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      Lee Gatzke

      Every year my wife and I head to Southwest WI apple orchard country around the town of Gays Mills to load up on apples for the fall and winter. We always do some hiking there as well since it is beautiful hilly country. By doing this, it gets me on her good side long enough for me to tell her I’m about to take off on a long hunt somewhere and the “honey do list” will have to wait. So we’re hiking on a backroad when my dog gets “birdy” and races off up ahead. About the time she blasts off I see some large bodies through the brush in the ditch ahead, and I initially think its deer. Haley, my dog, is pretty good about leaving deer alone but her body language says it ain’t gonna be so this time. So I run after her and keep my eyes on the “deer” stumbling over each other to beat a hasty retreat. It turns out to be two feral hogs in the ditch and Haley is nipping on their heels. I wished I had my bow, or even a knife cause these guys are a nuisance and there’s no limit on them, best of all, this was on public land and I could have legally smoked em. After calling Haley off the hogs I watched as they dissapeared into the brush and realized this was first time I’ve seen wild hogs in my home state.

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      man i hunted in se wisco for years and always had my eyes peeled for a feral. thats awesome dude….damn old haley still has it in here. quarantee you could go back there with the dog and find those suckers!! road trip lee!!???

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      Lee Gatzke

      It would be fun.

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      I have heard they are near us here in MI, in fact, a guy in the next town over supposedly guides people for them on state land. I’ve never see one, or heard of anyone killing one, but I can’t wait to get one in my crosshairs! I have also heard they do an extreme amount of damage to crops and landscaping and such. Good luck if you go after them Lee!

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      I saw a sow and two little ones about a mile from you JakeH on 8th st. They were out in a picked corn field.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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