However, we did remove a total of 7 hogs during her time here. But the big hogs were elsewhere’s during her time here, I think they got a memo she was coming !!

      Deb I’m glad you had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet you. maybe one day, I can make it to Texas and maybe hunt deer there.

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      hunt n nurse

      When I first started to read the post, I thought you were gonna tell me “guess who showed up on the camera at the pit at 4pm the day after you left?”. phew…….
      Guess I didn’t spook those others much for them to come in several times/day in daylight.
      It was a real pleasure to meet and spend some great hunting time with you Mark. I learned alot from you, and, will start applying that info. I really enjoyed the time you spent teaching me how to shoot a recurve. That is something I really want to do more of.
      Some of the coolest sites I saw, were what few tourists get to see. That deserves a great big MAHALO!!!!!!

    • #74410

      Glad you had a good time and had enough stuff to keep ya busy when I wasn’t able to be around. Just that time of the year. If I had been working we would of not been able to hunt as much.

      Glad you enjoyed the recurve welcome to the dark side.It’s just mostly 95% form and 5% percent mental.
      I try to shoot every day at least 1-6 arrows. your boubt the only one I’ve seen get a second chance at a group of hogs, I did it once in all the years I’ve been doing Game management at the ranch.

      I wished there were bigger hogs on the ranch, but you see what and how I do it on the ranch. With the restrictions of the management, sometimes I feel like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, but that’s something I work around.
      Thanks for helping remove the hogs we did take off the ranch (8 in two weeks)

      Maybe one of these days I can make it to Texas and finally drop the string on a Texas whitetail.

      Oh, and when ya get that recurve, remember draw it for 5 seconds if you can hold it with out shaking, that’s the one to start with. form form form

      Aloha Nui Loa

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