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      Jarrod Erdody

      I setup a twitter acct so anyone interested can follow my hunts… @jarrodsnextbuck

      Slow right now in Kansas but having fun 🙂

      Saw first shooter this am… Way too far

      Follow me on twitter for more updates

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      Hoping it goes great for you guys in KS!

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      Ryan Culvey

      I hope your guys trip is full of success!

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      Jarrod Erdody

      Just an fyi, I put a feed to my tweets on the homepage of our site here…that way you don’t have to go to twitter or setup your own twitter account or anything to follow… look for our other pro staffers to start tweeting their hunt updates soon as well. Lee and I are heading to Wisconsin for a couple days of muzzleloader hunting…snow’s in the forecast so it might be fun! Stay tuned… as for Lee tweeting, well, I’m just thanking God he finally got a cell phone!

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      😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯

      Of all the posts I have every read on here this has got to be the the #1 of all time on the HOLY CRAP list…

      Stay tuned… as for Lee tweeting, well, I’m just thanking God he finally got a cell phone!

      😛 😆 😛

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      Lee tweeting his peeps? Heck the guy don’t even have cell phone he is so old school!! LOL

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      hunt n nurse

      Lee, tweeting?? You’re ahead of me dude, I don’t even have a smart phone!!!!! And my screen is so small that when I get a pic, I have to call or text, who is in it!!!!!And that’s with my glasses on!!!!!
      And to think, just a few short years ago I taught him how to post a pic!!!! Proud of ya Lee!!!!!! :mrgreen:

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      Jarrod Erdody

      The Lee tweeting line was a joke….I was saying it was a huge stretch just to get him buying a cell phone…I think his brain would explode if I tried to get him to start tweeting! :o) We’ll let him use his cell phone a couple years before we even think of “going there” 😉

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      Lee Gatzke

      Only birdies tweet.

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      hunt n nurse

      “Lee” wrote: Only birdies tweet.

      My thoughts too, Lee!!!!

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